#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-02-16

kristianpaulFallenou: u were right about comma, sorry04:07
Action: kristianpaul undo the troubles caused by binfmt for lm32...04:39
Action: kristianpaul and got freetype to compile..04:39
kristianpaulok, back to normal, well mupdf dint compile.. but my flicernise with no pdf support is okay04:46
kristianpaulFallenou: http://paste.debian.net/107783/, when you able, tell your results with mupdf04:46
Action: kristianpaul Zzz04:46
Fallenoulekernel: kristianpaul  : cannot get mupdf to link14:03
FallenouI git weird messages14:03
Fallenouthe lm32 toolchain cannot find -lfreetype -ljbig2dec -lopenjpeg -ljpeg and -lz14:03
kristianpaulyeah !14:04
kristianpaulsame here14:04
Fallenoueven if it is in $RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH/lib14:04
kristianpaullekernel: ^^^^14:04
kristianpaulyes thats weird..14:04
Fallenouand the variable correctly set and so on14:04
kristianpaulexactly !14:04
lekernelthere's nothing to link with mupdf, it's a static library only14:06
FallenouI am just following what's in the wiki14:07
kristianpaulme too14:07
Fallenouand actually it is trying to link cmapdump14:08
Fallenouthe line before the errors is14:08
FallenouLD build/release/cmapdump14:08
lekerneliirc cmapdump should be compiled with your *native* toolchain14:08
Fallenouyes I thought I did14:09
FallenouI will check why it is not done14:09
lekernelso the Makefile should not touch it again14:09
lekernelmupdf isn't made for cross compiling, so you need a bit of hand-tweaking14:09
kristianpaulharcode Makefile !14:09
lekernelfor example compile the code generation tools manually before... then the makefile should think they're up to date and not touch them anymore14:10
lekernelif you can't get that to work,remove the rules in the makefile14:10
Fallenouok it works now14:10
Fallenouthere seem to be a command order issue14:10
Fallenousince I am sure I did the gcc -o stuff before14:10
Fallenousomehow I had to do it after compilation fails14:10
Fallenouand then retry to compile14:10
Fallenouit's fixed for me14:11
FallenouI will try to find out the real command order and update the wiki14:11
kristianpaullet me check14:11
Fallenoukristianpaul: when the make build=release fails, just do again the two gcc -o commands14:12
Fallenouand then again make build=release .........14:12
Fallenouworked for me14:12
kristianpaullet see14:14
Fallenouok flickernoise compiles and links without any error14:15
Fallenoulet's try it with qemu14:15
kristianpaulcmapdump: could not open output file 'build/generated/cmap_unicode.c'14:15
Action: kristianpaul trying agin14:16
lekernelFallenou: so, works?14:18
Fallenouyes but not if you just follow exactly the tutorial14:19
Fallenouthe tutorial needs a little modification14:19
FallenouI think14:19
FallenouI will try again later14:19
lekernelFallenou: btw, have you used svn bisect already?14:20
lekernelwe need to fix that damn gcc 4.6 bug14:21
Fallenoulekernel: never used svn bisect14:21
Fallenoubut used git bisect14:21
Fallenouto spot a problem in rtems14:21
lekernelok, that's what I feared14:21
Fallenouand it works damn well14:21
lekernelyeah, git tools usually work well14:21
lekernelsvn tools don't14:21
FallenouI try as much as I can to stay away from svn and cvs14:22
lekerneliirc there's an unofficial git mirror of the gcc svn, maybe i'll try with that instead of messing with svn14:22
Fallenouhum there is a missing line too in qemu wiki14:23
Fallenoushould add git pull origin milkymist:milkymist14:23
Fallenouright after the clone14:23
Fallenouto get the milkymist branch14:23
Fallenouby default a simple git clone just pulls the master branch14:23
Fallenouon which there is no milkymist file14:24
lekernelyeah or just git checkout milkymist14:24
Fallenoulekernel: when starting flickernoise under qemu14:40
FallenouI have infinite loop with "milkymist_memcard: read more cmd bytes than available.14:40
Fallenouand nothing shows up, the screen stays black14:40
lekernelobviously, it's a problem with the memory card emulation14:41
lekerneltry disabling it14:41
lekernelor fixing the driver (mwalle posted about the problem on the mailing list a while ago)14:42
kristianpaulFallenou: whicj version of mupdf r u using?14:58
Fallenouthe one in milkymist wiki14:58
kristianpaulthe file build/generated/cmap_unicode.c is in your side?14:59
Fallenoui'm sorry what ?15:00
kristianpauls/side/mupdf folder15:00
kristianpaulthats my build log http://paste.debian.net/107833/15:00
FallenouI closed my virtual machine :x15:00
kristianpaularg !15:00
Fallenoubut I used the one in the wiki15:01
Fallenourm -rf your folder and try again15:01
kristianpaulhehe i did that alredy15:01
Fallenouoh :(15:01
kristianpaullets said is gnu tools fault for now ;-)15:04
kristianpaulbut i noticed i got same error with make build=release ... even if i dont do the gcc -o ... before15:05
kristianpaulFallenou: my faultagain :( i forgot created the build/generated folder..15:11
kristianpaulIt is okay now15:12
Fallenouah yes I had to create it too15:17
rejonlekernel where did we put that gsoc app?18:38
rejonfrom last year18:38
rejondid they announce that yet?18:38
rejonshould get that underway18:38
lekernelwell it's pretty outdated now18:38
rejonwas it on a wiki?18:38
lekernelyes, second18:39
rejoni'm more focused now on this...b4 was juggling statusnet massively18:39
rejonwhat are top three things milkymist needs?18:39
lekernelsince then, the software situation has changed a lot though18:40
rejonbut just off the top of your head?18:40
rejon(i'm writing an email)18:40
lekernelfirst, you can add the linux port (drivers and so)... since I'm not sure about how this will work, let's put a non critical task :)18:41
rejonyeah, agree...gsoc is for nice features, but not critical tasks18:41
lekernelthen research on multitouch interfaces... but I'm not sure if and how this could really be part of gsoc18:42
lekernelprobably not a good idea (needs expensive hardware at the student side)18:43
rejonyeah, seems like a separate project18:43
rejona cool controller would be nice18:43
lekernelah, got an idea18:43
lekernelimplement on-video controls into flickernoise18:44
rejondid you see this btw? http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/07/aurora-opensource-music-c.html18:44
lekernelie like in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lrm0QDbRAc18:44
lekernelno, I don't read makezine, too much crap gets posted there18:44
rejonyeah, but that is cool controller18:45
lekernelthen implement upgrade over the internet in flickernoise18:45
rejonfine: http://www.auroramixer.com/media.html18:45
lekernelas well as a "patch store" i.e. a simple online interface, accessible from the M1, where people can browse and upload patches18:45
rejonthat is cool18:46
rejoni wonder how we could get that patch store done?18:46
lekernelwell it's pretty easy... one part of web and one part of C :)18:46
lekernelthere's already unix-like tcp/ip networking available on the board18:46
lekernelwith the BSD stack18:46
lekernelthe patch store should give the option to the user to try the proposed patches with a single click18:47
lekerneland then download them with another click18:47
lekernelah, we'll need a filemanager too... unfortunately we can't re-use one since they all need X11 or other crazy libraries18:48
lekernelthough it's a rather critical task (atm there's no possibility to delete or rename files in the GUI for example) so I'm not really sure it's fit for gsoc18:48
lekernelbut you can still add in the task list, we'll see18:49
rejonyes, totally18:51
rejonwhat about fixes on the board18:51
lekerneleverything should be fine with the board now18:51
lekernelthe fpga design still has a few issues with USB, but it's a super crappy job and also needs some hardware18:53
lekerneloh, you can still also add one task to implement OHCI into the USB controller18:53
lekernelsame with linux, it would be nice to have (enables a lot of devices and stuff to be supported) but non-critical18:54
lekernelso what I see:18:54
lekernel1. Linux port (device drivers)18:54
lekernel2. patch store + online upgrade18:55
lekernel3. on-video controls18:55
lekernel4. file manager18:55
lekernel5. ohci18:55
lekernelalso, maybe LM32 MMU, but I doubt there are many motivated and competent people for that18:57
lekernelwhat? :)19:01
lekernelevery geek is asking about it, but no one fucking does it19:01
kristianpaulask != need19:02
lekerneloh, totally, it's a non-critical task for me :)19:04
lekernelthat's why it might belong in gsoc19:04
rejonok cool19:10
kristianpaulah,so gcc is critical for you now :-)19:26
kristianpauleventought you should consider it for gsoc i think.19:26
rejonlekernel can you update http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/ to use cc by-sa 3.021:10
lekernelit's already cc by sa21:11
rejoni only see GFDL at the bottom of the wiki21:11
lekernelContent is available under GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 and CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported.21:11
rejonoh, the button isn't on the page21:11
rejonlekernel you have moderation on on that wiki21:13
lekernelwhat's that21:14
rejoni register no remail, no login21:14
rejoni registered (i can't believe i asn't b4)21:14
lekernelI have simply disabled account creation, because spam bots and mediawiki's complete suckiness in dealing with them makes it impossible21:14
lekerneliirc you already have an account21:15
lekernelseriously, mediawiki doesn't even let you delete an account and revoke all its edits...21:16
rejonok, yep21:16
mwalleFallenou: you have to supply a sd card image, eg -sd <img filename>21:16
lekerneland doesn't even ship with a captcha by default, which you have to painfully patch in manually21:16
lekernelhow ridiculous...21:16
rejonfuckin ridiculus21:17
mwalleFallenou: at least as a workaround until i'm pushing the fix ;)21:17
lekernelmwalle: larsc: any task you'd like to see in gsoc? (if the gsoc thing happens at all)21:18
Fallenouok thanks mwalle :)21:19
mwallelekernel: mh no good idea atm, beside the already mentioned linux port21:20
mwalleFallenou: of course you have to create that image first :) just use dd and your desired size21:21
Fallenouyes sure I gues whatever empty file created by dd if=/dev/zero will be good ?21:22
Fallenouor do I have to format it ?21:22
mwalleFallenou: empty file is enough21:22
Fallenouok thanks21:23
Action: Fallenou just transfered 30 MB file without rx fifo overflow on qemu21:23
Action: Fallenou will try tcp ping as kristianpaul suggested21:23
lekernelFallenou: the rx fifo overflow problem can't happen on QEMU21:24
lekernelthere's simply no RX fifo on QEMU :)21:24
lekernel(as far as I know)21:24
Fallenouyes that's what I guess too :/21:25
lekernelit could also be a hardware issue, though it shouldn't cause any software crash when it happens and only cause a few packets lost21:25
Fallenouanyway I will try to do the tcp ping anyway21:25
Fallenouerr ttcp*21:25
Fallenouto see what happens :)21:26
lekernelbtw the rx buffer size problems could explain a lot of the troubles we've had21:26
FallenouI think21:27
Fallenoubut kristianpaul said the buffer overflow keeps happening21:27
Fallenoueven with this fix21:27
Fallenouso there is another problem21:27
FallenouI will try to do what you said21:27
Fallenoua pool of buffer21:28
larscmaybe i'm missing something, but isn't the overflow the result of data being send faster then it can be processed?21:35
lekernelit can be either21:36
lekernel1. data within a packet received faster than the DMA master can write them to memory21:36
lekernelwhich would have to be fixed in hardware21:37
lekernel2. any hardware bug, e.g. not taking the DMA address of another loaded slot21:37
lekernel3. software not refilling slots fast enough21:38
lekernelin either case, the board should not crash, only lose packets21:38
larscbut it crashes?21:38
lekernelunless the DMA engine goes berserk and corrupts memory, but I don't think that's very likely21:38
lekernelit used to21:39
lekernelbut Fallenou recently spotted a RX buffer that wasn't large enough to hold complete packets, which is a nice candidates for the crashes21:39
lekernelI have not tested since then21:39
Fallenoubut you do NFS and network boot don't you ?21:44
lekernelyeah, but I have not done so since you patched the buffer size21:46
Fallenouand it used to crash sometime ? just by doing NFS and network boot ?21:48
lekernelit crashed all the time... sometimes only the broadcasts when on a shared ethernet network locked it up21:49
Fallenouoh ok21:51
Fallenouso you will clearly be able to see if there is an amelioration or not21:52
Fallenouthat's good to know :)21:53
Action: Fallenou just did a ttcp test between his ubuntu VM and milkymist bsp22:34
FallenouI got 2,111 Mo/sec22:34
Fallenounot very fast :o22:34
rejonok updated22:47
rejonand I emailed my google contacts to let them know we are applying22:47
rejoncanvassing this shit22:47
rejoncan you please update22:47
rejonemailed the list22:49
lekernelah, new feature: i18n22:52
lekernelcan translating software (and implementing language switching code) count as a gsoc project?22:58
Fallenourejon: maybe rename the page23:05
Fallenou(and put an auto forward)23:06
lekernelit's done23:06
Fallenouoh ok23:06
rejoni did23:08
rejonlekernel i think that is too easy23:09
rejonif you can obfuscate that a bit more, yet!23:09
lekernelbtw anyone get what the heck this is about? https://github.com/opencpi/opencpi23:44
Fallenouanother RTOS ?23:50
Fallenouor RT middleware23:50
Action: Fallenou pukes23:53
lekernelsounds like Java for electronics23:53
lekernelwith a touch of cloud computing23:53
Fallenoustop it stop it23:53
Fallenoupleaase stop23:53
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