#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-01-22

kristianpaulWTF my screen got flood of Minimac RX FIFO overflow! whe runnign the telnet testsuit example..09:57
kristianpaulha, seems rtems/M1 can reach me but i dont...12:39
kristianpaulFallenou: i need help with ethernet-rtems-milkymist !12:39
kristianpaulI'll try echo icmp...12:40
kristianpaulwow it works ! (ping)12:44
kristianpaulso, why i cant do the f4ck socket session made >:(12:45
Action: kristianpaul better lunch12:45
Action: lekernel is in a 4000m2 newly opened squat in the center of Paris14:05
kristianpaulOk, if i got a icmp reply is okay, but what hells is going on with tcp :/17:36
kristianpaulhe, thats explaing why lekernel uses tftpd for milkyist updates and pulling patches, but never PC pushing data to M1..17:39
kristianpaulbut wait i saw a telnet intruction, and afaik i dint worked for me either YET :_)17:39
aerislekernel, j'ai posté le cable19:19
kristianpaulsalut aeris :-)19:21
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