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Action: kristianpaul never watches a battelstar galactica i should some day00:00
kristianpaullive is week :-)00:00
FallenouI go to sleep late during the week00:00
Fallenouon Friday i am tired00:00
kristianpaulAt what time you wake up and go sleep during week?00:01
Fallenouhumm waking up at like 8h3000:02
Fallenouand go to sleep at 1 or 1h"000:02
kristianpaul7hrs sleep is good :-)00:03
Fallenouwell not enough for me :)00:04
Fallenouhumm rtems manual seems outdated about rtems configuration struct00:06
Fallenoueven on 4.10.0 branch00:07
kristianpaulhe, yeah i have same on pdf..00:07
Fallenourtems doc is really not up to date usually00:08
Fallenouthat's really too bad !00:08
kristianpaulyeah, considering you'were in gsoc ;-)00:08
kristianpaulI wonder if you had to dig code to get answers from time to time?00:09
Fallenouooooh yes00:10
Fallenoumore than you would think :')00:10
Fallenouthere is nothing more up to date than the code ;)00:10
kristianpaulBut well, doc is important..00:11
Action: kristianpaul waits ack-grep 00:11
Fallenousure it is00:12
Action: kristianpaul uploading a 18Mb tarball to /flash01:48
kristianpauland crashed...01:48
kristianpaulafter 8 fifo overflow messages01:49
Fallenouoh :(01:49
Fallenouso you reduced the speed kristianpaul ?01:50
kristianpaulnot yet01:52
kristianpaulbut good news i send all patches and no crash or overflow !01:52
Action: kristianpaul try now at 10M ful duplex01:53
Action: Fallenou crosses fingers01:54
kristianpaulargg i set eth0 to 10 and it again get back to 100...01:58
kristianpaulI did ethtool -s eth0 speed 10 duplex half01:58
kristianpaulFallenou: sure i dont need 10M support in rtems side first?02:00
Fallenouthe negociation is done by the phy i think02:00
Fallenourtems does not know about it02:00
kristianpaulha !02:01
Fallenoubtw if the linux says "i cannot got faster than 10M"02:01
Fallenouthe other end HAS to say "well ok"02:01
kristianpaulnot my case02:01
kristianpaullet me check02:01
kristianpaulbut is fun the eth in mm1 just start blinking every second (both greed and orange leds)02:02
kristianpaulSo i guess who is refusing this changes ;-)02:02
Fallenoui don't know the exact signification of the blinkings02:03
Fallenoudo you ?02:03
kristianpaulhehe i do02:03
kristianpauli'm forcing the ethtool here02:03
kristianpaulwith a bash script02:04
kristianpaulbut no, mm1 cant talk at 10M... i need read more02:04
Fallenouhumm maybe there is some MII register that is forcing negociation at 10002:04
Fallenoudon't know02:04
Fallenouwe would have to ask lek02:04
kristianpaulplease connect !02:05
kristianpaulhmm i dont see that in the doc..02:06
Fallenoui know there is some setup done for mii02:07
Action: kristianpaul looks for RXD202:20
Fallenousome mdio stuff maybe02:24
kristianpaulah but SDIO is handled by software..02:31
kristianpauli think02:31
kristianpaullet check bios02:31
kristianpaulis slow this  but i dint break..02:37
kristianpauljust two fifo messages02:37
kristianpaul8556788 bytes transfered in 65.4 seconds (130777 bytes/s)02:38
kristianpaulnot bad Fallenou02:38
kristianpauli'll asume that last fix you did helped ;-)02:38
Fallenoukristianpaul: great :)02:44
Fallenouthat would have surprised me if it didn't change anything02:44
Fallenoui guess i still need to make the driver more efficient to behave well under load02:45
Fallenouso you put it into 10 Mbit kristianpaul ?02:45
Fallenouhow ?02:46
kristianpaulnow i pulling.... but transmision did no started yet... why?ยก.. hmmm02:46
kristianpauluser: foo foo02:46
kristianpaulcd /flash02:46
kristianpaulmput file.pdf02:47
Fallenouyes but the ethernet speed02:47
Fallenouis it 10 Mbit/s ?02:47
Fallenouoh ok02:47
Fallenouhum hum02:47
kristianpauli need to check the biutnaging part for 10Mbits02:47
Fallenoumaybe try again several times02:47
kristianpaulyes sure02:48
kristianpauli need a script :-)02:48
Fallenoucopy pasting commands in telnet ?02:48
kristianpaulno i mean, ftpd is on rtems02:48
kristianpauli'm the client02:48
kristianpauli'm -> laptop02:48
Fallenouftp is cleartext protocol02:48
Fallenouyou can telnet 2102:49
Fallenouthen log in02:49
Fallenouoh but you do mput02:49
Fallenouthought you would get a file02:49
Fallenoumore tricky to send via telnet :)02:49
kristianpauli can cheat this way. i can capture trafic and tcpreplay it later02:50
Fallenouyes maybe02:50
kristianpaulbut i cant see if sucess.. also i guess i need handshake..02:50
Fallenouor juste use filezilla it's quick02:50
kristianpaulno no02:50
kristianpaulX sucks ! remenber ;-)02:50
kristianpaulbash scripr will be enouht02:51
kristianpaulhey !, the pushing never started02:51
kristianpaulmay be too big??02:51
kristianpauli still saying: 110 Opening BINARY mode data conection..02:52
kristianpauli'll try with 5Mb02:52
kristianpaulbut wait, i'm erasing flash again, just in case got corrupte when the 18Mb file crash..02:56
kristianpaulhmm no...03:03
kristianpaullets try 1mb..03:03
Fallenougotta go to sleep !03:07
Fallenougood luck with the tests !03:07
kristianpaulnooo noo... 1mb and get still Opening...03:10
kristianpaulhhehe i'll di ttcp now from mm1 to latop and confirm some discoveries..03:11
kristianpaulFallenou: please asap try ttcp from mm1 to laptop/or equivalent03:28
Action: kristianpaul sleepy03:29
kristianpaulFallenou: http://paste.debian.net/108142/ :'(03:41
wpwrakwow, ttcp has gotten fat. sttaistics used to be a one liner ;-)16:16
lekernelchar* * * * * * :)17:05
kristianpaulwpwrak: there is also a verbose option !17:35
Action: kristianpaul waiting Fallenou feedback17:35
wpwraklekernel: this needs a C syntax extension: char 6*  ;-)17:36
kristianpaullekernel: http://kristianpaul.org/gallery/mm1%20case/19:07
kristianpaulnow i need find a workaroun to plug the jtag-serial pod again...19:08
lekernelyeah, there are "pointing up" USB cables19:08
lekernelI posted a link to the qi hardware wiki19:08
kristianpaulhmm, wich article?19:09
lekernel"pointing up" right angle cable, like http://ntcdistributing.com/images/UH2-2MBR02-12large.jpg19:10
kristianpaulbut it still needa hole, or the plan is just remove the top acrylic part?19:11
lekerneljust remove the top acrylic19:12
kristianpauli'll remove the video in/lad/dc in side for now..19:12
Action: kristianpaul thinking about drilling later19:12
lekernelyeah, that's a solution too19:13
kristianpaullekernel: btw in wich part of bios you define the 100Mbps for minimac? or better question, where is stored the "Basic Status Register" to set in the PHY?19:23
lekernelthe phy has default correct values, and I did not need to spend time on changing them19:24
lekernelthe mdio bit banging functions also have some bugs you might need to track19:24
kristianpaulbut there is a "facility" to oeverwrite it by software just in case19:25
kristianpaulahh bugs.. :-)19:25
lekernelyeah, but it's buggy19:25
lekernelthough it serves its purpose of testing the PCBs19:25
kristianpaulyeah, i saw your comments about metastabillity there ;-)19:25
lekernelit has nothing to do with metastability, just software not doing the bit banging correctly19:25
kristianpaulah ok19:26
kristianpaulsoftware you mean the bios? or it should be supported by rtems driver?..19:26
lekernelall software using libnet19:27
lekernelso bios + demo and not rtems19:27
lekernelthere isn't any mdio implementation in the rtems driver yet19:27
lekernelfeel free to contribute one...19:27
kristianpaulsure :-)19:27
lekerneland fix the one in libnet19:28
kristianpaulI need ethernet19:28
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