#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-01-29

mwallemh put_user is broken11:53
mwallein asm-generic11:53
mwalleor our compiler11:53
mwalleput_user(a, b++) increments b twice..11:58
larscit's put_user... grml14:13
larscmwalle: in case you haven't fixed it yet http://pastebin.com/ckNrNZVZ14:18
mwallelarsc: yes and get_user has the same issue, hasnt it?14:36
mwalleand im not sure about __{put,get}_user14:37
mwallei think we should refactor it like in the m32r port14:38
larscit has14:46
mwalleok the tile arch is better: )14:53
larscimo the current generic code is ok. with the same fix applied to get_user14:58
mwalle__{get,put}_user uses ptr twice too..15:01
mwallebut __chk_user_ptr is likely to defined to null15:01
larsc__chk_user_ptr should never expand to any actuall code15:02
larscoh, sorry, nvm, i'm wrong15:02
larscon the other hand i'm seemed to be wrong, when i thought i was wrong15:16
mwallehttp://pastebin.com/f9i4tvNH << what about that?15:17
larscmwalle: you'll be on the save side with it, but __chk_user_ptr will always be a noop when compiling the code15:26
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