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Fallenoulekernel: hi00:05
FallenouI am trying to re organize the ethernet driver00:05
Fallenoufirst to put everything in the softc instead of global variable00:06
Fallenoubut I have an array of rxbuffers00:07
Fallenouhow can I put this into the struct ?00:07
Fallenoubecause it muse be initialized with the addresses of the rxbuffers00:07
Fallenouand where do I put the rxbuffers declaration ?00:07
Fallenouin the struct ? it would be ugly00:08
Fallenouto have 4 rxbuffers in the struct00:08
Fallenouand then to put their address in an array within init()00:08
Fallenouhow can I put the rxbuffN in the struct since they *have* to be declared as global00:10
Fallenouwell I think I will initialize everything in the init() and put dma memory in static in the init function00:36
CIA-31rtems-milkymist: Yann Sionneau master * r03a674b / c/src/lib/libbsp/lm32/shared/milkymist_framebuffer/framebuffer.c : indent fix - http://bit.ly/hUYyu200:39
CIA-31rtems-milkymist: Yann Sionneau master * r11a52f6 / c/src/lib/libbsp/lm32/shared/milkymist_networking/network.c : driver clean-up, we now use a softc and no global variables - http://bit.ly/eDWxa900:39
Fallenouhop hop some cleanup00:39
FallenouI just checked that it compiles00:39
Fallenoutime to go to bed, tell me if it's cleaner for you lekernel :)00:39
Fallenounext step, add a pool of rx buffers00:40
methrilhi guys!!16:11
methrili just paid the MMOne order (few weeks and is in brazil)16:12
wolfspraulI hope we are faster than 'a few weeks'16:12
wolfspraulit will ship on Monday, then let's see how lucky we are with Brazil customs16:12
methriljust going to get the most recent gnu-crap (as lekernel name it)16:12
methrilwolfspraul, we'll see16:13
lekernelhmm? what gnu-crap?16:13
lekernelthe gnu-crap is fortunately a very small amount of what's used in milkymist :)16:13
Action: kristianpaul dislikes the gnu-crap word16:14
lekernelmethril: you can try gcc svn (4.6) - it needs testers :)16:14
methrilok, i hope it works in qemu-lm3216:15
kristianpaul4.6? does it compilesfinally ?16:15
lekernelthe c++ compiler doesn't build (but it's not such a big issue as it seems didn't even work before) but the c compiler should be ok16:15
kristianpaulah, good :-)16:15
methrillekernel, is this a gcc issue or only for lm32 port?16:16
methrilfor the ISE 13, we need all full installer_16:16
lekernelmethril: it's only for the lm32 port16:17
lekernelbut lm32 is included in gcc for almost a year now16:17
methrili know16:17
methrili compile some 4.5.x in my own, and deal with some Coldfire v1 problems (+newlib)16:18
methrili'm following the milkymist project since the beginning16:18
lekernelif you can fix lm32 problems in 4.6, I can commit your changes16:18
methrili'll try to get a toolchain working, and later i try to deal with them16:18
kristianpaullekernel: You think is a valid but ask for Cycle Counter support in lm32-gcc?16:22
kristianpaulyeah i already now, thats it not defined for lm32 in mm116:22
lekernelkristianpaul: what does that cycle counter have to do with the compiler?16:22
kristianpaulis not the compiller supposed to support it?16:23
lekernelto do what?16:23
lekernelread from application? you can use inline assembly16:23
kristianpauli need compile fftw for rtems :-)16:23
lekernelwhy does fftw need a cycle counter?16:23
kristianpaulIn order to perform runtime self-optimization16:24
kristianpaulwell i can skip that. i just was asking just in case ;-)16:24
kristianpaulFFTW needs a high-precision timer to measure the cost of different code choices16:25
lekerneland can't you read the cycle counter with inline assembly? why do you need special compiler support?16:25
kristianpaulhmm, yes i could use assembly16:25
kristianpaulyeah, nv16:26
wolfspraullekernel: one of the cheap cmos cameras I bought for 15 usd says in the manual "programmable ic bus function: color saturation, brightness and contrast ratio, self balance, exposure time and 2 times gain"16:26
wolfsprauldo you know what this means?16:26
lekernelwell there's no standard for cycle counters afaik, so it shouldn't be in the compiler16:26
wolfspraulthere are 2 analog cables coming out, I would think one for composite video, one for audio16:26
lekernelinline assembly is the way to do it16:26
wolfspraulso how can the IC on the other side be 'programmed'?16:26
lekernellet's not add more cruft to gcc than what it already has :)16:26
wolfspraulis there a standard to feed data back into the camera?16:26
kristianpaullekernel: yes, it make sense for me know ( no standard )16:27
wolfspraulover the composite video line?16:27
lekernelwolfspraul: not as far as i know16:27
wolfspraulok. need to find out how this 'programmable ic bus function' is supposed to work then...16:28
lekernelbtw, if your camera has audio out, it'd be nice that it could be plugged to the line in with the supplied cables/adapters16:28
wolfspraulcould be just a copy/paste manual of course, who knows16:28
wolfspraulI thought you said that's a not-important use case, and we have an internal micro?16:29
lekernelwolfspraul: well, maybe IC= chinese name for I2C and they just mean that some chip inside the camera has I2C :)16:29
lekernelI guess you know how chinese technical docs are sometimes :)16:29
lekernelyeah, it's not important16:30
wolfspraulok, in 3 lines you first say "it'd be nice" and then "it's not important". so what now?16:30
wolfspraulthe microphone will not be very far away from the internal one16:31
wolfspraulm1 has no fans or other noise16:31
wolfsprauland the one in those cheap cameras for sure won't be better than the internal one either, I would think16:31
wolfspraulso that only leaves that it may be a bit more exposed, up in the air a little16:31
wolfspraulwill that make a difference?16:31
lekernelwell, it just means that if audio out is for free, and if you have a choice of plugs, pick one that is compatible (e.g. jack)16:32
wolfspraulor rather: how much of a difference will that make?16:32
wolfspraulah ok16:32
Action: kristianpaul wonders what is the usabillity of the internal mic16:32
wolfspraulof course I keep that in mind16:32
lekernelkristianpaul: well I tested it on stage with the acrylic case already, and it does a decent job16:32
kristianpaullekernel: yeah, but i mean, how is related with flickernoise, ie, if you clamp you a get a custom effecton screen?, or if clap twice i swich a patch..16:34
lekernelthe intended use is beat sync, but you could code something like that too16:35
kristianpaulAny on had tested the Amsterdam Compiler Kit ?17:37
kristianpaulwow pcc 1.0 was released just days ago17:39
lekernelwe need to find gsoc mentors... who's in?21:00
rejonok bbiab21:11
wpwrak(cycle counter) they do seem to be in in POSIX: man 3 clock21:14
wpwrak(cycle counter) you're allows to implement it as  return (clock_t) -1;  though :)21:14
wpwrak(attacks on irc) may also be some amount of bot-net testing. easily available target that gives feedback and doesn't call the cops21:15
lekernelrejon: that's totally outdated21:16
lekernelalmost everything on this list is done except the linux tasks that were replaced with rtems ones21:19
lekernelGurty: hi22:46
lekernelis that you who has the gcc compile farm?22:46
Gurtyhi lekernel, no :o22:49
lekerneluhm, why does the spartan6 have a SPI_ACCESS block that is normally used to read the on-chip flash of FPGAs that have it (spartan6 does not)?23:04
lekernelthere's also a completely undocumented "OCT_CALIBRATE" site23:08
Fallenoulekernel: hi23:48
Fallenoulekernel: is this better about the softc/global variables problem in the driver ?23:50
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