#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-01-26

Fallenouhi kristianpaul very good you managed to get it working :)05:05
Fallenouwhat was the problem ? for telnetd/shell05:05
Fallenouis there something to fix in the code ?05:05
kristianpaulFallenou: what Chris pointed06:27
kristianpaulI just fixed MAC to the one was asigned from qi06:27
kristianpaulseems the mac before that was just "garbage" in nand06:28
kristianpaulas i wipeout all flash before :-)06:28
Fallenouok great :)06:31
kristianpaulNow the RX buffer overflow is the issue..06:31
Fallenouhumm can you describe a scenario that triggers this issue ?06:32
Fallenouby e-mail p06:32
kristianpauli'll do as soon find a promer way of preduce it..06:35
kristianpaulsome times just happen and poweron, when no traffic was send06:35
Fallenouand what happens when there is the RX buffer overflow ?06:42
Fallenouyou lose packets ?06:42
Fallenouboard freezes ?06:42
Fallenounetwork stack stops working ?06:42
lekernelnightlybuild: http://lekernel.net/blog/?p=135707:07
lekernelmilkymist demo/workshop @ la generale in paris07:07
lekernelcan we add that as event to the hd website?07:07
nightlybuildlekernel: sure07:14
kristianpaulFallenou: board freeze as i can notice09:37
kristianpaulbusybox?? "!!! :D19:53
kristianpaulmwalle: kudos :-)19:55
kristianpaullekernel: whats the cheap video cam you can plug on mm1, i need source some material for demostration in April, but this people (LabSurLab) is asking me for that know19:57
kristianpaulI DO NO nothing about video19:58
lekernelany camera that puts out composite video19:58
kristianpaulcomposite is the green connecotor?19:58
lekernelno, composite isn't s-video19:58
lekernelthough s-video can be converted very simply to composite19:59
kristianpaulok, the output still in VGA or there is a vide output apart?19:59
lekernelthe mm1 should accept s-video as well, but it was never tested19:59
lekernelno, still VGA output19:59
kristianpaulnice i need a video projector then, will be nice if people interact just when passing around20:00
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