#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-03-19

wolfspraulkristianpaul: how do you like the cameras so far? from a user's perspective I mean.00:18
wolfspraulthey are quite small and with the little metal hook should be easy to attach somewhere, true?00:19
kristianpaulwolfspraul: i _really_ care a lot in how i react when i move00:19
kristianpaulyeah, there is a space for a crew00:19
wolfspraulwhat do you mean with 'care a lot i how I rect when I move'?00:20
wolfspraulyou mean you like the feature as it is implemented in flickernoise now?00:20
kristianpauli mean, i move camera then i watch on the screen my move00:20
wolfsprauland you think that's a good feature?00:20
kristianpaulwell i dont is a flickernoise feature00:20
kristianpauli was talking about camera with no flickernoise effects yet aplied00:21
wolfspraulok but what is your point then?00:21
wolfspraulyou like the fact that you can connect a camera to m1?00:21
wolfspraulyou like to see yourself? :-)00:22
kristianpaulhahaah no no00:22
kristianpauli mean i like see that if i move i.e. my arm i can see it just that on screen, and the movement is natural i mean not slowdown or something00:23
kristianpaulgot my idea?00:23
wolfspraulso you want to say that if someone has a camera, they can enjoy m1 much better?00:23
kristianpauloh yes !00:24
kristianpaulplay audio is good at first but you eventually be bored00:24
kristianpaulvideo in, well you have lot to play with :-)00:24
wolfspraulalso compare the different lenses I sent you, curious how you feel about those00:24
Fallenou01:13 < wolfspraul> you like to see yourself? :-)00:25
Fallenouwho doesn't ?!!00:25
kristianpaulyeah sure, but with effects :-)00:25
wolfspraulkristianpaul: for example I am wondering whether you think the wide angle lense makes sense00:26
Fallenoukristianpaul: you like to see the video running smooth with no lag, I guess that's what you meant00:26
kristianpaulbtw you know what i care about when replacing lenses, i mean is not that way ccd-chip exposed some how?00:26
kristianpaulFallenou: no lag, right !00:26
wolfspraulbah no, don't worry00:26
wolfspraulthe sensor is quite deep inside00:26
wolfspraulof course don't try to clean the sensor with a cloth or so00:26
wolfsprauljust in a clean environment, at home, take the current lense off, put the new one on - done00:27
kristianpaulbtw sharp one is tricky coloring images,00:27
wolfspraultricky coloring images?00:27
wolfspraulI have trouble understanding you sometimes :-)00:27
kristianpaulI know :(00:27
wolfspraulyou mean the colors are off/unnatural?00:27
kristianpaulhe, i.e when you see some colored spots aorund the images00:27
wolfspraulwhat is the color difference to the sony ccd and cmos one?00:27
kristianpaulunnatural yes00:28
kristianpauloh sure, sony looks more natural00:28
wolfspraulso about lenses, of course I think about costs a lot, because I want to decide whether/what to include00:28
wolfspraulbasically the lenses are all cheap 80 cents to 2 USD00:28
wolfspraulbut the wide angle one is more expensive, ca. 8 USD00:28
wolfspraulso that's a lot00:29
wolfspraulwhich means that the main thing I am interested in is whether you think the wide angle one is any good00:29
wolfspraulif not, we can decide whether the 6mm or 8mm or 12mm is better later, they are all cheap00:29
kristianpaulha, how i identify wide one btw?00:29
wolfspraulthe wide angle one is 2.1mm I think, 145 degree field of view00:30
wolfspraulit's short and has a big round glass at the top00:30
wolfspraullooks like a big eye looking at you00:30
kristianpaulshorter than the others?00:30
wolfspraulthe others are longer/more like a narrow tunnel00:30
wolfspraulthere is only 1 wide angle00:31
wolfspraulyou can easily tell which one it is, I think00:31
wolfspraulit's the short one with a big round eye looking at you :-)00:31
Fallenouhide ! quick !00:32
wolfspraulactually I should have marked the lenses better00:32
kristianpaulhmm wait i need a screwdriver for the lense change00:32
wolfspraulwe may have trouble distinguishing the 3.6mm/6mm/8mm later00:32
wolfspraulbut at least the wide-angle one is easy to identify00:32
Fallenouhttp://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Xu%C3%A9 wolfspraul you know who is doing this ?00:32
Fallenouwell it's written on the page ok00:33
kristianpaulall are different in heights00:33
wolfspraulAndres Calderon and emqbit.com00:33
Fallenoubut I mean do they have a website ?00:33
wolfspraulthey have several00:33
wolfspraulI think Xue on Qi is abandoned00:33
Fallenouok thanks, i didn't know there was a project already using Milkymist00:33
wolfspraulactually I read about the Apache Attic yesterday, I need to introduce that concept at Qi as well, and move Xue to the attic :-)00:33
wolfsprauloh definitely, there is00:34
wolfspraulonly unfortunately I think Xue will die before it makes it into production00:34
wolfsprauland I sourced sensors too early, I am sitting on 600 USD of nice high-end Aptina sensors in Taipei, so stupid00:34
wolfspraulluckily I rarely make such mistakes00:35
wolfspraulgot carried away with excitement, I guess. then we checked the project and found that it's very very far from manufacturable state :-)00:35
wolfspraulno problem00:35
wolfspraulmaybe it will be restarted, don't know00:35
wolfspraulyou can contact andres about it00:35
Fallenoulet's hope so00:35
wolfspraulhe used to reply immediately, then it took a few days, last time 2 weeks, and no answer at all anymore to my last mail :-)00:36
kristianpaulwolfspraul: short lense is loosy00:37
kristianpauli mean i'm screing it..00:37
kristianpauland feel loose, also i can screw too much or i lost focus00:37
kristianpaultrikky if i select some text and press del i dont behave as evryone would expect00:41
kristianpaul(patch editor)00:41
Fallenoupersonnaly with my french keyboard it does not behave as expected at all :p00:42
Fallenouand selecting "french" in settings changes nothing00:43
kristianpaulspanish one seems work.. hre00:43
Fallenoubut anyway i am kind of used to type with qwerty keyboards now :)00:43
wolfspraulkristianpaul: ok, what is your point now?00:43
wolfspraulabout the lense, screw, and focus00:43
kristianpaulfocus is for near things00:43
wolfspraulthe way these m12 lenses work is that you focus them by inserting (screwing) down to a certain (focused) point00:43
kristianpaulie if you want do effects with your face only00:43
wolfspraulthen you fasten the lense at that position with the screw00:43
kristianpaulah i see00:43
wolfspraulthe screw does not need to be tightened a lot00:43
kristianpaulscrew, yeah was my fault i missed a bit tight00:44
wolfspraulin fact that will damage the threads00:44
kristianpauloh, okay no too much tigh00:45
wolfspraulyes, the only purpose is to hold the lense, which is already pretty stable because of the long thread00:45
wolfspraulyou may even leave the screw out for home use, if you feel the lense is already tight/stable enough00:45
Fallenougn8 guys00:46
wolfspraulfocus by manually inserting the lense until it's focused00:46
wolfspraulfor the long lenses, actually ;-) don't screw them all the way down, you may hit the pcb/lense and probably permanently damage/destroy the camera00:46
wolfspraulbut it's quite deep down there, i cannot imagine you would screw the lense that deep. just I think this cheap camera has no mechanical protection against that.00:47
wolfspraulyou could carve out a round circle on the pcb :-)00:47
wolfspraulandres has just come online!00:47
wolfspraulmust be some 6th sense00:48
kristianpauli think00:48
wolfspraulkristianpaul: what lense do you have inserted now? is it focused?00:48
kristianpauli have to said that my canon camera behave _much_ better usable ilumination that the sony one00:48
wolfspraulis the lense switching business clear now?00:48
kristianpaulright now, it have the short one, and yes i focused something in the living roon00:49
wolfspraulyou mean even the sony ccd camera is bad/unusable?00:49
wolfspraulwhat canon camera are you comparing with?00:49
kristianpaulhere i have fluorecent light btw00:50
wolfspraulalso I'm wondering whether it's really 'usable illumation' or maybe something like brightness00:50
kristianpauli dunno what kind of light is used in parties00:50
wolfspraulthe sensor in the 1/3'' sony ccd camera is excellent00:50
kristianpaulbright, let me tune it by software and i'll tell00:50
wolfspraulmaybe the quality is lost elsewhere, or it's not lost at all, just that the canon camera does some software tricks to make things look better00:51
kristianpauloh yes !00:51
wolfspraulconsumer cameras nowadays have a lot of software to make things look better00:51
kristianpaulbrightness in sofware make all clear now00:51
wolfspraulwhich is actually a big problem for professional photographers, but that's another story00:51
kristianpauli was aboutt to ask that ;-)00:51
kristianpaul(remenber the life as you see it slogan from ..)00:52
wolfspraulI'm not complaining, they are focusing on what their customers want.00:52
wolfspraulso the sony ccd one is as good as the canon one now, with brightness adjustment?00:52
kristianpaulyup :-)00:53
wolfspraula 1/3'' sony ccd censor definitely cannot be the bottleneck in our m1 system00:53
wolfspraulthat's a very high end sensor00:53
kristianpauloh yes00:54
kristianpaulnow i can focus nicelly some objects :-)00:54
kristianpaulokay i'll move to the next bigger in heighe lense00:58
wolfspraulyou just used the wide-angle lense?01:05
wolfspraulyou should have 4 different ones I think01:05
wolfspraulfirst the one that came with the camera, I think it's 3.6mm on the ccd cameras01:06
wolfspraulthen one shorter (wide angle) one, separate01:06
wolfsprauland two longer ones, separate01:06
wolfspraulI forgot the details actually.01:06
wolfspraulmaybe the longer ones are 6 and 8, or 12 mm01:06
wolfspraulsomething like that01:06
wolfspraulthey zoom into the distance01:06
wolfspraulfor our application, either the one that came with the camera makes sense, or a more wide angle one even01:07
wolfspraulI would think...01:07
kristianpaulha, higher one is fun01:14
kristianpaulbtw i dint saw andres nick on qi01:14
kristianpauljust juan64bits01:15
wolfspraulboth are there01:15
wolfsprauljuan is another one from this group01:15
kristianpauli see01:15
wolfspraulif you tried the wide angle lense already, did you notice a difference?01:16
kristianpaulwide angle is the short one?01:16
kristianpaullets name it by highs or i'll get confused..01:16
wolfspraulyes, probably 'short one'01:17
wolfspraulyou can see that the opening is bigger too, like a big eye01:17
wolfspraulI forgot which ones exactly I sent you.01:18
kristianpaulyes big eye short one ;)01:18
wolfspraulsounds right01:18
wolfsprauldid you notice any difference when using it?01:18
kristianpauli noticed i can focus, ok, but the view is not wide, what is puposed to be wide here01:18
kristianpauli think big eye is the higher onw01:19
wolfspraulthe field of view should be wider01:19
kristianpaulhmm thats not the short one, is the tallest ;-)01:19
kristianpaulthe eye is looks like a dome?01:20
wolfspraulmaybe you take a picture and upload it real quick?01:20
wolfspraulI should have labeled them better, my bad01:21
kristianpaulbbl (dinner)01:24
kristianpaulwolfspraul: where is the multiple upload link?01:30
kristianpaulah spacial pages.01:30
wolfspraulyes. it's a little buggy too, just ignore the warnings after upload01:35
wolfspraulthe multi-upload itself should work01:35
kristianpauli like this one http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:IMG_3536.JPG01:38
kristianpauli think is wide one01:38
kristianpaulbetter pic http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:IMG_3534.JPG01:38
wolfspraulyes I think 3536 is the shortest and most wide-angle one01:39
wolfspraul3534 == 353601:39
kristianpaulbut is not the shortest01:39
kristianpaulby contrast the tallest :-)01:39
kristianpauland the shortest is not so wide, but i can focus/zoom01:41
kristianpaulwolfspraul: can you see/notice the 1 2 3 writings in back to the lense?01:43
kristianpaulhow much is  bit ;-)01:50
kristianpaulI *think* the default one the shorted and taller are good enoguht01:54
kristianpauli dont see too much diference between 1 and 201:54
kristianpaul(1 and 2) acording to my local labels some-how referenced in the pic01:56
wolfspraulok you completely lost me now02:17
wolfspraul"default one the shorted and taller"02:17
wolfspraulwait a sec, I'm looking at the same 3 now02:17
kristianpaul( ok you completely lost me now) :(02:18
wolfspraulok you are right02:18
wolfspraulthe wide-angle onw is actually the tallest02:18
kristianpaulyes !!02:18
wolfsprauleven though it has the shortest focal length :-)02:18
wolfspraulso you tried that one?02:18
wolfsprauldid you notice any difference from the default one that was on the camera?02:18
kristianpauloh, sure !!02:18
wolfspraulyou should see a wider view of field, on the left/right/top/bottom02:18
kristianpaulis wide, i can get my apartment view better02:18
wolfspraulaha :-)02:19
kristianpaulyes, wider field02:19
wolfspraulso you like that, for our use case, or you think it's insignificant02:19
kristianpauli like for our case02:19
kristianpauli think are there two lense very similars02:19
wolfspraulso it seems for now we can say the wider the better, for us02:20
wolfspraulunfortunately the wide-angle lense is expensive, oh well02:21
wolfspraulca. 8 usd02:21
kristianpauli think is good in order to take a the view of the field02:21
wolfspraulhigher quality ones will be even more, 16-20 usd02:21
wolfspraulmaybe we can't do it02:21
kristianpaulnot of course for just a single person doing some performance02:21
wolfspraulthe default one on the camera costs just 80 cents :-02:22
kristianpaulwhat about the shorter?02:22
wolfspraul2 USD02:22
wolfspraulare those 2 shorter ones better than the one that was on the camera?02:22
kristianpaulbetter in terms of?02:22
wolfspraulin terms of your eyes looking at the result02:23
kristianpaulthey are not so wide as defaullt02:23
kristianpaulresults, okay i liked the shorter02:23
wolfspraulthe default one has a 3.6mm focal length, I think02:23
kristianpaulhave nice zoom02:23
wolfspraulbut before we said 'wider is better', no?02:23
wolfspraulwhat do you like? wide angle or zoom?02:24
kristianpaulbetter for view my whole apartment ;-)02:24
kristianpaulgood questions02:24
kristianpauli will like one like the default with a bit better zoom02:24
kristianpaulwide angle is good and fun, but i cant consider using it all time02:25
kristianpaulwide angle or zoom . just in the middle :p02:25
kristianpaulis hard to say, i depends02:25
wolfspraulok so maybe just the default lense is good?02:27
kristianpaulis more neutral, thats very clear02:29
kristianpaulneutral in terms of wide/zoom02:29
wolfspraulI sent you a range of lenses02:29
wolfspraulthe one on the camera is a baseline (I think 3.6mm focal length). Then one wider one (2.1mm), and two longer/narrower ones (6 and 8mm, I believe)02:30
wolfspraulso in total I think you have 2.1, 3.6, 6, 802:30
wolfspraulsomething like tha02:30
wolfspraulwell, it seems we can skip over the whole lense business for now, and just stay with the 3.6mm default one02:30
kristianpauli dont see clear diference between 2.1 and 3.6 yet02:30
kristianpauli agree02:31
wolfspraul2.1 should give you a wider field of view02:31
wolfspraulok, if you have more feedback, let me know02:32
wolfspraulotherwise I will just stay with the default one now02:32
wolfspraulif we go with this camera (1/3'' sony), we actually have a good basis to improve this later02:32
wolfspraulbecause 1/3'' is the most common sensor size for M12 lenses02:32
kristianpaulfor now i'll have to say that too. ther other lenses for me a re too "extreme" in features for being the default02:33
wolfsprauland we have an M12 lense holder, which is (currently) the most common holder in the smaller lense formats02:33
wolfspraulso there is a huge variety of m12 lenses02:33
wolfspraulnot so much with M9, M5, etc.02:33
wolfspraulkristianpaul: alright great. THANKS A LOT for your feedback!02:36
wolfspraulso our current candidate for inclusion is the 1/3'' sony ccd camera with 3.6mm focal length m12 lense02:36
wolfspraulso I will probably buy a handful more of the, like 5 or so, and send to various people and for various reasons02:38
wolfspraulwill take one apart, take pictures, find datasheets, etc. just in case02:38
kristianpaulthe extra 3 lense are just for 1/3 right?02:39
wolfspraulactually I don't know02:39
wolfspraulit works like this:02:39
wolfspraula lense is optimized for a certain sensor size02:39
kristianpaulthere is few space to screw, i can get same level of zoom as with sony02:40
wolfspraulbecause you want the light to cover the entire sensor02:40
wolfspraulyou can always use a lense that is optimized for a 1/3'' sensor on a smaller sensor02:40
wolfspraulonly that the resolution of the lense (lines/mm) will then not be maxed out02:40
wolfspraulif you use a larger sensor, the corners of the picture will be black however02:40
wolfspraulmakes sense?02:40
kristianpaulhmm , i said this because sharp default lense is not same as sony02:40
wolfspraulmost M12 lenses (75%) are optimized for 1/3'' sensors02:41
wolfspraulyes sure, possible02:41
wolfspraulyou can use an M12 lense optimized for 1/3'' on a 1/4'' sensor, no problem02:41
wolfspraulyou just loose some lense performance02:41
kristianpaulso is not fair comparisn for wide/zoom. of course quailty is clear that sony beats. but i not sure if we need so much quality for flickernoise02:41
wolfspraulif you would use it with a 1/2'' sensor though, there would be black spots in the corners02:42
wolfspraulfor example there are 1/3.2'' sensors02:42
kristianpaulperfomance and zoom, okay i'll all lense on sharp02:42
wolfspraula bit smaller than 1/3''02:42
wolfspraulthey are often used with lenses optimized for 1/3'' because you loose very little performance02:42
wolfspraulactually you can design custom lenses :-)02:44
kristianpaulcustom = expensive02:45
wolfspraulbut let's not tell anyone here otherwise we free lense design software next... :-)02:45
wolfspraulno no02:45
wolfspraulnot necessarily02:45
wolfspraulit's just a bit of glass02:45
wolfspraul(or plastic)02:45
kristianpauloh really02:45
kristianpaulhmm i wonder if telescopes custom lense are cheap too ;)02:46
kristianpaulplastic, they have the machine?02:46
kristianpaulsomething with polish? or..02:46
wolfspraulyou can google for 'ZEMAX EE' as a starting point02:46
wolfspraulthat's a commonly used lense design software02:46
kristianpauland the machine?02:47
wolfspraullenses are built out of prisms, glasses, filters, etc. many mechanical worksteps.02:47
kristianpauli see02:47
wolfspraulfirst you need a design02:47
kristianpaulof course02:47
wolfspraulthe little I've seen about lense manufacturing suggests that the worksteps are very unique02:48
wolfspraulyou don't cnc a lense out of some block02:48
kristianpauli was thiking i polish02:49
wolfspraulbut anyway. I don't suggest we work on a copyleft lense design, let alone a copyleft version of something like zemax ee.02:49
wolfspraulwe just buy a lense, done.02:49
wolfspraulyes, lots of polishing02:49
kristianpauli'll like see those machines, just intelectual interest, drop a pic if you can02:49
wolfspraulalso ionization or whatever it was exactly to get some filters onto them02:49
kristianpaulor already know the brand02:49
kristianpaulionization, oh wow02:49
wolfspraulI walked through a lense factory once, they didn't want me to take pictures though (I'm not a customer, so I can understand).02:50
wolfspraulit's definitely very different from any other workshops I've seen, a unique field of its own.02:50
wolfspraulbut in the end it's just a simple bit of optics/mechanics. no magic inside :-)02:51
kristianpaulsoftware magic ;)02:51
kristianpaulnah, this lense dont work on sharp..02:52
kristianpauli tried both tall and shor one02:52
kristianpaulnu luck, all out of zoom, really *out*02:52
wolfspraulall 3 extra lenses I sent don't work on the 1/4'' sharp ccd camera?02:53
kristianpaulwell if you see sharp and sony, the sharp lense i really *tiny*02:53
kristianpaulwell i tried just two, i dont see wht the third will02:53
kristianpaulremenber the not trusty mnual?02:54
kristianpauli show a interesting drwaing about sizes of the lense mount02:54
wolfspraulok, possible02:54
kristianpauli mean the lense it self for the sharp is really tiny compared to sony02:54
wolfspraulsorry I just threw together a first 'pack' of things02:54
kristianpaulso from that point  i dont think are compatible02:55
kristianpauleven if it fit02:55
kristianpaulwich actually does well02:55
wolfspraulmaybe you cannot use a lense designed for a 1/3'' sensor on a 1/4'' sensor, maybe the difference is too much02:57
wolfspraulI don't even know what sensor size the 3 extra lenses were designed for :-)02:57
kristianpaulthere are machanical differences i think02:57
kristianpaulbtw http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:IMG_3534.JPG02:58
kristianpauli changed the default wayt the mechinal support is arranged02:58
kristianpaulis easiert his way to put the camera in better place02:58
kristianpaulhmm seems some minors edit are need in videoin.c so vide-in window can be bigger and also vide-in preview03:00
kristianpaulAny one can explain me the difference between having a cached/uncached bridge?03:02
kristianpauli know what cache means but i dont see how sofyware/processor? can take advantage of it..03:02
kristianpaulBtw flicerknoise said, detected signal: PAL-B/G/H/I/D03:04
kristianpaullets imagine then we can have a VGA like camera on the mm1 :-)03:05
wolfspraulimagine what?03:05
kristianpaulhe, a very *personal* expresion03:05
wolfspraulflickernoise detecting PAL sounds right03:06
kristianpaulImagine using the M1 video-in and current video camera, as a simple VGA-like camera :-)03:06
kristianpaul(considering we can carry mm1 easilly one day)03:06
kristianpaulthats it :-). just imagining03:07
wolfspraulsure, I would suggest Andres to reboot his camera like this03:10
wolfspraulat least it will work quickly03:10
kristianpauli was checking source code, looks easy, well i think i can understand some parts, looks logic for me :-)03:11
Action: kristianpaul discover what ioctl whar is for03:11
kristianpaulwolfspraul: afaik andres once told me rtems was not of his like03:12
kristianpaulas linux provided more out-of-the-box drivers03:12
kristianpaulanyway i like it :-)03:12
wolfspraulAndres hasn't been the best in translating from theory/plan to reality, so far.03:14
wolfspraulif he likes Linux better and thinks it's easier because there are more 'out-of-the-box' drivers, then great03:14
kristianpaullekernel: did google vp8 mail about hdl code answered?03:14
kristianpaul'out-of-the-box' drivers, well who dont ;-)03:15
lekernelkristianpaul: when you see things like the del key not deleting selected text in the editor, could you simply fix them? :-)09:14
lekernelsame with keymaps, I don't have keyboards to test (but you have!) so they are simply not implemented09:14
lekerneland no, I didn't get any answer regarding vp8 ...09:20
lekernelthanks for bringing that up, I completely forgot about it :)09:23
lekerneldid others get any answer?09:23
kristianpauldunno if others get answer13:18
kristianpaul(could you simply fix them?) he, well let me finish first my own TODOs and i'm please to help :-)13:19
kristianpaulFallenou: ping15:28
kristianpaulFallenou: how easy is add support for a seconf UART in rtems15:29
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r79bf0a9 / (antares-pack/transform.c libanetlist/net.c): pack: handle carry chain inputs - http://bit.ly/fAL7pe15:29
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r3a8a2b6 / antares-pack/transform.c : pack: better recognition of matched XORCYs - http://bit.ly/fcXWE715:29
kristianpaulI want to test some modifications i did to wishbone with something simpler, so i tought uart? :-)15:29
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rfa3273e / antares-pack/transform.c : pack: connect CARRY4 outputs - http://bit.ly/fNldn715:29
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r4dc3d99 / antares-pack/transform.c : pack: BUFGP, FDE, and use I/O port names - http://bit.ly/hTjwbq15:29
kristianpaullekernel: hi15:46
kristianpaulcan i use the mic input as a variable for patch?15:47
kristianpaulalso can i load custom pictures to the patches? and make it appear as a banner?15:48
lekerneland custom pictures yes if you add some code15:50
kristianpaulshould i add code for get anwers for all this questions? ;-)15:50
kristianpaulin any case i just was playing a bit with flicernoise and i wanted to do what i asked.. no more :-)15:54
lekernelwhat questions?15:54
kristianpaulhow i use the mic input as a variable for patch?15:56
kristianpaulno more questions ;)15:56
kristianpauli want the video in "breaks" in little parts when in do a clamp15:59
lekernellike in milkdrop16:08
lekernelthere's also doc/handbook.tex/pdf you may want to read16:08
kristianpaul3.6.2 Reacting to sound <-- EMPTY16:10
kristianpaulthats why i'm here asking you16:10
kristianpaulbut seems i cant get the answer here, and now i must go to milkydrop website..16:11
kristianpaulthansk anyway16:11
lekernelwell, it's in the milkdrop guides16:21
lekernelyou have wave modes reacting to sound16:23
lekerneland bass/mid/treb/... variables16:23
lekernelkristianpaul: for your video in thing16:26
lekernelyou can try something like16:26
kristianpaulacording to variable monitor treb react is the most changinf when i clamp16:32
lekernelyeah, or treb :)16:32
lekernelyou can also process the treb value with some other equations (even including bass or other variables) to get a better effect16:33
kristianpaulhe, it works16:34
kristianpaulyeah i need more equations16:34
Fallenoukristianpaul: should be easy17:56
kristianpauldammit i damaged my repo..18:19
Fallenoujust your local repo i hope18:26
kristianpaulnope local is okay18:29
kristianpauli already commited two changes and after git push github i still getting "Everything up-to-date"18:29
kristianpaulhow it can be??18:29
kristianpauli bet is github fault18:30
kristianpauli'll move to gitoriouss then ;)18:31
kristianpaulFallenou: okay i'm about to add second in hardware18:32
kristianpaulwhat should i care to make it usable for rtems?18:32
kristianpaulbbl (lunch)18:32
Fallenoubbl going back home18:33
CIA-43antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r6cfe793 / (5 files): place: rtree structure - http://bit.ly/h7vaRJ20:49
Action: Fallenou is back20:58
Fallenoukristianpaul: so what have you done so far ? i'm lost in your changes sorry20:59
Fallenouyou added a master to the FML bus ?20:59
kristianpaulno !22:24
kristianpaulwishbone bus have two parts22:24
kristianpaula DMA-like one and other for mico32 and slaves22:25
kristianpauli added one more "slot" for the dma one22:25
kristianpaulalso i modified CSR for 5 bit addressing, and i'm about to add another UART in this bus22:25
Fallenouok nice :)22:35
kristianpaulhmm damit i did some mistakes with the 6x1 arbiter..22:54
kristianpaulthanks sebastien wich point it !22:55
kristianpauland was pure lazyness it is obviosuly out of the logic..22:59
--- Sun Mar 20 201100:00

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