#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2011-01-28

sameeghi all07:37
lekerneldoes that work at all?10:28
kristianpaulmoin mumptai14:04
mumptaimhmm, interesting way to flash the nor-flash on the mm114:18
mumptaileaves with the question if it could be ported to the nexys214:20
mumptaii got a patched urjtag talking to the jtag-chain on the nexys214:21
mwallemumptai: patched urjtag or patched fjmem?14:23
mumptaimwalle, fjmem needs to be patched to, at least for the spartan3 bscan thingy14:24
mumptaibut urjtag is patched too, to accept a cypress fx2 with some extra firmware as interface14:25
mwalleand why does urjtag needs a patch?14:25
mwalleah ok :)14:25
mwalleso you could submit it to the urjtag ml14:26
mumptaioh, its not my work, its been on the web for some time14:26
mwallemh encourage the original author to sumbit a patch :)14:27
mumptaimhmm, got to check first, one of the authors of this nexys2prog tool didn't reply before14:30
mumptaiwell, did you try the function in urjtag to programm a flash using the boundaryscan functionality?14:31
mwalleyeah but its slow as hell :)14:31
mumptai... not that i wasn't expecting thath ;)14:34
mumptaibut "how slow as hell"?14:35
mumptaiminutes or weeks?14:35
mwalle30m - 1h iirc14:41
mumptaiporting fjmem invloves a test with multiple new parts .. and i don't scope zur hand14:42
mwallezur hand? :) ich habs auch ohne gemacht :)14:42
mwalledoesnt urjtag provide sample vhdl code for a spartan3?14:43
mumptaiif, i haven't found it yet14:44
mumptaiahh, nice newly build autodetects the jtag-adapter ;)15:34
rohwrong termina19:54
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