#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2011-01-23

lekernelaeris: thx07:38
mwalle".patch" is not a permitted file type. Permitted file types are png, gif, jpg, jpeg, zip, bz2, gz.12:14
mwallemh :)12:14
mwalleon the mm wiki12:15
lekernelis that a gcc patch?12:21
lekernelah, binutils too...12:22
lekernelmwalle: should be ok now12:25
mwallelekernel: thx12:26
mwalleantgreen: do you know where crtn/crts belongs to? (uc)libc and/or gcc ?12:27
larschow does elf2flat work?14:15
rohpatch iss a stupid extension... use .diff14:34
mwallelarsc: generates a table with offsets of the relocations14:39
mwalleand either uses the real ld to do the relocation or does it on its own14:39
mwallethe kernel can then with the help of this table add the base address offset (for the text segment, or base+text_len for the data segment) to every relocation14:41
larscbut couldn't the kernel create the table as well and run the elf binary directly?14:42
mwalleroh: roh so why should diff be better?14:43
mwallelarsc: flat is is stripped elf :)14:44
mwallefor static non pic executables this should be possible14:44
mwallebut flat can also do shared libraries14:45
mwalleon mmuless systems14:45
larsci thought for a mmu less system every binary has to have pic?14:46
mwallewith the relocation from above it hasnt to be pic14:47
mwallelink your program with base=014:47
rohmwalle: less confusion. expecially since people call the flickrnoise 'files' patches14:47
rohthe milkdrop compatible stuff14:47
mwallelarsc: do you understand copy_thread() in arch/lm32/kernel/process.c?15:04
lekernelI added both .patch and .diff15:17
lekerneland I don't really care about such details. btw, flickernoise patches use .fnp15:18
lekernelmwalle: so if it's not pic, there are relocations in the .text section and it can't be shared?15:19
mwallelekernel: yes atm the are no shared libs possible :)15:24
mwallebut we are at the same point like theobroma with their hacked 'elf' loader15:25
mwallethe lm32 thread creation seems to be huge mess..15:27
larscmwalle: a bit15:32
larscand yes signal/syscall/process handling needs some cleanup15:33
mwalle    /* Avoid `function does return' warnings.  */18:20
mwalle    for (;;)18:20
mwalle      ;18:20
antgreenmwalle: there's no standard on crt* ownership19:01
antgreenit depends on the target19:01
antgreenwhat target are you talking about?19:01
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