#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-02-01

aerislekernel, j'ai vu que tu allais faire une conf, GG :D04:38
aerisJe ne te garanti pas qu'on y assistera (selon les autre truc en même temps)04:39
lekernellarsc: do you happen to know if this bug is still there? http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=4380507:09
larscat least in gcc 4.5.x07:12
lekernelhmm... Jon's patch was merged in svn, but the bug database wasn't updated07:13
larscah, sorry I didn't look closly at that patch, though it was the timer_list freeze bug. i guess it is gone then07:17
lekernelworks with lm32-rtems4.11-gcc (GCC) 4.5.1 20100731 (RTEMS gcc-4.5.1-11.fc14/newlib-1.18.0-26.fc14)07:19
lekernelyeah, it's gone07:34
lekernelantgreen: hi, I can't close or otherwise edit LM32 GCC bug reports that I did not open, even though I'm supposed to have write permission into the bug database07:41
lekerneldo I need to do anything (claim ownership?) before I can edit a bug report?07:41
antgreenone sec07:42
antgreenlekernel: what happens when you try?  Or is everything displayed  in a way that you can't edit?07:47
lekerneleverything is displayed in a way that I can't edit07:47
antgreenoh, it's a permissions problem07:47
antgreenlet me ask on #gcc07:48
antgreenlekernel: are you using  your @gcc.gnu.org email to login?  I think that's what you have to do,07:52
antgreen`lekernel: power outage dropped me off net so if you replied I didn't see.  let me know if it works.07:57
lekernelantgreen`: no, it still doesn't work - and I'm using lekernel@gcc.gnu.org to login07:58
antgreen`one sec08:02
antgreen`I'm told that it does work :-)08:03
antgreen`why don't you join #gcc on oftc.net08:03
lekernelone sec, sorry, super-crappy internet connection here :(08:07
lekerneldear it's amazing... takes at least one minute to load a simple page and fails 75% of the times08:15
kristianpaulwow bug solved !08:59
kristianpaul:-) lekernel08:59
lekernelwhat bug?08:59
lekernelthat wasn't me, it's just an old (and obsolete) report that I only digged out09:00
kristianpaulbug > Missing LM32 multilibs for divider and sign extender09:01
lekernelah, that one was easy09:01
lekernelI thought you were talking about the "internal compiler error" bug I mentioned above09:02
lekernelthe bad news is the current svn tree no longer builds at all for lm3209:02
Fallenouseems Masaki got a patch09:24
Fallenouthat's what  Joel talked about offlist ?09:24
lekernelmwalle: will try answer your memory card mail tonight09:37
mwallelekernel: i posted the lm32 translation, helpers and evr32/uclinux bsp/hw models to the mailinglist yesterday16:23
mwalleafter two inoffial reviews by a maintainer16:24
lekernelcool :)16:25
mwallei still need to split the milkymist patch into smaller pieces16:25
mwallei hope i have it ready at the end of the week16:25
mwalleand some cleanup (someone checked in a checkpatch.pl script last week.. ;)16:27
lekernelwow, valgrind's output on gcc is amazing16:32
lekernelyou get warnings like "Address 0x407c7f0 is 8 bytes before a block of size 98 alloc'd" in what apparently is the parser which happens to work...16:34
larscmwalle: btw. i do have an experimental mmc driver for linux16:45
mwallelarsc: good to know :)16:52
kristianpaulvalgrind for lm32? :-)17:13
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