#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-01-25

Fallenoukristianpaul: sorry I don't have much time to help, I am in the middle of a big school project04:41
lekernelkristianpaul: from Chris email, the mac address could well explain the fact that telnet does not work at all05:42
lekernelit should work unless you send big packets, in the latter case the bugs in the Ethernet drivers kick in...05:42
kristianpaulargg mac,06:14
kristianpauli'll set the right one that came with the m1 before i flahshed it, and test again06:15
kristianpaulFallenou: sure i understand :-)06:15
lekernelyou need to flash the rescue bios for that06:15
kristianpaulyes i almost forgot is on rescue bios06:15
lekerneland recompile it, i didn't upload images06:15
kristianpaulFallenou: good luck with java and android :-)06:16
Fallenoukristianpaul: thanks it's making me do head banging against the wall06:45
Fallenoube sure I would prefer looking at some rtems issue06:45
Action: lekernel just synthesized a quadrature decoder with llhdl09:06
kristianpaulneat (quadrature decoder synthesized with llhdl) !19:39
kristianpaulnow time to set my "factory MAC" and hope telnet works now20:14
rohnice (llhdl)20:31
kristianpaulha !!21:37
kristianpaulThat happen for folling sebastien suguestion of using his msd-* files.. and not the bios i compiled21:38
kristianpaulso my current mac addr is result from the nand erase process i did some days ago..21:38
kristianpaullest change that !21:38
kristianpaulyay !!22:04
kristianpaulproblem solved22:04
Action: kristianpaul happy with his telnet session no matter now is a limited rtems shell ;-)22:09
kristianpaulrtc on mm1 missing.22:44
kristianpaulNow i realize VJ dont care about time ;-)22:45
kristianpaulhttpd !22:59
kristianpaulFallenou: [error] [client] GET /favicon.ico: Error 404: Not Found, nothing serious of course :_)23:00
kristianpaulhe i just lanch nmap and got Minimac RX FIFO overflow!23:02
kristianpaulttcp -> Minimac RX FIFO overflow!23:34
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