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CIA-37antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * re9c63bc / (4 files in 3 dirs): pack: support LUT, BUFGP, FD, FDE, and primitives that double as BEL - http://bit.ly/eZ1mm100:29
xiangfuthe 'search' button in "http://en.qi-hardware.com/mmlogs/" not working. what ever I input. its give me:01:20
xiangfuNot Found01:20
xiangfuThe requested URL /mmlogs/search was not found on this server.01:20
kristianpaulxiangfu: yeah :/01:32
kristianpauloh right, lets try 5 bits CSR bus..02:11
kristianpaulno boot.. ok lest see02:24
kristianpaulmy fault, so many changes, no commits. know more posible issues to track..03:19
kristianpaulsintesis again, i begin loving this -_-03:43
xiangfukristianpaul: how to boot to RESCUE* stuff?04:18
xiangfukristianpaul: when I press the middle button. the mm1 will boot to regular bitstream --> regular bios --> regular app. then How can I boot to RESCUE * stuff04:19
kristianpaulletme check04:27
kristianpaulxiangfu: ^04:32
kristianpaulpress PB1 when pressing PB2 to power the board04:32
xiangfukristianpaul: thanks.04:34
xiangfu(BTW: the 'search' button in "http://en.qi-hardware.com/mmlogs/" not working. what ever I input. its give me: Not Found04:35
kristianpaullet me see04:37
kristianpaulhmm hard to track i dont see mm1logs setup at http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Server_setup04:39
kristianpaulCSR 5 bits now boots.. http://paste.debian.net/110715/05:17
kristianpaulso i made mistaskes in wishbone swich for sure...05:17
kristianpaulnow i can try later add a second uart for xiangfu experiments with the nanonote ;-)05:19
kristianpaulactually will be a nice test in order to verify i can address more than 16 devices..05:20
wolfspraullekernel: did replacing the video decode fix your secam-525 problem?06:50
CIA-37llhdl: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r85cfbf6 / libnetlist/antares.c : netlist: use quotes for attributes in ANL - http://bit.ly/hjQ7r217:20
CIA-37antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rd33854e / libanetlist/interchange.c : anetlist: attributes in quotes - http://bit.ly/e4k2R520:44
CIA-37antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r428b977 / (antares-pack/transform.c libanetlist/mk_entities.py): pack: carry chains (kludgy and buggy) - http://bit.ly/e2vGaQ20:44
lekernelhmm... I ran "git reset HEAD^" one time too much22:45
lekerneland now:22:45
lekernelYour branch is behind 'origin/master' by 1 commit, and can be fast-forwarded.22:45
lekernelany git expert here who happens to know how to un-do that extra "reset HEAD^" without messing up stuff?22:45
Fallenouso you want to re apply the commit which is after the head, on the head ?22:47
lekernel"commiting your work, and then rebasing"22:48
lekernelseems messy22:48
Fallenouyeah rebase is kind of too much most of the time :)22:49
lekernelapparently, not when you screwed up with too much reset HEAD^22:49
lekernelok, my repository is totally fucked and git rebase won't work22:51
lekerneli'll just clone and rewrite the files with that convenient backup I took ;)22:51
FallenouI can't help you with this one sorry22:51
mwallegit reflog22:51
mwalleget your proper sha1 sum22:51
mwalleverify it by git checkout <sha1>22:52
mwallegit branch -f <your branch> <sha1>22:52
CIA-37antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r732364e / antares-pack/transform.c : pack: carry chains working - http://bit.ly/fgxH3w22:54
mwallei was too late i guess :)22:55
mwallemy gdb stub only prints one character, mh22:55
mwallelekernel_: your internet connections doesnt seem to be pretty stable :)22:56
mwallegit reflog22:57
mwalleget your proper sha1 sum22:57
mwalleverify it by git checkout <sha1>22:57
mwallegit branch -f <your branch> <sha1>22:57
mwallefor the next time :)22:57
lekernel_eventually I got git rebase to work... I had local modifications that made it a bit messy22:58
lekernel_but thanks :)22:58
Action: lekernel_ is reading about reflog22:58
Action: methril is happy, his new MMOne board just arrive!!!23:11
methril(well amost just) today23:12
Fallenounice !23:13
CIA-37antares: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r462642c / (5 files in 3 dirs): PR skeleton - http://bit.ly/glN47123:15
Action: Fallenou really looking forward to this opensource toolchain23:30
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