#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-02-22

wpwrakArhuaco: heya ! how's life in brazil ?00:06
ArhuacoHey wpwrak, it's going well :-) Getting used to it this year...00:07
wpwrakFallenou: also deletion of segments could be a little smarter. i do a lot of manual routing, and the process of dismantling and reconstructing traces is a bit awkward.00:07
Fallenouyes =(00:08
wpwrakArhuaco: great ! probably having warmer weather than in bogota, too :)00:08
Arhuacowpwrak: Yup, it's summer now. I like the cold weather of Bogotá but I'm liking it here also. It's not as hot as in Santa Marta and I get to have colder days for some months.00:09
wpwrakArhuaco: and the fish population in colombian waters will be happy about your absence, too ;-)00:11
wpwrakprobably lots of sightings of flying fish now - they're celebrating :)00:11
Arhuacowpwrak: I guess so. I get a lot of fish here BTW, so somebody must have noticed the change already.00:12
wpwrakArhuaco: yeah, whenever there's some news about a mass extinction of maritime life of unprecedented magnitude, one should check your whereabouts first, before blaming pollution or climate change :)00:13
ArhuacoI finally turned on my Milkymist. Playing with the RTEMS shell. I'd like to compile and upload a binary.00:13
ArhuacoAs far as I can remember there are no binaries in Rtems, only your APP... But this shell is new to me.00:23
Arhuaco(I only explored the RTEMS API while porting some code)00:23
lekernelyup, this shell cannot load new programs00:28
ArhuacoOh thanks. I just read the useful shell is a new addition.00:29
lekernelcheck out this page: http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flickernoise_build_instructions00:31
ArhuacoThanks lekernel. I'll need to get more hardware before I have more fun with the MM. I don't have a VGA monitor now for instance.00:34
lekernelhow are dumping sites in Brazil btw?00:37
Arhuacolekernel : I have no idea...00:39
lekernelthey're worth being checked out for free VGA CRTs :)00:39
Arhuaco:-) I think I'll get a used one trough Mercadolive (similar to ebay).00:41
rohget a old 15" tft00:59
rohatleast around here they are really cheap (used) since most dont need/want them anymore due to cheap higher-res displays00:59
ArhuacoSure roh. I just remembered I can borrow a monitor at work. I'll try to do that and if it does not work I'll buy a small LCD (I prefer it used because I don't plan to use it a lot). So, I'll get a monitor and build FlickerNoise. I'll be around :-) Bye...01:05
kristianpaullekernel: (blink.v) nice !02:26
adamw_wolfspraul, the pod's changes I'll try to commit by myself on KiCad.:-)03:28
adamw_but after fixing this reset bug.:)03:29
wolfsprauladamw_: good.03:29
wolfspraulhe, it's nice to slowly see more people here.12:58
FallenouI remember when there wasn't even 10 people in here :)13:01
wolfspraulyeah, I forgot when I became a regular but it felt like 12 or so13:01
wolfspraulbut by far it's not enough, we have to kick it alive big time.13:01
wolfspraulwe need hdl contributors, hardware hackers, creative people using it for performances, interested foss pioneers, etc.13:02
wolfspraula lot of work :-)13:02
Fallenousure !13:03
lekernelgbraad: happy birthday :)14:36
kristianpaullekernel: hola :-)14:37
kristianpaulI'm about to get the video camera with composite out14:37
kristianpaulWhat patches do support video in?14:38
lekernelgrep for video_a14:38
kristianpaulAlso MIDI maybe?...14:38
lekernelor add that parameter yourself to other patches :)14:38
kristianpaulis not for me, well,i met a guy is interested on milymist14:39
kristianpaulhe is creative, art, music involved14:39
kristianpaulso is _really_ interested i doing some fun with milkymist14:40
kristianpaulthanks lekernel14:41
lekernelmidi is only for patch switching14:42
lekernel(as of now)14:43
kristianpaulwhat it  patch switching?14:45
kristianpaulI was imaging a piano interface or something ;-)14:46
lekernelurgh: http://www.milkymist.org/llhdl/blinker.pdf17:29
lekernelthat's from https://github.com/lekernel/llhdl/blob/master/designs/blinker/blinker.v17:29
lekerneland the xst netlist is only a few dozen blocks less...17:29
rohlekernel: hm. my pdf viewer just OOMed17:35
kristianpaulFallenou: rtems is compatible with most of the Unix System Calls?19:28
Fallenouposix ones19:29
Fallenoulike recv send() read write open close and stuff19:29
Fallenouposix stuff19:29
FallenouI don't know about the underlying system calls19:29
Fallenoubut the high level posix stuff seems to be there :)19:29
kristianpaullekernel: (grep for video_a) hey, you just could said, i only made one patch ;-)19:31
Fallenoumwalle: do you know why my mouse is crazy in qemu running flickernoise ?22:56
Fallenouoh maybe this22:56
Action: Fallenou tries22:56
Fallenouhumm it is still weird, but it is much more usuable, it helped22:57
Fallenoubut it is still not perfect22:58
lekernelhaha, of course copy and paste doesn't work between fpga editor and other apps...23:20
lekernelx11, motif and broken apps pleasures...23:20
Fallenoulekernel: do you have spare M1 RC1 that I could use to debug ethernet driver ?23:33
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