#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2011-03-20

CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r096366e / (antares-place/resmgr.c antares-place/resmgr.h): place: populate BEL lists - http://bit.ly/g2MzuA00:20
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r6c79979 / (6 files): place: initial placement (wip) - http://bit.ly/g0og6y00:20
kristianpaulhe it boots.. still00:31
Action: kristianpaul just added a second UART00:31
kristianpaulwolfspraul: hi00:36
kristianpaulwolfspraul: I did some test on natural light today, and i was specting more from the sony ccd, i have to increase brightness again, but i was waiting more bright00:37
kristianpaultests were made in the morning was sunny outside.00:37
rohkristianpaul: are you working on xie?00:41
rohor xue?00:41
kristianpaulwhat? no00:42
rohtoo bad ;)00:42
kristianpaulhe, i just got some ccd cameras for doing some fun and test00:42
kristianpaulwhy bad?00:42
kristianpaulis not my topic00:42
kristianpaulha, i still trying to do something decent with the gps thing, cameras are not my interested now00:43
kristianpaul(that not include the ccd cameras i have)00:43
kristianpaulwich is not *really* related with xue specs. etc..00:43
rohnot bad.. i just hoped somebody would00:43
kristianpaulhopefully me too00:44
rohnih. the battery of my camera is nearly dead.. and replacement is crazy expensive00:45
rohatleast the original.. weird.. why should a single lipo cell cost more than 40E?00:47
kristianpaulargg, how i could forgot, now i have two addressed in the same bus.. fixing now and other 40~ minutes of wait.. :/00:48
kristianpaulroh: why not just replace for compatible batteries?00:48
rohwell.. there are 3rd party ones.. but the one i already head died almost a year ago00:49
rohand i didnt even use it that much00:49
rohit 'blew up' .. got thicker00:49
rohwe'll see..00:50
kristianpaulhopefully my camera have AA baterries and rechargables ones still alive..00:51
Action: kristianpaul <3 his canon camera00:51
wolfspraulkristianpaul: ok, but what's the point/bottom line?01:01
wolfspraulare the sharp or cmos cameras better? Or the sony is still the best, it's just that you are not satisfied with brightness (?)01:02
wolfsprauldid you increase brightness to max?01:02
kristianpaulsony still best01:02
kristianpaulmax is not very likelly to see01:02
wolfspraulit sounds like more of a problem that is fixable in the software side on m1. when I connected the cameras to a normal TV to test (before buy), they were absolutely bright01:02
wolfspraulok what is your main point then?01:03
kristianpaulyeah, on my TV was nice indeed, B&W but nice01:03
kristianpaulwolfspraul: just show my complain no more01:03
wolfsprauldoes it look better on your tv than on the m1?01:03
wolfspraulyes, that part I understood :-) But I wasn't sure what the conclusion/next steps should be.01:03
wolfspraulwhy is it b&w on your tv?01:04
kristianpaultv old?..01:04
wolfsprauldoes it look better (brighter) on your tv than on the m1?01:04
kristianpaulbrighter yes01:04
wolfspraullike I said my feeling is that this is something that could be improved somewhere in software on m101:05
kristianpauli trust you01:05
wolfspraulwell, you are testing01:05
wolfspraulI am just guessing from your data...01:05
kristianpaulSure, it seems software can improve things01:06
wolfspraulbut if it looks better on TV than on m1, what's the explanation for that?01:06
kristianpaulhmm well TV may have analog input/processing and not an ADC on the middle?01:06
wolfspraulyes, possible01:06
wolfspraulif it's a really old tv :-)01:07
kristianpaulman i dont even have HDTV here, it is for sure ;-)01:07
wolfspraulok for now let's focus on two key questions:01:07
wolfspraul1) how do the 3 cameras (cmos, sharp 1/4, sony 1/3) perform compared with each other01:08
wolfspraul2) after we picked the one we like the best, is it a good idea to include it in the m1 package01:08
kristianpaulokay i'll start a wiki page for, i'll try take pictures from what is on the screen01:09
wolfspraul#2 is partially a cost decision, and partially a use-case decision01:09
kristianpaulokay ;) (#2)01:09
wolfspraulI don't even think you should spend that much time on it.01:09
kristianpaulah ok01:09
wolfspraulyour feedback is great, just keep me posted if anything major pops up01:09
wolfspraulI will contact the camera factory next (szoboke.com)01:10
kristianpauli was doing comparisons on my side, but not documented ALL, just a few random notes ...01:10
wolfspraulthey have _A LOT_ of models and I need to understand a bit the various pros and cons01:10
wolfspraullike even for this little square camera you have there, they have 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 30x30mm and 34x34mm01:10
wolfspraulwhy? cost? performance? mechanical fit?01:11
wolfspraulshould we just take the cheapest? smallest? etc.01:11
wolfspraulso that's what I will do01:11
kristianpaulbtw i may be wrong but i think we ca re-use the other inputs as well, but by multiplexing01:17
wolfspraulthat's what lekernel thought as well01:22
wolfspraul3 cameras :-)01:22
rohthat one would be nice to see working on the mm1. sell as a amiga500 replacement ;)02:35
kristianpaulha, i also missed some bits for the CRS chnages in the cores..03:16
kristianpaulterpstra: hi14:25
kristianpaulterpstra: Are you using gEDA at CERN right?14:25
kristianpaulat least for some projects14:25
kristianpaulhaha !14:30
kristianpaulfinally, got second serial port working14:30
kristianpaulwell at least scope confirm i have the signal after a  mw 0xe0010000 0x5614:31
kristianpaulNow i need organize some patches here14:31
Action: kristianpaul looks at Fallenou 14:34
lekernelkristianpaul: (second uart) good :)14:39
kristianpaulyeah :-)14:47
kristianpaulyou have new mail btw14:47
kristianpaulbbl (breakfast)14:47
Fallenoucongratz kristianpaul !!14:48
Fallenouyou maped the uart to the gpio header pins ?14:49
kristianpaulyes Fallenou14:54
Fallenouok nice14:55
kristianpaulnow rtems14:55
FallenouI'll have a look at how to integrate a second uart in rtems14:55
Action: kristianpaul looks at Fallenou again14:55
kristianpaulthanks !14:56
Fallenouputting just one is easy14:56
Fallenoubut having two14:56
FallenouI don't even know how we could output to it14:56
kristianpauli was thiking that14:56
Fallenousince the printf and printk are already mapped to the first one14:56
lekernelFallenou: it shouldn't be hard, but please don't commit that to the main branch14:56
Fallenoubut I guess looking at the termios code will give us an hint14:56
Fallenoulekernel: sure ;)14:56
kristianpaulhmm i have a fork rtems milkymist branch14:57
kristianpaulmaybe i can give you permissions for that14:57
kristianpaulor you can send a patch14:57
Action: kristianpaul like patches14:58
FallenouI guess you can just copy the console driver directory14:58
Fallenouand change the name of the device to like /dev/console214:58
Fallenouand some registers addresses obviously14:59
kristianpaulAnd also xiangfu can learn more abou drives from your mail :-)14:59
kristianpaulFallenou: that fair i could just use cat and echo i guess15:00
Fallenoukristianpaul: ok I have one way15:00
Fallenoulook at the flickernoise main.c15:00
Fallenoulike 16415:00
Fallenouyou have the console to use, /dev/console15:00
Fallenoujust put the other one in it :)15:00
kristianpaultemios is a terminal emulator?15:00
kristianpaulso you mean run it like a custom rtem command?15:00
Fallenouyou could just start two shells in flickernoise if you want15:00
Fallenouyes you could do that too15:01
Fallenouor start the other shell at startup15:01
kristianpauli prefer use it for debugging (in case i wanted) i just wanna test a 5bits CSR is posible15:01
xiangfu(wrong window)15:02
Fallenouok well I guess it may work with echo and cat :o15:02
Fallenoubut if i does not, just try changing console by console2 in flickernoise15:02
kristianpaulso whats the driver located?15:02
kristianpaulcan i add it in flicernoise?15:02
Fallenouas usual c/src/lib/libbsp/lm32/shared/milkymist_console15:02
kristianpaulhe, sure i just forgot that patch every time ;_)15:03
Fallenouoh yes I forgot about that15:03
Fallenouyou may have to add it to the driver table15:03
kristianpauli need copy this folder for the new drivr right?15:04
Fallenouwell I have to go15:06
Fallenousee you and good luck !15:06
kristianpaullekernel: (please don't commit that to the main branch) i'm also not expecting you acept my patches so thats taken for grant ;-)15:10
lekernelwell, I can accept your patches, but the device has little use for a second UART - so I won't merge that particular functionality15:11
kristianpaulbtw is soc_architecture.dia okay now?15:11
lekernelit still says microsd, but except that yes15:14
kristianpaulah sorry !15:14
kristianpaulwait i'll fix and send to list again15:14
kristianpaulxiangfu: If i'm pushing to a github repo, it said all is upto date, but i just did some commits before the push, what could be wrong?15:23
xiangfukristianpaul: 1. check the 'git branch'   2. check the commit by 'git log'15:24
xiangfukristianpaul: you maybe in wrong branch.15:24
kristianpaulis a new brancg15:24
kristianpaulbut i did git remote add foo foo@blblbl.git15:24
xiangfukristianpaul: have you push the 'new branch' to server?15:25
kristianpaulshould i? :p15:25
kristianpaulnot xiangfu15:25
xiangfuwhen you do. 'git push' it will only check the branch that both on server and local15:26
kristianpauli see15:26
kristianpauli take for granted it just check the current branch i swiched of15:27
kristianpaulof course i was wrong15:27
Fallenouyou can git push origin branchname:branchname15:27
kristianpauloh ok15:27
xiangfukristianpaul: where is your second UART codes. I want learn :)15:28
Fallenouwill push the local branchname to remote branchname15:28
kristianpaulxiangfu: i'll commit soon :-)15:28
kristianpauli know what was wrong now with my procedure15:28
kristianpaulxiangfu: last question before the big commit. how i can add automatically severals files that are modified and also i know just correspond  to a single commit?15:31
xiangfukristianpaul: hmm... git commit -a -m "..." will commit all files that modified.  (maybe I misunderstand you question?)15:34
kristianpaulxiangfu: no is okay :-)15:35
kristianpaulmy english not good sometimes :p15:35
xiangfukristianpaul: do you mean you want merge two commits to one?15:35
kristianpaulxiangfu: no no15:36
kristianpaulxiangfu: just easilly add several files to a commit15:36
xiangfulike you modified 10 files. and you only want commit 5 of them? (sorry I still don't understand what you want)15:38
kristianpauli modified 10 files and i want commit all of then at same time15:38
kristianpaulcommit -a -m "..." right?15:39
xiangfubtw. if there is new files. add them first by "git add FILE_NAME"15:40
kristianpauloh sure15:40
kristianpaulyeah, so git can track those too15:40
kristianpaulxiangfu: https://github.com/kristianpaul/milkymist/15:43
xiangfukristianpaul: some question about your UART. 1. have many git repo you need modify. milkymist.git and flickernoise.git is enough? do we need add driver in rtems?(rtems-milkymist.git)15:43
kristianpaulsuposelly all commits related to second UART are in the gps-sdr branch15:43
kristianpaulxiangfu: yup new driver is on the way too15:43
kristianpaulxiangfu: but i tested using bios and writing to the corresponding register then reading TX pin with scope to confirm15:44
kristianpaulxiangfu: the driver at least for rtems handle the new UART as  a /dev/console115:44
kristianpauldammit, every time i want to compare branches with github my browser get freezed..15:45
kristianpauloh yes those are there !15:47
kristianpaulxiangfu: https://github.com/kristianpaul/milkymist/compare/gps-sdr15:48
kristianpaulthast the f HDL diff for the second UART15:48
kristianpaulyou can ask me and i'll try to response any doubts if i'm able :p15:49
kristianpaullekernel: Can i say milkymist wishbone bus can support up to 8 slaves and master?15:49
xiangfukristianpaul: very thanks15:49
lekernelkristianpaul: as long as you can meet timing yes15:50
kristianpaulhehe ok :-)15:51
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r51c5605 / (4 files in 3 dirs): UCF parser - http://bit.ly/fLHA1R16:42
kristianpaulwill be nice to see a kintex-7 devel kit, promosed troughput is amazing17:27
kristianpaulQ4 2011...17:27
kristianpaullekernel: where i can find a memory map for SDRAM/FML i.e wich address range correspond to vga, or the buffer used by the minimac?18:00
lekernelyou can use any18:00
lekernelthe only restrictions are a 32-byte alignment for VGA addresses and 4-byte alignment for ethernet addresses18:01
kristianpaulso this is set by bios at boot time?18:01
lekernelby bios, drivers, whatever.18:01
kristianpaulah, true i must do alignment i noticed on minimac driver18:02
kristianpaulnice, !18:04
kristianpaulwell for those on getmany or around ;)18:04
kristianpaullekernel: is not something i'm going to do, but if somebody aske me for adding devices to the FML, what are the considerations?18:05
lekernelsame as wishbone18:09
lekernelthough a fml interface (64 bit) would typically use more resources18:09
lekernelalso, fml transfers happen behind the L2 cache18:10
kristianpaullol http://ccc.simongallus.de/v/02_Camp/CCC_070710_0017.jpg.html18:10
kristianpaulhe, is _really_ camp18:10
kristianpaulnice :-)18:10
lekernelsame as HAR and the like18:11
kristianpauli had heard of HAR but never ccc camp18:11
lekernelyou should come :)18:12
lekernelcon radios para abusar los satelites militar yankee18:13
kristianpauljaja ;)18:13
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r0a3f25f / (8 files): place: basic constraints system - http://bit.ly/e99V6B21:05
kristianpaulFallenou: hi22:21
Action: Fallenou is back22:21
FallenouI saw your block diagram, nice !22:22
FallenouI must admit I don't understand everything, about the doted line and the wishbone bus22:22
kristianpaulFallenou: Can you tell me more about your methof for reserving memory about DMA and Minimac Module22:22
Fallenouthere is no special method22:23
kristianpaulwhat do you do?22:23
Fallenoujust make sure the memory area is 4-bytes aligned22:23
Fallenouand it's good for dma22:23
kristianpaulsorry i dont understand memory area is 4-bytes aligned22:23
Fallenouand make sure you invalid the L1 cache before reading a memory area written by DMA22:23
Fallenoukristianpaul: memory address is a multiple of 422:23
Fallenoualigned to a 32 bits boundary22:24
kristianpaul(dots) wel may be is not necesary i just wanted to point wich devices have a DMA-like comunication22:24
kristianpaulbut i guess DMA label is enought..22:24
Fallenouis there 2 buses ?22:25
Fallenouor just 1 ?22:25
kristianpaulfor *me* two22:25
Fallenouoh ok22:25
kristianpauloriginal combus was a shared wishbone bus22:25
kristianpaulbut  sebastien did some changes adding a crossbar like stuff there22:26
kristianpaulso at some level you see it like one bus (xbar)22:26
kristianpaulbut internally (xbar) is made of two buses is like i see it22:27
Fallenouooh ok22:27
Fallenouyou know more about it than I do22:27
mwallemh shouldnt there be as much busses as masters inside a crossbar switch?22:28
Fallenouanyway it's good to keep the soc block diagram up to date :)22:28
mwalleor min(master, slaves)22:28
kristianpaulmwalle: good question22:28
Action: Fallenou really don't know about these stuff22:28
FallenouI should read a little bit about it :)22:28
FallenouI'm really not familiar with wishbone22:29
kristianpauloh, thats a big paper22:29
kristianpauli jus read a bit plus the wikipedia article :p22:29
lekernelmwalle: it's not really a crossbar22:32
lekernelit wouldn't really make sense to expend all the resources needed for a full crossbar, as the vast majority of transfers involve the shared system memory22:34
kristianpaulthe Minimac generates an intertupt every time the 4 slots are full or any of then ?22:45
Fallenouany of them22:45
Fallenouany time *one* slot gets full, there is the RX interrupt22:45
kristianpaulnow i got  the sense of the word mini22:47
kristianpaulThere is way to check stats about cpu interrupts related to minimac driver?22:48
kristianpaulFallenou: you define the address in each RX  slot like a driver initialiazation task?22:51
FallenouI allocate 10 memory areads for receiving packets22:52
Fallenouat initialization I load the 4 first memory into the 4 slots22:52
Fallenouand when one of the rx slot gets full22:52
FallenouI load a new area from the pool22:52
Fallenouwhen the area gets copied it's put back in the pool22:53
kristianpaulhmm, thats how the new driver works22:54
kristianpaulbefore there was no pool? or?22:54
kristianpaulbtw you have to clear the reception slot inst?22:55
Fallenoubefore there was 4 memory areas allocated in total22:55
Fallenouand each memory area was allocated and associated forever to one slot22:55
Fallenoukristianpaul: the reception slot is either in the state "loaded", which means there is a dma address in it, but not data yet, or full which means there is data22:56
Fallenouor "not loaded"22:56
Fallenouwhich means there is no dma address in it22:56
Fallenouwell I hope I don't tell you bullshit, just look at the minimac doc22:56
Fallenouit's really short22:56
Fallenouand easy to understand22:56
kristianpaulyeah looking now, i just wanted to confront it with the driver developer ;-)22:57
kristianpaulabout serial port22:59
kristianpaulFallenou: uart.h23:01
kristianpauli already add second uart at system_conf.h23:01
kristianpaulalso copy new drivr and update to correspond to system_conf.h new values23:02
kristianpaulbut uart.h not23:02
kristianpaulalso do i need something else to this driver be integrated in rtems?23:02
kristianpaulbtw i found the uart.txt file :-)23:07
kristianpaulsadly just that one ;)23:07
Fallenouyes didn't have the time to document more :x23:08
kristianpauli understand23:08
kristianpaulall i need to care about M1 bsp is at /home/paul/rtems-milkymist/c/src/lib/libbsp/lm32 ?23:09
kristianpaulignoring my home folders of course23:09
Fallenouand more over23:12
Fallenouit's at shared/ and milkymist/23:12
Fallenouand you have several testsuites in rtems-milkymist/testsuites/samples/23:12
kristianpauldo you understand my previous question about uart.h?23:13
kristianpaul(i'm not good to get the right point most of the times..)23:14
Fallenouno I didn't get it sorry23:15
kristianpauli already copy milkymist_console to milkymist_console123:19
kristianpaulmilkymist_console1 <-  secon uart driver23:19
kristianpauli updated both console.c and uart.c to match new uart values added in system_conf.h23:20
Fallenouseems good for me23:21
Fallenouwhat about uart.h ?23:21
kristianpaulyou tell me :-)23:21
Fallenouwell it's just the header23:21
kristianpauli saw it used for the bsd init23:21
FallenouI guess you can try just including it from console1.c23:22
FallenouI do'nt think you have to modify what's in it23:22
kristianpaulwhat about the ifdef?23:22
Fallenouwell it makes sure there is no infinite inclusion23:23
Fallenouso if it's not needed, it won't be included23:23
kristianpaulokay i'll let this file unchanged23:23
kristianpauland no more i need to do?23:24
kristianpaulof course bootstrap this lm32 i guess23:25
kristianpauland make again in the bsp-milkymist23:25
Fallenouyou have to add the files in the Makefile.am23:25
Fallenouin lm32/milkymist/Makefile.am23:26
kristianpauloh ok23:26
Fallenouand I guess you have to add the console driver in the driver array of your application23:27
Fallenouas there is no #define APPLICATION_USE_UART2 in rtems :)23:27
kristianpaulin this case i'll fork from flickernoise23:27
kristianpaulhaha ok23:27
Fallenouyep with flickernoise you have an example of adding "custom" drivers23:28
kristianpaullots of customs :-23:28
kristianpaulshell comand too23:28
Fallenousure ;)23:28
kristianpaulrealy nice examples there23:28
Fallenouanyway, what you're doing, I've never done it23:28
FallenouI know a few things about rtems23:28
Fallenoubut not all :)23:28
Fallenouso maybe I'm forgetting something23:28
kristianpaulsure you're not Joel :-)23:28
Fallenouyep ;)23:28
kristianpaulI'll ask the list in anycase for recomendations23:29
Fallenouso don't hesitate to ask again and to post errors if it still does not work23:29
FallenouNot sure if I would be able to help but i will try23:29
kristianpaultermios i dint investigate yet. is included in rtems?23:30
Fallenouhum yes23:30
Fallenouit's in the documentation about how to make a console driver at least :o23:30
Fallenoulook there23:31
Fallenoukristianpaul: do the bootstrap from lm32 directory23:34
Fallenousince you've modified "shared"23:34
kristianpaulah ok23:34
kristianpaulah true23:34
Fallenouhi wolfspraul23:35
kristianpaulis it okay the grep error?23:36
Fallenouyou seem to be missing Makefile.in23:37
Fallenoudo you have it in lm32/ ?23:37
kristianpaulah yes !!23:38
Fallenoucheck if you have it in lm32/milkymist then23:38
kristianpaulis not here23:38
Fallenouok it should be23:39
Fallenouit is generated by automake23:39
Fallenoumaybe type automake in the directory23:39
wolfspraulFallenou: hi23:39
wolfspraulyou want to buy a m1? :-)23:39
Fallenouwolfspraul: not for the moment, but later yes :)23:40
kristianpaulwhat a mess23:40
kristianpaulfrom milkymist directory?23:40
FallenouI would be a nice gift for my first money incom :)23:40
kristianpaulor lm32?23:40
Fallenoukristianpaul: where you miss the Makefile.in23:41
Fallenouso type automake from this directory23:41
kristianpaulbut i already type automake and nothing happened..23:41
Fallenouit should generate Makefile.in, from Makefile.am23:41
Fallenouit should not print anything23:41
Fallenoubut it should create the file23:41
kristianpaulnot Makefile.in..23:42
Fallenouhum I would rename the .c files if I were you23:46
Fallenouconsole.c in console1.c and uart.c in uart1.c23:46
Fallenoubecause autotools is complaining23:46
Fallenouthat console.o is generated by two different .c files23:46
Fallenouand same for uart.c23:46
kristianpaulseems okay now23:50
Fallenouok seems good !23:52
Fallenounow I would remove the milkymist dir where you did the ../rtems-milkymist/configure a long time ago23:53
Fallenouto configure from scratch23:53
Fallenouand recompile from scratch23:53
Fallenousince you added files23:53
kristianpaulyou mean the bsp-milkymist (acording wiki)23:53
kristianpaulah yes23:54
Fallenouthis directory23:55
kristianpauli have a question about this message passing in rtems23:55
kristianpaulthats the only way to get "tasks" to comunicate each others?23:55
kristianpaulhi antgreen23:56
kristianpaulJoel pointed me the other time i could use the message queue for i.e getting some data to process23:58
--- Mon Mar 21 201100:00

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