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Fallenoulekernel: if there is a OSHUG in Paris, in Autumn , would you come ?16:52
Fallenouand  present Milkymist / llhdl / antares ?16:53
Fallenoukristianpaul:  you could come too if you want and present open source hardware project of yours16:53
Action: kristianpaul is a far away from europe16:58
kristianpaulAnd i dont have something serios to present yet16:58
kristianpaulbut thanks for the info Fallenou !!16:58
Fallenoutoo bad :)16:58
lekernelFallenou: yeah probably17:24
Fallenouthe M1 is in first page :)17:26
Fallenounice !17:26
kristianpaulmissing a cap17:31
lekernelThis talk will look at what is involved in putting together an open source chip design. In particular the licensing issues represent a challenge, with standard F/OSS licenses having serious weaknesses when it comes to licensing hardware.17:47
Action: lekernel remembers 'Opencores has such a tainted reputation in the industry. It was the butt of our jokes when we needed IP. "Maybe we can get it from opencores?" (laughs from the engineers)'22:34
kristianpaulhe, you really enjoy that, isnt? ;)22:38
Fallenoukristianpaul: I guess opencores guys have jokes about lekernel :p22:39
lekernelhe, it's not my quote22:40
lekernelit's jeri ellsworth's, and yes, I do enjoy that (or not, i'd prefer to be able to use opencores ip instead of spending time writing them)22:41
kristianpaulya,that will the proper22:45
kristianpaulapt-core install mico32 wishbone-mico32 tmu-wishbone22:49
FallenouI've seen some tools to generate SoC22:51
Fallenouyou specify the bus, the cores to use, the connections22:51
Fallenouit generates the verilog22:51
kristianpauli loved the altera ones :-)22:51
FallenouI think there was a talk about it at RMLL 201022:52
Fallenoukristianpaul: no not a big proprietary software22:52
Fallenoubtw Altera one has some nice features22:52
Fallenoulike generating the linux driver C code for your cores :)22:52
Fallenouthat you attach to their softcore22:52
FallenouI mean a skeleton and some helper functions22:53
kristianpauli think milkymist bus schmea is clear enought for a wizar be ablet to generate core templates for wishbone or csr i think22:53
kristianpaulskeleton at least is very helpfull indeed22:54
Fallenoucould be nice to have such a tool :)22:54
kristianpaulI want one for adding custom isntruccions to mico32. but well i think it may not worth..22:57
kristianpaulas custom cores can lead that part22:57
Fallenouyep and I don't think there is room for a lot of extra instructions22:57
FallenouI think there is like 2 more instructions you can add22:57
FallenouI think mwalle said something like that22:58
FallenouI think he wanted to add instructions for debuging22:58
kristianpaultapping cpu registers was not enought?22:58
Fallenouno idea22:59
kristianpaulsame here :/22:59
FallenouI don't know how all of this works22:59
Fallenouhave you been able to use the second uart ?22:59
Fallenouwith rtems22:59
kristianpaulnot in rtems22:59
Fallenouooh :'23:00
Fallenoudid you try with the -E ?23:00
Fallenouto get the result of the pre processor23:00
FallenouI'm pretty sure it's a dumb syntax error23:00
kristianpaulme too23:00
Fallenouthe -E generates a loooooot of stuff23:00
kristianpauli'll read more about drivers and re take that step later23:00
Fallenoubut with a quick search you can find your functions (of the uart driver)23:00
Fallenouand find is there is no ',' '/' '}' problem23:01
Fallenouafter evaluation of all macros23:01
Fallenoudo you have a repository for your rtems experiment ?23:01
Fallenouon github23:01
kristianpauli gotta run home, read you... later i hope :-)23:01
kristianpaulFallenou: yes23:01
kristianpaulis  fork23:01
Fallenouok !23:01
kristianpaulfrom yours !!23:01
Fallenouis it "up to date" ?23:01
Fallenouok I may have a look if I have the time :)23:01
kristianpauli dint comitet yet23:02
kristianpauli can do it later, but as you know it dint work...23:02
Fallenouyes but I could resume from where you are23:02
FallenouI could maybe unblock you23:02
Fallenoulekernel: a tes souhaits23:02
kristianpaul(shutting down laptop)23:03
Fallenouconnexion de merde :)23:03
Fallenousee you kristianpaul23:03
mwalleFallenou: there are unused opcodes 'div' and 'mod' which are mentioned in the manual but not used within the core (but maybe in a future version..)23:10
mwallelekernel: try dtag :)23:11
Action: mwalle watches "water makes money" from arte, a documentation about the corrupt french water market :)23:12
rohthats not just a french phenomena. thats global23:15
Fallenouarte produces really good tv doc23:15
Fallenoumwalle: is this broadcasted live on the web ?23:17
FallenouI don't have any tv23:17
Fallenouhum the flash player says "connecting" endlessly :(23:20
mwallemaybe its blocked in france (:23:22
rohshouldnt be23:23
lekernelthe arte flash player has a lots of problems for me too23:24
rohits not nice, but it works for me23:25
lekerneli guess it's just the usual collection of bugs23:25
lekerneland not country blocks23:25
rohmake sure you got a recent flash version... old ones are even worse23:25
Fallenoumwalle: i'm in the uk :x23:25
rohthat can be23:25
rohcheck the html.. there is a list23:25
Action: Fallenou gives it a try with ff423:26
Fallenoumy flash is Version :
lekernelit's on isohunt23:30
Fallenourhaa fucking ambulance/police car sound23:31
Fallenouit's really annoying they klaxon23:31
lekernelheh, if you don't love the police, don't go to london :)23:31
Fallenouit's twice as loud as in France23:32
Fallenouit's killing my ears23:32
Fallenouand they activate it for nothing23:32
lekernelas the signs say: this area is subject to increased POLICE activity23:32
Fallenoueven if there is no car blocking the road23:32
Fallenouor no car at all23:32
Fallenouthey just enjoy killing ears23:32
lekernelso their activity they increase23:32
Fallenouyes London is disturbing23:33
Fallenoutoo much cctv23:34
Fallenouto much police23:34
Fallenouwell, no arte for me tonight, will keep reading my lock picking book :)23:34
lekernelmaybe i'll have a few free tickets (and space in the car from berlin)... who's coming?23:36
rohnah.... i had too much cebit for the rest of my life ;)23:39
rohnot a fan of trade fairs23:39
lekernelit's not cebit23:40
lekernelthere's almost no computer stuff23:41
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