#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-02-08

lekernelkristianpaul: you have not correctly compiled libpng and libz. they're probably for x8603:53
wolfspraullekernel: thanks for sending an old jtag-serial board to adamw_03:57
kristianpaulhow i do unregister the binfmt format ??06:02
kristianpaulThe libpng configure is executing qemu in the check for cross compiling06:03
lekernelmh, i don't remember, you had to write something in the /proc entry06:04
kristianpaullekernel: http://paste.debian.net/106849/06:06
kristianpaulbut flicknoirse i just asking me for mupdf !06:06
kristianpauli find what was wrong in my process with the other libs before, i'll document as soon got flickrnoise to work06:07
kristianpaulok i must leave read in you again in few hours06:07
Action: kristianpaul back10:27
kristianpaultuxbrain_away: nice pics :-)12:42
tuxbrainthanks kristianpaul, we cannot move a lot from our 1m12:44
tuxbrainin the video will be some more of the milkymist demo and the lekernel lowtech hack to obtain a working rca cable :)12:46
tuxbrain(move) so this is only a very tiny part of FOSDEM wich is documented12:47
kristianpaulwee !13:00
kristianpaulflicrnoise compile after disable mupdf support due my previous errors compiling mupdf :/13:01
tuxbrainok now for the TCP/IP stack :P13:13
lekerneltuxbrain: nice article :)13:13
lekernelthe tcp/ip stack is ok, but the ethernet driver needs some rewrite13:14
tuxbrainok then, now for the ethernet driver :P13:15
Action: tuxbrain has wet dreams with a WebM streaming machine :P13:15
Action: lekernel needs to get milkdrop people on board13:19
kristianpaulmilkydrop <-- yeah !13:21
kristianpaulwrt !20:45
kristianpaulqemu-system-lm32: milkymist_memcard: read more cmd bytes than available. Clipping20:45
kristianpauli think mwalle already pointed it20:45
kristianpaulgood, at least my flickernoise booted, but i dint checked the vga out , later will..21:23
kristianpaulnow other custom comand to rtems !21:23
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