#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-02-05

kristianpaulhmm, pixel qi, i knew i had heard qi with other project06:10
zumbihey! sebastian talk at fosdem is going quite great :)11:46
zumbiis he on irc?11:47
Fallenouhe left a few hours ago11:52
Fallenouhis nickname is lekernel11:52
Fallenouthe talk is at 5 PM for Milkymist btw11:52
kristianpaulhola Arhuaco :-)12:45
ArhuacoHello kristianpaul. How's it going?12:46
kristianpaulArhuaco: good, how is your mm1?12:46
kristianpaulI saw from your blog you got the serial-jtag pod12:47
Arhuacokristianpaul: Yes. I need to test it soon. Can I do it without a VGA monitor? I would like to boot RTEMS.12:47
kristianpaulArhuaco: sure12:47
kristianpaulArhuaco: flickernoise use rtems as base os, so you already are running it12:48
Arhuacokristianpaul: Thanks. I'd like to know how to build it and flash it.12:49
kristianpaulThe shell from both bios and flickernoise is accesible by the serial console12:49
kristianpaulflash sure, http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One12:49
kristianpaulYou need to... wolfgang told you about the trim in the jtag-serial port connector on the M1?12:51
Arhuacokristianpaul: No... what's that?12:52
kristianpaulI dont know if this is mandatory, but.. do you already tested the jtag-serial pod?12:52
kristianpaulLet me find the right link12:53
kristianpaulhttp://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/JTAG/Serial_Cable_run_1_for_Milkymist_One <-- [edit] To be fixed/improved12:54
kristianpauli guess is not mandatory it should work as it is12:54
Arhuacokristianpaul: Thanks. I'll save the link. I don't have it at hand at the moment.13:03
kristianpaulArhuaco: I cant resist ask you, what are your plans with the M1, Milkymist, rtems?13:06
Arhuacokristianpaul: That's not a hard question to answer :-) Like to years ago I dreamed with using a FPGA and I'm happy I can have one. I would like to learn how to use JTAG and learn more about the mico32.13:09
Arhuacokristianpaul: "like to" was a mistake, I mean "many". So,13:09
kristianpaulnice :-)13:10
Arhuacokristianpaul: So, the minimum think I want to accomplish is boot the board, build programs in Rtems (I know the API somehow), and learn JTAG. And use programs people do.13:10
Arhuacokristianpaul: (Grr, it's "thing". Lack of sleep?). My real goal is to study this ( http://www1.idc.ac.il/tecs/software.html ) and play with the FPGA but I'm not sure I'll do that. I am busy with many things this year and dealing with many changes.13:12
mwallelekernel: hi how was the talk?15:23
kristianpaullekernel: same  question :')15:32
mwallethe memcard emulation seems to work, but bios doesnt find my boot.bin (formatted with mkdosfs -F16)15:34
mwallemy (rather old) flickernoise binary list boot.bin and a patch, which can be successfully loaded15:35
lekernelmwalle: fine, got about ~80 persons i'd say17:32
mwallecool :)17:42
lekernelhttp://mastersofmedia.hum.uva.nl/2011/02/05/fosdem-2011-milkymist-open-vj-platform/ ... overall it's a good article, though I quite don't understand what Fabricatorz exactly is, let alone be a member of it :p17:42
kristianpaulfree menbership after the talk ;-)17:45
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