#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2011-02-10

lekernelnew arm clone: http://opencores.org/project,amber09:28
lekernelof course it's slow, but at least it seems to somewhat work09:30
Fallenoulekernel: let's see how long this one is gonna stay :)14:30
Fallenou(for the arm core)14:30
lekernelimo they could stay indefinitely, worst case by anonymously releasing them14:34
lekernelbut anyway I don't think ARM has any sound legal handle in many parts of the world to shut them down14:34
lekernelit's a lot of intimidation14:35
lekernelwhich is a nice subject to bother ARM employees with btw14:35
Fallenoudon't bother them too much14:36
Fallenouit's not their fault14:36
Fallenouit's more the directors and stuff14:36
Fallenouhi !15:24
lekernelhi mwalle15:36
mwalleoh, memcard is broken when no -sd parameter is supplied ;)17:36
mwallelekernel: there is not detection if a sdcard is inserted, is it?18:16
lekernelno, there isn't18:16
mwalleok then i should probably remove that warning if no sdcard image is available18:17
lekernelthe software just tries to read... and if it gets no replies, it assumes no card18:17
mwallebtw just submitted v2 of my target-lm32 patchset :)18:18
mwalleno replies means all zero?18:18
lekernelwhat changed between v1 and v2?18:18
mwalleminor changes :)18:18
mwallesome tcg ops were replaced with specialized ones18:19
lekernelall 1 iirc18:19
lekernelthere's a pull up on the memory card's command line18:19
lekernelsame with data lines18:19
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