#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-02-26

kristianpaulMilkmist processing station :-), Actually i always see this art-related guys with all his beauty stuff, graphs and sensors, at the end the laptop or PC. I think is a similiar situation as in VJ..00:54
rohhm. mm buttonboards?01:11
rohsomebody really wants that?01:11
rohcan do that, too ;) https://m21.hyte.de/blog/buttonbox01:11
kristianpaulroh: do the usb driver first :-) so you can sell it more easilly01:17
kristianpaulroh: if you can fab a full piano keyboard with MIDI interface i will be the same buying one :-)01:20
rohkristianpaul: its only a case with a minimal avr setup running obdev01:22
rohits a usb-hid keyboard, so no drivers neccessary01:23
rohi havent built buttons.. but if somebody finds a piano-keyboard mechanics we can buy/use..01:23
rohi havent done anything with midi yet, but doesnt sound that impossible01:24
wpwraklekernel: (keith's talk) nice, thanks. the technology looks good. i just hope they figure out a way to send window buffers over the network, not just entire desktops (or resort to depending on client/server applications)02:48
kristianpaulhmm... with mili seconds delays i see it hard now..02:51
kristianpaulwpwrak: ssh -Y host ? :-)02:51
wpwrakkristianpaul: that actually exists ;-)02:54
kristianpaulwpwrak: oh, sure i use it all days12:24
wpwrakkristianpaul: ah, good. i thought you may have meant ssh -"X+1" ;-)12:36
lekernelat first sight they have relatively serious stuff there16:46
lekernelat least, wrt technical qualities16:47
kristianpaulah, new website look :-)16:53
kristianpaulhehe coregen...17:02
lekernelyeah I'm seeing this17:03
lekernelthey should use milkymist cores and llhdl ;)17:03
lekerneli'll add them to my llhdl announcement spam-list17:04
kristianpaul"Embrace them, educate them, and the Arduino will no longer be their only tool.", hehe yeah18:39
lekernelwell, I don't know18:56
lekernelwhat will be interesting is to see whether this happens or not :)18:57
lekernelif you want to make interesting things, difficulty is unavoidable. if those people are too lazy to solder an atmega on breadboard, well...18:58
wpwrakit's a bit silly to try to kill the arduino19:46
lekernelisn't hackaday a bit silly anyway? :)19:47
wpwrakfight with your brother to death for a slice of bread, while the guys next door are having lavish ten-course banquets ?19:47
wpwrak(hackaday) yeah, seems to be :)19:47
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