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wolfspraullekernel: hi, how was fosdem?06:09
lekernelit was ok...  got about 80 persons at the talk, overall good feedback06:52
lekernelafaik no journalists unfortunately06:53
lekernel(don't ask me about fabricatorz, I don't know where they got that from)06:54
lekernelthe problem at fosdem is the hardware knowledge level seems to be pretty low06:58
lekernelfor one speaker, "programming interrupts is very difficult"06:58
wolfsprauldo you know whether/how many m1 bearstech sold?07:01
lekernelnot yet07:01
lekerneli'll ask07:01
lekernelfrom past experiences at fosdem, it seems they don't sell much stuff07:02
wolfspraullekernel: "Fabricatorz libre design team member Sebastian Bourdeauducq"07:09
wolfspraulI think it's fun, it doesn't matter07:09
wolfspraulyou will get used to inaccurate reporting - this one is probably from Jon talking to a journalist and presenting you like that, or a misunderstanding07:09
wolfspraulit doesn't matter. most important is that they did report, and linked to milkymist.org07:09
lekernelyeah, I guess so07:09
wolfspraulnot sure how many readers they have though07:09
wolfspraulthat's the most important question07:09
lekernelwell at /tmp/lab we had our share of inaccurate reporting too :)07:11
wolfsprauloh sure, it's a total mess07:11
lekernelsometimes with some damage... indeed this one doesn't really matter07:11
wolfspraulonce you've been both behind and in front of a story a few times you stop reading the newspaper entirely07:11
lekernelone of the articles nearly got us evicted07:11
wolfspraulin most cases it's not on purpose, it's just sloppiness/time pressure/badly communicated message/ambiguous wording/etc.07:12
wolfspraulmost people (including us) just talk talk talk. and we don't pause and double-check how our words are understood.07:12
wolfspraulif we do that, sometimes it's surprising to find out how different people understand the very same words we are using every day.07:12
kristianpauldamn slow!! (flterm loading a 2.9Mb binary)08:13
lekernelyeah, use netboot08:14
lekernelthat's what it's for08:14
kristianpaulYah !!!!08:17
kristianpaulLUA BOOOTS !!08:17
kristianpaulIt was easy as lekernel pointed ;-)08:17
kristianpaullekernel: not so big to load after objcopy :p08:18
Action: kristianpaul green08:19
Fallenoucongratulation kristianpaul :)10:31
Fallenouwell done !10:31
kristianpaulwhy it works well on qemu but not in the board..12:48
kristianpaullekernel: I'll fork flicernoise, basically remove mtk and png stuff, and focus on comand line, is okay if i call it "flicerknoise minimal" or just invent other name not related with it to not create confution with the upstream vesion.15:39
kristianpaulFallenou: thanks :-), I'm learning... step by step, next target rtems :-) !15:51
Fallenougood luck :)15:53
Fallenouif you have questions do not hesitate maybe i've already had one of the troubles you may have15:53
kristianpaulmwalle: what's up with micromonitor?17:54
mwallekristianpaul: should be working17:57
kristianpaulmwalle: where is the code?17:58
mwallethere was an issue with flash access and DMA (esp. ethernet) with the real board, but that shoudl be gone with the crossbar switch17:58
mwallekristianpaul: git.serverraum.org17:59
kristianpauli'll checkout, thanks !17:59
kristianpauldamn i need my own git sever..17:59
mwallewhy arent you using github?18:00
kristianpaulI do use github18:00
kristianpaulBut i need a backup ;-)18:00
kristianpaulAnd something running on the server, i must make  worth the investement :-)18:02
mwallelol :)18:02
mwallei have to go, gn818:02
Fallenoukristianpaul: your local copy of the github repo is like a backup :)18:34
kristianpaulFallenou: yes, but is on my desktoo computer, i dont like single point of failure, so i want it on the server too18:42
kristianpaulI may install indefero, i like the project, lets see18:43
Fallenouyou have your desktop and github18:43
Fallenoubut you can make a third one18:43
kristianpauli own a server, yes the third one !18:43
lekernelkristianpaul: the demo firmware is like flickernoise in command line, though it doesn't have the latest renderer features18:58
kristianpaullekernel: but isnt based on rtems? may i right?18:59
lekernelno, it's not using an OS at all18:59
kristianpauli want work with rtems18:59
kristianpaulyaffs2 support i something i value19:00
kristianpaulnot the sd and ethernet bugs, but that is a TODO :-)19:00
kristianpaulto be sincere i dint manage to fully compile flicknoise from scratch, i always get mess when compiling/installinh mtk depences and other libs so i just need yaffs and may be libFPVM19:02
kristianpaulno more :-)19:02
lekernelif all you're say is "i get a mess" we can't really help you19:08
lekernelthey are many dependences, but I don't think they're messy19:08
lekernelI just asked for this: http://www.webmproject.org/hardware/19:09
kristianpaulsure i can ask for help with detailed data, let see if need it, for now i'll skip what i dont need and comment some include and tasks i dont need19:10
lekernel"WebM RTL source code (VHDL or Verilog) is available at no charge." and developed by Google, not some random opencores guy, so there's a chance this would get video decoding to work on mm19:10
lekernelkristianpaul: it'll be faster to fix the dependency problems19:11
kristianpaullekernel: well, right, wait for my building log then ;-)19:11
lekernelsend that to the list, along with specific questions that would help you understand why it didn't work19:13
kristianpaulAnyway is good to have VGA output from time to time :-)19:13
kristianpaulI like pdf thing too19:14
kristianpaulno-cost license but.... non-comercial as well?19:16
tuxbrainwow lekernel implement this on the MM soc can be awesome if license thing is not tainted :)19:17
lekernelkristianpaul: I know nothing more than what is on the website19:18
Action: kristianpaul reading webmproject.org/license/additional/19:18
lekernelisn't that for the software implementation?19:18
kristianpaulbistream then?19:19
kristianpauli got confused when read IP19:19
kristianpaultought ip cores?.. yes u r right19:19
lekernelI don't know19:20
lekernelbitstream is for the generated video files imo19:20
kristianpaulwell, keep us posted !19:22
tuxbrainyep :)19:22
kristianpaulI guess you should sign this? https://code.google.com/intl/es-AR/legal/individual-cla-v1.0.html19:23
lekernelno, that's the contributor agreement19:24
lekernelyou never actually have to sign those19:24
lekernelunless you want to merge stuff upstream, which you aren't forced to do19:24
kristianpaulah, i see19:25
kristianpauloh they use mastroka, interesting19:25
kristianpaulIs the right include folder for rtems/milkymist right?19:47
kristianpaulha, i was using a newer libpng vesion...19:53
kristianpaullekernel: still awake? i need help with LDFLAGS and mupdf it seems http://paste.debian.net/106826/21:08
kristianpaularggg i'm getting simliar error trying to compile flickernoise http://paste.debian.net/106831/21:33
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