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terpstramwalle, hey -- sorry i didn't respond earlier. i had gone home for the night. :) re: the break instruction, yes it is a debug command. it seems somewhere along the line i ended up introducing an extra register of buffering the jtag interface. i intend to debug/fix this now. as for openocd, i need to figure out how to put an sld hub between the usb_blaster driver and the lm32 driver.08:02
tuxbrain_awayxiangfu: Building image fails on gpsd build http://pastebin.com/GRbGnniB09:46
xiangfutuxbrain_away: yes. we have that error for long time for now. no one look into that.09:52
xiangfutuxbrain_away: that is also why there is no gpsd package in http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/packages/NanoNote/Ben/2011-02-23/09:52
xiangfutuxbrain_away: write down to my TODO list, since your report the error :)09:53
tuxbrain_awayxiangfu: how continue with the build then?10:04
tuxbrain_awayto generate the actual image?10:04
xiangfutuxbrain_away: it's selected as a module.10:05
tuxbrain_awayups wrong channel10:05
wpwraklekernel: your competitor. shall we pity them ?12:41
Fallenouhumm nice12:42
lekernelcompetitor? not exactly :)12:42
Fallenouthey are doing good stuff at microsoft :)12:44
lekernelok license is crappy anyway12:44
lekernelYou can use this Software for any non-commercial purpose, including12:44
lekerneldistributing derivatives. Running your business operations would not12:44
lekernelbe considered non-commercial.12:44
lekernelFor commercial purposes, you can reference this software solely to12:44
lekernelassist in developing and testing your own software and hardware for12:44
lekernelthe Microsoft eMIPS platform. You may not distribute this software12:44
lekernelin source or object form for commercial purposes under any circumstances.12:45
FallenouToo bad they do such a work and then put a crappy license that makes it non usuable12:48
scrts`but it is available to buy?12:48
Fallenouseems like research stuff12:49
Fallenoumaybe one day12:49
lekernel"if you sue anyone over patents that you think may apply to12:49
lekernel    the Software for a person's use of the Software, your license to12:49
lekernel    the Software ends automatically."12:49
FallenouI don't even understand this sentence12:50
wolfspraulthat sounds like a legal trick to stop someone from claiming patent infringement12:51
wolfspraula hardcore patent lawyer will probably not be worried, but who knows, I'm sure ms legal team also spent some time on this12:51
wolfspraulif you don't have a license, you cannot demonstrate the infringement :-)12:52
lekernelhehe, if this works, open hardware licenses should have that too12:53
terpstramwalle, how do i get the openocd to startup in a valid state?15:09
terpstrathis openocd project is a mess :-/16:02
terpstrathe debug rom for the lm32 is quite nice, though16:02
terpstramaybe just write a new tool to talk to it instead of trying to fix openocd16:02
lekernelI have never touched openocd but it seems to be the de-facto "standard" for embedded debuggers16:07
terpstrait can't even maintain sync with gdb!16:07
terpstracomparing it to the grmon tool for the leon3 is laughable.16:07
lekernelwhich, unfortunately, does not mean it's technically good16:07
terpstrait nicely led me to libftdi, however.16:13
wpwrak(openocd) yeah, at openmoko it was also often a source of trouble, or at least an eager participant in trouble. i think one big problem is weak error recovery, so the daemon is often quite short-lived ...16:51
lekerneldamn, handling relatively complex and big databases structures in C is such a tar pit...16:51
terpstrai am thinking of a nice c++ library that does this properly16:52
terpstrait's not like jtag is a complex protocol!16:52
lekernelit's for representing the FPGA structure16:52
terpstraopenocd also has a 'tar pit' of a database ;)16:53
lekernelwe're dealing with multi-gigabyte text dumps to parse, and the resulting representation should enable relatively fast place and route algorithms to be made16:53
lekernelalso, said text dumps have the peculiarity to refer to the same wire with a different name depending on what area of the fpga it is crossing, which adds to the mess16:56
larscwpwrak: i think openocd has been rewritten several times since the ancient openmoko days ;)16:59
wpwraklarsc: oh, interesting :)17:02
larscat least all the configs don't work anymore17:06
wpwraklarsc: a sure sign of progress ;-))17:07
mwalleterpstra: yeah openocd is a mess :) thats one reason i'm not very motivated to develop the lm32 port for openocd19:04
mwalleand you still see its roots in being an arm debugging tool, there are still hardcoded opcodes in some files (like the flash subsystem)19:05
kristianpaulmwalle: what about urjtag? i guess it can be use it for something else than flashing mm1 with fjmem19:08
mwalleyeah flashing but not debugging19:09
kristianpaulah :/19:09
mwalleterpstra: "target reset halt", "target reset run" should work, you could try the lowlevel functions, "lm32 dp .." and "lm32 juart .." too19:22
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