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wpwrakFallenou: kewl. and they require a license agreement for the work-around :)00:12
lekernelFallenou: DMA packet on the stack #é!!: "{00:52
lekernelno wonder ethernet crashes so much00:53
lekernelI guess I'll need to completely rewrite that fucking driver if I want it to work. sigh.00:54
adamw_lekernel, interesting thing: Do you remember Uwe Bonnes's llbbc board? It comes with the same idea with our emails about using PROGRAM_B & FLASH_RESET_N as AND gate's inputs, then AND's output connects to flash reset pin.08:23
adamw_the AND gate is acted exactly with two equivalent diodes inside a gate. hmm..i should study more details. :-)08:26
Fallenoulekernel: yes I saw the e-mail10:24
Fallenoushame on me10:24
FallenouI'm changing that today10:24
Fallenoulekernel:  fixed pushed11:02
CIA-94rtems-milkymist: Yann Sionneau master * r459b785 / c/src/lib/libbsp/lm32/shared/milkymist_networking/network.c : fixed dma txbuffer allocated on the stack - http://bit.ly/gbfm2r11:02
Fallenoukristianpaul: can you pull from rtems-milkymist , compile and test again to see if rx fifo overflow is still there ? :)11:03
lekernelanyone has still an ISE 11.x install here?11:38
lekernelwolfspraul: are the assembled MM1s (with case) shippable now?14:02
wolfspraulha, just about to send an email14:08
wolfspraulI will not change to shipping assembled units, I will just add the unassembled case kit into the box for now14:08
wolfspraulthe reason is that we only have a handful left anyway, and most likely the people buying now won't mind having to follow the assembly instructions14:09
wolfspraulif I switch to fully assembled product, I have to make a new box and label, which I will do but there is no point in rushing it now14:10
kristianpaulFallenou: damm not now, i mean i can but i dont have a MM1 with me at work, but i'll do it tonight14:10
kristianpaulactually i'm eading you mail in the rtmes ML now ;-)14:11
Fallenouok :p14:20
Fallenougreat keep me informed of how the test are going14:20
lekernelhi eolson, welcome20:32
lekernelnice to see ANL people here :)20:33
lekernelold school FPGA :)21:07
lekernelxc4010... I bet the DRAM controller would fill one21:07
CIA-94milkymist: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * ra20c740 / software/libbase/blockdev.c : Memory card R2 response is only 17 bytes long, thanks Michael Walle for pointing that out - http://bit.ly/gIm02u21:52
CIA-94rtems-milkymist: Sebastien Bourdeauducq master * ra8a908e / c/src/lib/libbsp/lm32/shared/milkymist_memcard/memcard.c : Memory card R2 response is only 17 bytes long, thanks Michael Walle for pointing that out - http://bit.ly/hjni0x22:04
Fallenoukristianpaul: any luck with the network driver ?22:09
kristianpaulFallenou: is GMT -5 here, sorry22:10
kristianpauli still at work..22:10
kristianpaul80Km from home22:10
kristianpaulby then milkymist22:10
Fallenouoh ok :p22:11
kristianpaulFallenou: yeah i feel sorry our time difference is not good for this tests.22:29
kristianpaulBut tomorrow i dont have to work so i can be all day at home doing my personal stuff more freely  :-)22:29
Fallenoutomorrow and this week-end I won't have much time for hacking22:31
Fallenoumy girl friend come in london to see me and visit :)22:31
Fallenoubut don't feel sorry, you use your precious time to help22:32
kristianpaulFallenou: is your fix  about  the DMA thing?22:32
kristianpaulI dint check the diffs.. long time, lots of mails to answer..22:32
Fallenouas long as we can tests and leave messages here it's good :)22:32
Action: kristianpaul free of compromises22:32
kristianpaulsure, as always22:32
kristianpaulI'll repeat test, publish captures and logs22:33
Fallenougreat, awesome !22:33
FallenouI had dma problems too at work today :p22:34
kristianpaulFallenou: btw let said i have a custom milkyist core, it is already maped on memory of course, do i need a driver or i can map it directly on rtems?22:34
FallenouI am doing some DMA with a pic3222:34
kristianpaulpic32, nice22:34
Fallenouif you just want to write/read to your registers22:34
Fallenouyou can do it in an application22:34
Fallenouno need for driver22:34
kristianpaulI works with pics since school, but just up 16bits..22:34
Fallenoubut writting a driver is cleaner :)22:34
kristianpaulsure :-)22:35
Fallenoubut for tests, a little app is enough22:35
Fallenouit's like the bios :)22:35
kristianpaulwell bios dont have yaffs supports, i need dump content somwhere..22:35
kristianpauland read it later, no matter if ethernet dint work, or SD bug, i need read it back at the end..22:36
Fallenousure use rtems capabilities22:36
kristianpaulhey mwalle22:36
Fallenouhi mwalle :)22:36
Fallenouyou flood my mailbox with patches that's great mwalle :D22:36
mwallelarsc: i've create a uclibc repo, uploaded the toolchain patches to the mm wiki and posted some patches to the ML22:36
mwalleFallenou: :b22:37
lekernelok, let's try bisecting that gcc 4.6 bug now...22:38
Action: lekernel is unstacking a heap of small tasks that have been around for too long22:38
larscmwalle: great, thanks :)22:40
kristianpaullekernel: hey, thanks for the SD fix, i-ll try  later too :-)22:41
Fallenouahah you have two fixes to test22:43
Fallenouhappy ? :p22:44
mwallekristianpaul: keep in mind that this probably won't fix the flooding when no sd card image is provided22:46
kristianpaulmwalle: k22:48
Fallenoukristianpaul: how did you create the yaffs filesystem on the sd card ?23:29
Fallenouor is it another file system to use ?23:29
FallenouI don't think my ubuntu has support for yaffs223:30
lekernelit's probably another fs, it would be pretty hard to use yaffs on a sd card23:30
lekernelyaffs uses out-of-band NAND data - getting it to work with memories without OOB (like NOR) requires a bit of coding23:31
Fallenouoh ok I mixed up23:31
Fallenouwhat file system do I have to use on the file I give to qemu -sdcard ?23:31
Fallenoufat32 ?23:31
lekernelthe NOR image would indeed be YAFFS2, but right now there is no way to create such an image externally23:32
Fallenouit looks like there is some doc about how to integrate yaffs2 on linux 2.6 kernel23:33
lekernelyeah, but you'd run into the OOB data problem when trying to use a normal image23:33
Fallenouso the fs  is created at boot time ?23:34
lekernelthe FS port I did for RTEMS moves the OOB data in-band23:34
lekernelyou'd need to use the same OOB data layout in Linux to get that to work23:35
lekernelneeds a bit of coding23:35
Fallenouhum ok23:35
Fallenouso it's a special version you have in rtems23:35
Fallenouyou put the signaling with the data23:36
lekernelthe yaffs core passes two pointers to the read/write functions, one is for normal data and the other for oob23:36
lekernelso you can mix the two without hacking all over the yaffs2 code23:36
Fallenouhum I did a mkfs.vfat on my sdcard file23:38
Fallenoumounted it via -o loop23:38
Fallenouput a file on it23:38
Fallenoubooted qemu with -sdcard myfile23:38
Fallenou(after unmounting it23:38
Fallenouwhere should I see it in rtems ?23:39
Fallenouthe /flash only contains lost+found23:39
lekernelthis folder is always present on yaffs, even with a blank flash23:42
lekernelthe memory card is mounted in /memcard23:43
lekernelit should have a partition table too23:43
lekernelyou'll probably need to mess a bit with fdisk and dd to generate an image that has both a partition table and a filesystem23:43
Fallenouhum yes ok i just did a partition but no partition table23:45
Fallenouhumm sending files via ftp from ubuntu to rtems sucks :(23:45
lekernelor you could mount it without a partition table, using the rtems shell23:45
Fallenoubut the other way it works23:45
lekernelbut it won't be automounted23:45
Fallenouoh !23:46
FallenouI can do that23:46
Fallenoubut which /dev/flash* to use ?23:46
lekernelit's /dev/memcard23:46
lekernel/dev/flash* are the different NOR partitions23:46
Fallenougreat it mounted23:47
Fallenouit has my file on it23:47
Action: Fallenou downloading the flickernoise binary from rtems 23:49
Fallenouvia ftp23:49
FallenouI will test a md5sum on it after :)23:49
Fallenoutransfered 9 MB in 47 sec, not really fast for a loopback connexion :'23:49
Fallenounot the same md5sum23:50
Action: Fallenou tries again with a smaller file23:52
lekernelif it's for testing ftp, you can try the ramdisk23:52
Fallenouhow can I umount /mnt ?23:53
Fallenouoh ok it's unmount23:53
lekernelit removes the memory card related sources of potential data corruption23:53
Fallenouok i've done the same on a small 10 Ko file the md5sum is the same23:57
lekernelreminds me of my multi-dozen-terabyte memory controller testing fun :)23:59
Fallenoui'm not at multi dozen terabyte :p23:59
Fallenouonly a few kilobytes :'23:59
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