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kristianpaullekernel: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Xue/sensors#Milkymist_One_camera_comparison03:33
kristianpaul(more pics coming)03:33
rejon_xiangfu and rejon in the same room! imagine that!08:58
lekernelroh: are you at the agency today? I just received the wm codecs09:00
xiangfulekernel: if you have time. can you give me a little detail about the wallpaper?09:03
xiangfulekernel: I have to hardcode the png file into .c file right?09:03
rejon_what will the wallpaper be?09:05
wolfspraullekernel: quick question about camera. do you think there will be a significant difference in quality between a 1/3'' sony ccd sensor with "420 TV lines" and a better/more expensive Sony 1/3'' ccd sensor with "520 TV lines"?09:05
wolfspraulwould you expect a big difference? is it worth testing?09:05
wolfspraulthe 420 lines one has a rating of 0.5 lux, the 520 one says 0.1 lux09:06
wolfspraulit's probably something 'better', but I cannot decide whether it's worth investigating or not, or what kind of difference one might expect, on our actual m109:06
xiangfugot this" mem_ptr=png_get_mem_ptr(png_ptr); "09:07
wolfspraulkristianpaul uploaded some nice comparison pictures http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Xue/sensors#Milkymist_One_camera_comparison09:07
rejon_wolfspraul well the video at this point is always effected09:07
wolfsprauljust a start09:07
rejon_that is cool shart09:07
wolfspraulwe are just digging around this camera stuff, to at least not make an obviously stupid first step09:07
lekernelwell I don't know, maybe you should try them in dim light and see if you can get a clear picture of lit objects in front of a black background09:49
lekernelsee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahg4QtNfsMw09:56
lekernelthat's what the camera is for09:56
kristianpaulokay i'll try to get the black background10:42
kristianpaullekernel: Flickernoise ajust brightness from vide-in some how? if, can you remenber how?10:45
lekernelcontrol panel -> video in10:45
kristianpaulah, okay those values are general for _all_10:46
kristianpaulgot it10:46
CIA-43milkymist: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r78a2aaa / build_bitstream.sh : add LOGFILEHOST to build_bitstream.sh (Xiangfu) - http://bit.ly/gomh4X11:00
kristianpaullekernel: i can notice (minute 3:14) there is also a small light source coming from the camera11:05
kristianpaulthat video (youtube link)is WXVGA?11:06
lekernellook at 0:25... you need some lights yes11:06
kristianpaul(0:25) some?, thats a full reflector !11:07
kristianpaulokay i defivelly i'll source black cloth11:08
kristianpaul4mx4m should be okay?11:08
kristianpaulmay be 5x5meter to be sure11:08
nats`I'm looking for a simple verilog softcore simple to use21:33
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