#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2011-03-11

lekernelhi Fallenou00:06
lekernelhow was the talk?00:06
lekernel"A packed OSHUG this evening."00:07
lekernel"have just seen a glimpse of the future thanks to @yannsionneau especially for an amazing http://milkymist.org OSHUG Q&A. FPGA FTW!"00:07
lekernelrather good according to the twitter comments it seems :)00:07
Fallenoulekernel: it was great !00:08
Fallenouthey are really nice and interesting guys :)00:08
Fallenoulekernel: I met an asian guy who told me you sent him an email about selling Milkymist Ones00:08
Fallenoua guy that sells arduinos and sparkfun stuff00:08
lekerneloh yeah I spammed a lot of persons00:09
lekernelwho were generally very dismissive00:09
lekernelor say "yes" and never act00:09
Fallenouhe was thinking milkymist was not production ready yet00:09
Fallenounot good for his customers00:09
FallenouI said well it's not reayd for VJs yet, but your customers are hackers and arduino guys00:10
Fallenouand it's definitely hacker ready00:10
Fallenouit runs RTEMS, Linux00:10
Fallenouit's hackers ready00:10
FallenouSo I don't know if he will change his mind or not00:10
lekernellet's get some well know person like Steve Wozniak or so to endorse it, then all those little guys will shut up and act00:11
Fallenouoh and I talked with the director of "get it maid"00:12
Fallenouerr have it maid00:12
lekernelhmm, what's that?00:13
Fallenouahah nice video00:14
Fallenoubasically it's something to see if you have interested users who wanna buy your stuff00:14
Fallenouyou put a "threshold" for manufacturing00:15
Fallenouand a price00:15
Fallenouwhen there is enough people in pre-order state, you can "safely" manufacture00:15
Fallenouknowing that you will have buyers00:15
Fallenouyou just run the production batch when you reach the threshold00:15
Fallenouso that you can lower the price, (puttin a higher treshold maybe00:16
Fallenoutaking less risks00:16
Fallenouthat's the idea00:16
Fallenoulekernel: when I said you had an open source fpga toolchain as a work in progress00:46
Fallenouthey were amazed :p00:46
FallenouI hope some of the guys will come here and contribute00:48
kristianpaulFallenou: (getimade) oh, i'm sorry to say but... those guys really know what _manufacturing_ really is about??01:46
kristianpaulI could not be adam or wolfgang, but that is clear taht manufacuring is not behind a click and preordering.. well i should agree with sebastien, and said that for "blinling" stuff it may work01:47
kristianpaul(anyway personal opinion)01:47
kristianpaulaw_: hi02:32
kristianpaulHad you already talked with vendor about crystal?02:32
aw_kristianpaul, not yet. any news or suggestions?02:37
kristianpauli'll just about to run a self check here02:38
kristianpaulso nope, aw_02:39
kristianpaulIs this sebastien cristial http://uk.farnell.com/citizen-america/csa309-28-63636mabj-ub/crystal-28-63636mhz-cyl/dp/1457091 ?02:39
kristianpaulsebastien recomendation*02:39
aw_yes, exactly it is.02:40
kristianpaulI dont see how lekernel conclude it is overtone, yet02:40
kristianpaulboth look same for me, at least for what i can see02:41
aw_yeah...that's I was also thought. yes, I indeed didn't understand what's meaning of overtone.02:43
aw_but he found that his is 2x bigger than mine. It's the real discovery that I need to watch out.02:43
aw_both two xtal have beedn declared with +/- 30ppm at 25 degree.02:44
kristianpaulalso by judging datasheets i will trust more in  YOKE02:45
aw_and CSA309 general temperature is even worse than yoktan is +/- 30 ppm.02:45
aw_unless Yoktan doesn't control their products well-qualified done.02:46
aw_me too.02:46
aw_so btw, the 2x symbol is a real good capture. I'll watch out this.02:47
aw_kristianpaul, btw, any news or thoughts from you, just let us know as always a useful input for us to think out more details. tks.02:50
Action: kristianpaul always fight putting memory card in his place03:07
Action: kristianpaul got a blue screen whe trying run a patch with video_a03:37
kristianpaulxiangfu: https://github.com/lekernel/m1testing/blob/master/src/tests_audio.c03:44
kristianpaulxiangfu: do you think is posible port that code a rtems command ?03:45
kristianpaullekernel: had you noticed  the ADV is ESD sensitive device?03:47
kristianpaulwolfspraul should avoid ESD warning in the mm1 box03:47
kristianpauli comment ESD, because you'were doing ESD tests if remenber well03:48
rohesd doesnt mean immediate failiure in all cases03:49
kristianpaulcomment about**03:49
kristianpaulroh: sure03:49
kristianpaul_just_ _saying_03:50
rohsometimes its just 'damaging' the chip and it dies soon after.. or a year after that03:50
kristianpauloh, yes !03:50
rohso i wouldnt give too much of a significance to the chip dying in _one_ single case on the board of a developer who soldered around on the board _a lot_ and used it without case most of the time i guess03:51
rohwhen the second one is dead.. please remind me;)03:51
lekernelaw_: an overtone crystal is a crystal of a lower frequency that resonates on one of its harmonics10:10
lekerneltypically 3rd harmonic, but there are sometimes 5th overtones too10:11
lekernelfor example, we could use a 9.54MHz crystal in 3rd overtone for generating the 28.36MHz10:12
lekernel(with proper oscillator dynamics, which the adv7181 doesn't have)10:12
lekernelit's exactly like violin players10:13
aw_hmm..interesting ..now i know your meanings on 'overtone'.10:15
aw_also i discovered it's a R1 50 ohm at range 10MHz <= fo <= 27MHz in foundamental mode. Since it's not sure if its the root cause, but it's good to discover/follow that we at least to use a fundamental mode xtal.10:19
lekernelit's probably a fundamental mode xtal... well, if you're worried, you could check that by sending 9.54MHz to it and check that it doesn't resonate10:20
aw_lekernel, good capture on this mode check. btw, I'll reconfirm with here vendor and request.10:20
lekernelthe main point is to choose an appropriate crystal for rc310:20
aw_yeah...at least to pick that mode first. later I got a new datasheet or doc. I'll let you know. or even I just order CSA309 one.10:22
lekernelbtw, the board already had a CSA309 crystal when it failed10:22
lekernelit's the board you shipped me with a non-working crystal and I replaced it right away10:22
aw_uhm? wow..10:22
lekernelcurrently the symptom is best described as: video chip power supply OK, crystal oscillating and clock running, I2C signals from the FPGA correctly measured at the chip's pins, but no I2C response from chip10:23
lekernelit really sounds like the adv7181 got internally damaged somehow, but this did not break the crystal oscillator10:24
lekerneli'll probably replace it pretty soon10:25
aw_so the I2C now from decoder is no more response at all. it's really bad.10:30
aw_I think that I'll need to check things as: 1, review the four supplies (DVDD/AVDD/PVDD/DVDDIO & their grounds) routes is suitable to apply enough driven power/current to chip inside?10:32
aw_2, does part unqualified at all even it works few times? 3, solderability on chip..hmm...10:34
lekernelyeah, I checked the solders too, I saw no lifted pin10:36
lekerneland I measured signals on the pin, near the package10:36
aw_yeah..good, confirmed those connection by touching the pads on board not probe the package's pin directly is good.10:38
aw_not sure sure current the route's thickness is good enough for chip. since i met problems before like thickness is wider enough. then either I added a more bigger value of decoupling capacitor old board or used a same capacitor value on a new re-layout board with wider thickness routes.10:41
aw_this was rarely happened though.10:41
aw_but our case with a likely internally damaged somehow, it's real strange.10:42
lekernelinsufficient power traces wouldn't break i2c imo10:44
lekerneljust cause semi-random glitches10:44
aw_umm....don't know what possible accidence would cause from outside or internal. anyway i would review that all ground copper layer/area to keep a well-taken considerations.10:51
aw_during rc3 routing.10:52
wolfspraullekernel: you got the failure when csa309 was on the board?10:54
wolfspraulnot that I believe there is a connection, but it's good to keep in mind. aw_ - you read that?10:55
aw_yes, i just knew his board with that cas309 already.10:56
Fallenoukristianpaul: the getitmade stuff is not for doing the actual manufacturing, it's for being sure that you have clients11:00
Fallenougetitmade does not manufacture anything11:00
lekernelwolfspraul: vital signals (power supply, clock, i2c, reset) at the adv7181's pins are measured ok... guess the chip is simply dead11:07
lekernelmy next step is to replace it11:12
lekernelroh: you have a hot air station, don't you?11:16
lekernelmy usual technique for replacing tqfp's with little hardware is to cut the pins, remove the chip body, then lift the pins one by one11:17
lekernelquite aggressive :)11:18
aw_um..to replace it needs hot air station is better.11:21
lekernelinteresting: my video camera died as well11:31
lekernel(the one that was connected to the board when it failed)11:31
aw_which color RCA con. on board you connected? green?11:33
lekernelyes, it's cvbs11:33
lekernelbut maybe it's just that when dying the camera sent some overvoltage down the video cable that burnt the video chip11:33
lekernelit's powered on 12V so it has the potential for doing that11:34
aw_this could be possible. but you need to recall how/what you did recently on camera or else...to track down any upstreams.11:35
aw_so please think both your camera and m1 board. the only common ground goes through RCA connector. make sure no one else possible existed.11:37
lekernelthe camera has its own transformer and only one RCA cable going out11:38
lekernelso no, it's not a ground problem11:38
lekernelmaybe let's just add some diodes on the video input as additional protection against broken cams on RC311:39
lekernelwhat's the parasitic capacitance of a typical dirt cheap zener?11:40
aw_have you ever tried to use multimeter to measure current. and at that time. has it ever happened that you touched the current ground probe pin?11:41
aw_yeah...we can take consider to add them.11:41
lekernelthe board was cased when the failure happened, with no weird experiment going on11:41
lekerneljust normal use case11:41
aw_yeah...your camera is dead. but why?!  checking...zener..11:45
lekernelwell it's an old relic from the early 90s11:46
lekerneli'm not surprised it died11:47
wolfspraullekernel: aw_ do I understand correctly that we decided to add additional diodes on video-in for rc3?12:12
wolfspraul(just trying to understand the conclusion from above...)12:13
lekernelyeah let's do that12:14
lekerneli'll just check first that by replacing the video chip it still works12:14
aw_i think we'd better to use bidirection diode (TVS) to protect it...still recall my sch.. before..:-)12:21
aw_with just 3pF could be enough.12:21
rohlekernel: yes12:39
wolfspraulroh: another small feedback. the screws on top and bottom are torx (I think)12:39
wolfspraulah no, something else, checking...12:40
wolfspraulhex socket?12:40
wolfspraulbut the ones to fasten the connectors are Phillips (+)12:41
aw_lekernel, I used BAV99WT1G for limit video inputs 1V(p-p) format. http://uk.farnell.com/on-semiconductor/bav99wt1g/diode-small-signal-750ma/dp/165115912:41
wolfspraulI think the best would be if they would all be the same, and the simplest (Phillips?)12:42
rohwolfspraul: how long ago?12:42
rohwolfspraul: screws got replaced.. now they should be the same size and imbus12:43
wolfspraulah ok12:43
wolfspraulold case (my own)12:43
wolfspraulactually I just see top and bottom are even different on mine12:43
wolfspraultop is hex socket12:44
lekernelaw_: you mean you already have successfully used this part?12:44
aw_yes, i used this parts passed ESD/EMC/FCC/CE.. :-)12:44
lekernelhow did you connect it?12:45
aw_surely some other references design used another http://octopart.com/cds3c16gth.-epcos-537144512:45
lekernelI guess you need two to protect against negative voltages too12:45
wolfspraulbottom is torx+slot (man! even wikipedia doesn't list that one :-)) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screw_drive12:45
aw_in parallel to 75 ohm but in front of it.12:45
lekernelhmm ok, but there are two diodes in these devices12:46
lekernelwhich ones do you use and how?12:46
aw_yes..so I said it's better that to use a TVS part. :-)12:46
wolfspraulroh: all are inbus now? (inbus = allen = hex socket)12:46
wolfspraulincluding the ones fastening the connectors?12:47
wolfspraulall the same inbus size or different ones?12:47
lekernelthe breakdown voltage of the TVS part is 150V12:47
lekernelthat's way too much12:48
lekernelwe don't want to protect against esd here, but against overvoltage generated by faultly video sources12:48
wolfspraulbtw - Elphel includes 3 different sized inbus keys with all their cameras, with those you can open every last screw in the camera12:48
rohwolfspraul: the ones on top and bottom are12:48
lekernelwhat we want is some device that clamps the voltage on the video inputs to a reasonable range, say +/- 2V12:49
rohheh.. do 2 antiparallel 5.5V zehner count?12:49
wolfspraulroh: did you find black screws for midi/dmx/video now? do you still think that's desirable?12:49
rohwolfspraul: nope.. didnt find them for the video12:50
wolfspraulfor the video-in, there is a lot of silverish look already anyway, for dmx black would probably look better12:50
rohi can get st2.9 in black (dmx) but not st2.2 (cinch)12:50
aw_i used BAV99WT1G ...yes,but I only connect one terminal to +5V and the other terminal connected to GND, the third one is connected to cvbs.12:51
wolfspraulwhy can't the top and bottom screws be phillips as well, like video/dmx ?12:51
rohuh fuck12:52
rohjust read about japan12:52
terpstrait's insane12:52
terpstra8.9 earthquake and 10 meter wave12:52
terpstramassive destruction along their entire coast12:53
Action: kristianpaul reading the "From the bitstream to the netlist" paper12:55
aw_lekernel, with BAV99WT1G we surely can clamp the undesired voltage.12:55
lekernelforward voltage is too low... or, well, it'd sink 50mA at 1V12:56
lekernelthat's too much12:56
lekernelwe should use a zener12:56
lekernelor two of these diodes in series12:57
lekerneland the same for negative voltages, that's 4 diodes in total12:57
aw_well...we can decide and find other similar one to meet our decoder.12:58
aw_it surely can be alternative as you said with 4 diodes in total.12:58
kristianpaulwolfspraul: fyi, a full flashing for the mm1 take 1m19s13:14
wolfspraulkristianpaul: that's with high-speed fix, right?13:15
kristianpaulwolfspraul: yeap13:15
wolfspraultoo bad we don't have a number to compare without the fix (no need to test it...)13:15
wolfspraul1.19, hmm13:16
wolfspraulwhat do we do in those 80 seconds?13:16
kristianpaulyou can compare with xilinx cable13:16
kristianpaulwrite to the nand flash13:16
wolfspraulload the entire 32mb blob via jtag and write it into nor flash?13:16
wolfspraulit's nor13:17
kristianpaulis no 32Mb at all13:17
kristianpaulah ok13:17
kristianpaulbitstream + bios + rescue + flicernoise13:17
kristianpauli dint include data filesystem13:17
wolfspraulhow much is written roughly?13:19
wolfspraulguess I was disconnected13:23
wolfspraulkristianpaul: how many MiB are transferred in those 79 seconds?13:23
wolfspraulso that's 50 KiB / second13:24
kristianpaulhmm, i missed flickernoise13:25
kristianpaulbut you get an idea13:28
wolfspraulyes, sure13:28
Fallenouflickernoise is like 9 MB iirc13:29
Fallenouso you miss a lot :p13:29
kristianpaulFallenou: lzma ;-)13:30
Fallenouoh flickernoise is uncompressed by the bios at boot time ?13:30
Fallenouoh nice13:30
kristianpaulnot so.. as you some seconds delay13:31
kristianpaulat least for me13:31
Fallenouwell if you flash your board a lot it's interesting13:31
Fallenoumaybe for end users it would be better to boot faster13:31
kristianpaulanyway, i think pdf stuff should be optional, as is not fully behave as anyone can expect13:32
Fallenouyou tried reading a pdf ? did it work ?13:32
kristianpaulit work13:32
kristianpaulis slow13:32
kristianpaulloading pdf and zooming13:33
kristianpaulso is usefulness for me, also add more boot delay..13:33
kristianpaulbut i can read pdf, thats good :-)13:34
lekernelyeah, i'll make this feature optional13:38
lekernelit could be possible to make the executable lighter though, by removing fonts and cmaps from mupdf13:38
lekernelit'd be great if you could figure out how to do btw :)13:38
lekernelthe mupdf says several MB can be saved by removing these things13:38
lekernelmupdf website13:39
lekernelalso, when reading light pdfs like flickernoise help (which is the intended purpose) it's not that slow13:39
kristianpauli was reading sysctl.pdf and still slow tought13:39
kristianpaulremove = rm -f *.o ;-)13:41
kristianpaulwhy not just loading pdf as raw images?13:41
kristianpaulmm1 is not a  general purpose pdf reader so you can cheat13:42
Fallenouoh yes just displaying the pages one by one13:44
Fallenoudisplaying screenshots of the pdf13:44
Fallenouwill be faster and lighter13:44
Fallenouhumm lighter not sure cause maybe the images can be heavy, dunno13:45
Fallenoubut faster13:45
lekernelit's not as classy as just dumping a pdf on the flash via ftp or memory card and reading that directly :p13:47
Fallenousure not as classy :)13:47
lekerneland, also, this pdf reader is also a demonstration of mm as general purpose computer, running 3rd party software (mupdf)13:48
FallenouI wonder how hard it would be to port a graphic terminal emulator13:48
Fallenoulike the simplest one13:48
kristianpaulfrom busybox?13:49
Fallenouxterm maybe13:49
kristianpaulnote the X <-13:49
Fallenouone that does not use gnome/kde/whatever lib13:49
Fallenouhumm yes :(13:49
Fallenoumaybe it's easy to remove the X part13:49
kristianpaul(general purpose computer) when running something like linux may be13:49
kristianpaulatleast you want fork rtems in something else.. :-)13:50
CIA-37flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r5bb0fe2 / (flash/flash.sh src/Makefile src/cp.c src/main.c): Optional PDF and LZMA compression - https://github.com/lekernel/flickernoise/commit/5bb0fe289dd22c97d8bbf87a81c6af0a14e35f7113:50
Fallenouahah : http://home.comcast.net/~fbui/http://home.comcast.net/~fbui/13:51
lekernelFallenou: just write one13:51
FallenouI guess it's not easy13:51
Fallenoubetter porting one13:52
Fallenouxterm seems to be the "simplest" one but i'm searching13:52
lekernelFallenou: it _is_ easy13:52
lekernelyou don't need to be a rocket scientist to write strings in a framebuffer, do you?13:52
lekernelwith small features like scrolling, colors, position, etc.13:53
FallenouI don't know, I've never looked at how a terminal emulator works13:53
Fallenouisn't it supposed to behave like vt100 or something ?13:53
kristianpaul-e: unknown command..13:53
Fallenouwith a lot of features to support13:53
FallenouI've been told that linux terminal emulator is quite a complex thing13:54
lekernelyeah, but that's only because the unix/linux termios API is about as fucked up as Xilinx software13:54
Fallenouhttp://code.google.com/p/fbterm/ <= :)13:54
lekernelyou don't need all those features13:54
lekernelwell, actually i'm not sure if "feature" is an appropriate word13:54
Fallenouin any case before writting somethign I look around to see if this already exists13:55
lekernelthat's basically a toxic waste dump of cruft from the 70s era when computers used mechanical typewriters as "screens"13:55
Fallenouyes it's a legacy thing13:56
Fallenouif i understand correctly13:56
Action: kristianpaul :-)13:56
Fallenouwhat do you think of the last one ?13:56
lekernelyou don't need windows13:57
Action: kristianpaul will keep using the serial port13:57
lekernelmtk already has a windowing system13:57
lekernelif you can take out the windowing part, good13:57
Fallenouhumm yes I see13:57
lekernelalso, you could also have a look at the framebuffer tty emulation system in the linux kernel13:57
lekerneland at least we know this code works13:58
lekernelbut really, you don't need anything complicated13:58
kristianpaul(general purpose computer) when running something like linux may be more general :-)13:58
lekernelkristianpaul: sure, but it also shows that you don't need GNU/Linux to run programs like mupdf :)13:58
kristianpaullekernel: indeed13:59
lekernelFallenou: if you add this terminal feature, "hide" it13:59
lekernelie instead of a button in the control panel, use a key combination, like ctrl-alt-t14:00
kristianpaulhmm the line out noise still there even if i do a software mute14:42
lekernelFallenou: is there a recording of the oshug talk?14:51
FallenouI think no14:53
Fallenoujust a few pictures14:53
CIA-37flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rf950032 / (2 files): New video in/DMX patches - http://bit.ly/f18mjR14:58
CIA-37flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * r716dd8f / (5 files in 5 dirs): Place binaries in subfolder + gitignore file - http://bit.ly/gwXfrl15:15
lekernelomg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUstn-g3KoA&15:38
lekernelI want some of what lattice people are smoking15:38
lekernel"that's what I call green technology"15:43
CIA-37flickernoise: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * rf52cbc3 / src/main.c : Mount memory card read only - http://bit.ly/hqxCI916:15
kristianpaulFallenou: any interesting question from OSHUG talk?16:44
kristianpaulnice pics btw :-)16:44
Fallenouhehe thanks16:44
Fallenouyes a loooooot of questions16:44
FallenouI managed to answer to most of them16:44
Fallenoufor one or two I had to say that I didn't know and redirected the guys to the ML / IRC16:44
kristianpaulWhat you use mac?? ;-)16:45
Fallenouthey were very interested16:45
Fallenouyes :p I apologized for that at the beginning16:45
Fallenoubut some of them are using mac too16:45
Fallenouso it was ok ;)16:45
kristianpaulYou shoudl use mm1 next time for, i dont see better way of showing the product you're talking about works16:45
FallenouI would if I had one :p16:46
kristianpaulah, yes..16:46
Fallenouat least I showed pictures and videos from vimeo16:46
kristianpaulMan you need to by one too ! :-)16:46
kristianpauljust tww left16:46
Fallenouyeah for the moment I am paying my rent in London and I will see what's left of my bank account :)16:50
Action: kristianpaul used credit card to pay mm, so well, i pay bill as anynone does16:51
lekernelmy opinions about London and what costs what there could be compared to those on autocrap, so I won't comment on that16:51
Fallenouyou're working on your communication skills ? :p16:52
kristianpaul14:36  * Fallenou is back17:03
kristianpaul14:37 < Fallenou> no no dma17:03
kristianpaulFallenou: can you exaplaing what was that?17:03
Action: Fallenou scrolling up17:03
kristianpaullekernel: is the xbar doing something usefull right now?17:04
kristianpaulI saw the comit is from 10/201017:05
Fallenousorry I can't scroll up that far  kristianpaul :x17:06
kristianpaulalso, can you make a quick explanation of the DMA between TMU and wishbone, i mean how do you avoid a botleneck if TMU is par of the FML17:07
kristianpaulIs tha the xbar for? does it work well? how it works? (i really dunno)17:08
Action: Fallenou leaves the office 17:08
kristianpaulFor save some chatting i'm okay if you point me a documentation to read, i lack good links/books/whatever about  this topic17:09
kristianpaulor for easy is this http://milkymist.org/socblock.png diagram updated?17:10
Action: kristianpaul find an article about bus mastering in wikipedia17:14
Action: kristianpaul wonders why serial boot was removed from the bios boot order17:16
Fallenouit was kind of slow I guess17:18
kristianpaulwhat was slow?17:19
Fallenouserial booting17:19
kristianpaulah yes17:19
lekernelanyone knows a good free replacement wallpaper that looks like http://my-blackberry.net/wallpapers/11/m/Fluorescence.jpg ?17:31
lekernelthis one looks great, and wouldn't be too bright (we'll also need a dark MTK color theme too)17:31
lekernelbut it's not free17:31
lekernelswitching between the dark patch rendering and the bright GUI definitely hurts the eyes when you're on a big screen17:32
kristianpaulhehe yes17:33
lekernelhmm... not the best quality picture :(17:33
lekernelwe can use LCARS colors for extra nerd points17:33
kristianpaulI have some artwork for a radiohead album but dunno license..17:34
lekernelif it's on a radiohead album it's probably non-free... no?17:34
kristianpauli think17:34
kristianpaulhah http://www.flickr.com/photos/jakobbg/2788486554/sizes/z/in/photostream/17:39
kristianpaulby 2.017:39
lekernelbut nc-nd17:39
lekernelkristianpaul: hmm I doubt it17:39
lekerneleverything from digitablasphemy.com is non-free17:39
lekerneldoes preloading some wallpapers into the m1 qualify as commercial use?17:40
kristianpaulyou sell it, thats is "content"17:40
lekerneldunno... it's a bit of a gray area for me17:41
lekernelI can ask for a specific permission anyway17:41
Fallenoujust to be sure I guess it's better to avoid anything in nc-by17:42
lekernelI agree, but in the absence of a good !nc !nd alternative it's better than nothing17:43
lekernelfor things like the wallpaper, which is just a preloaded file on the FS, we don't have to be super-picky about freedom of the content (as long as we have the permission from the author to use it in this way)... let's get things done17:44
kristianpauli love this http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewdyson/3048981752/17:48
kristianpaulor this ;-)) http://kristianpaul.org/gallery/old_gallery_1/slide_16.html17:50
kristianpaulhttp://opencores.org/project,wb_conbus feature1, feature2... -_-17:51
kristianpaulargg, i always forgot my opencores accunt when wanted download soemthign..17:52
wpwraklekernel: (lattice) don't smoke their stuff ! after that, you must be pissing brain cells18:50
wpwraktuxbrain_away: do you still need files from me for your atben/atusb fab quote or have you already generated them yourself ?19:09
wpwrakoops, wrong channel19:09
kristianpaulhaha ;-)19:09
Action: kristianpaul back from snap19:09
kristianpaullekernel: with current conbus in mm up to how manye slaves and masters are supported?19:15
kristianpaulstill 8 as from open cores page said?19:15
kristianpauli'll take several as no limit :-)19:26
kristianpaulacording to conbus.pdf19:27
kristianpauland the self-explanotry parameteres :-)19:27
Fallenoulekernel: just a few hours before the deadline19:40
Fallenoufor gsoc19:40
Fallenouhave you submitted ?19:40
Fallenouor someone else ?19:40
Action: kristianpaul read JDH reply22:41
Action: kristianpaul sigh22:41
Action: kristianpaul decides go to the grocery store22:44
Fallenoufeedback about the talk23:19
Fallenouwell more about the event23:20
kristianpaulargg, again crossposting sorry23:37
rohignore JDH...23:41
--- Sat Mar 12 201100:00

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