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rohhm 12 cases done. 8 todo ;)00:44
adamw_lekernel, I added a reset ic to solve boot issue, www.ait-ic.com/uploads//2009-05/31/_1243708373_aocdg.pdf05:41
lekernelon the flash reset? and did it help?05:42
adamw_this is to let PROGRAM_B suffered from un-known voltage level while the tiny duration comes from ON to OFF. :-)05:43
adamw_i tested 50 times without un-boot. :-)05:43
lekernelmh, ok, sounds good... maybe try a little more, the problem is really rare sometimes05:44
adamw_but the flash reset, I am thinking also connect reset ic's output connected directly to RP# of flash to let them work in parallel!05:44
lekernelcan't we just use a capacitor instead of this reset ic?05:45
adamw_i measured many scope, I can show you later to give a very clear explaination. hehe. :)05:45
adamw_because we also can not realize how ender user 'fast' cycling.05:46
lekernelyeah, if you use the open drain version of the reset ic, it should work in parallel05:46
adamw_means capacitor (== constant)  this won't meet end user's unexpectedly action (variable.) :-)05:47
rohthis reset ic shouldnt be expensive.. how much is it?05:47
adamw_that's why I asked the question on list to know if s/w or some where will pull down RP#.05:48
lekernelyes, the fpga needs to do that05:48
adamw_so yes, I need to solder manually the output to RP# tomorrow. :-)05:49
lekernelso the main problem was on PROGRAM_B?05:50
adamw_right, exactly!05:50
lekernelmh, I don't get it05:51
adamw_its pin3 VDD connected to 3V3, pin2 -> GND and pin1 Vout -> PROGRAM_B;05:51
adamw_well...no worries.05:51
lekernelso you're delaying the FPGA configuration?05:51
adamw_yeah...just delay 20us to 're-start' fpga's configuration.05:54
adamw_roh, US 0.092/each, ;-)05:57
adamw_I'll upload more waveforms to explain.05:58
adamw_you can check ug380.pdf page 39 to know more first. :-)05:59
antgreenlekernel: I just hit the approval button and it should get processed08:25
antgreen( I think it's a manual step by somebody )08:25
mwallelarsc: were modules supported with theobromas original linux port? (is CONFIG_MODULES defined?)08:47
larscmwalle: no idea, i've never tried it11:19
mwallelarsc: do you have a running image? could you try the command 'mount -t a a /dir'? /dir has to be existing11:37
larsc'no such device'12:18
lekernelantgreen: thanks for the gcc write access15:36
Action: kristianpaul is wondering if lekernel became now a gcc matainer (at least for rtems?..)16:01
lekerneli'll maintain the lm32 port yes16:02
lekernelsomeone has to do it, right? :)16:02
kristianpaulthanks nice, as my bet now is for rtems,no mather if we get linux later,i just realized real time os are ideal for SDR16:03
mwallelekernel: cool so i can send you some patches soon :)16:45
lekernelyup, please do16:46
Fallenouwooow lekernel you have commit access :)16:58
Fallenouvery nice !16:58
Fallenounow it's you that will be insulted on the bug tracker :D16:58
mwallehehe, yeah there are some ICEs :)17:03
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