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aerislekernel, ben, si je prends le Pegasus chez moi, le cable servira, mais c'est comme tu veux...02:43
aeris(j'ai eménagé, j'ai internet et une voiture dans quelque jours)02:44
aerisSinon je lui envoie et il me le renvoie...02:46
adamw_lekernel, I compared the original jtag/serial pod's sch and bom, yes I found some values are not the same.04:42
adamw_1), C14 was 10uF, now is 2.2uF  2), 480pf --> 470pF 3), C1/C3 value was 27pF, now is 33pF04:44
adamw_all of those three differences I think it should not be the reasons.04:45
adamw_the only one thing is the history of removing 'C2/C4/R3/R4' components in D-/D+ line loop.04:46
adamw_So could you help me check the older pod, did the R3 and R4 (22 ohms) were still on board?04:47
adamw_or just 'short' already?04:47
lekernelon the other pod I shorted R3+R404:52
lekernelso really it has almost the same schematics04:52
lekernelmaybe some parts were swapped during production?04:53
adamw_i measured all resistors, their values are all ok.04:57
adamw_but for capacitors, I quite not easy to measure them on board all correctly.04:58
adamw_so i'm now checking both old and newest gerber now.04:58
adamw_the schematic I compared both old and newest, they must be correct excepts I mentioned the values above.04:59
wolfsprauladamw_: you have to be careful to consider anything correct05:02
wolfspraulthere have been too many changes and too many manual interventions05:02
wolfspraulif we cannot track it down now, I see 3 options05:02
wolfspraul1) sebastien who has both old and new boards finds the difference05:03
wolfspraul2) adam sends a new board to yanjun luo who finds the difference05:03
wolfspraul3) sebastien sends an old board to adam who finds the differenc05:03
wolfspraulI am a little worried that #2 is too slow, but of course Adam can just send a board and we see when/what yanjun luo finds.05:04
adamw_yes, schematic I checked ...checked *.lst( bom ) compared..and manually measured resistors...so I need to compare gerbers now05:04
wolfspraulfor #1 the problem is whether sebastien has enough time or equipment to track it down05:04
adamw_yeah...too slow05:04
wolfspraul#3 will also be slow, because first sebastien has to send the board to Taipei05:04
wolfspraulI can't do anything :-) oh well...05:04
lekerneli'm traveling with little equipment atm so everything will be slow...05:05
wolfspraulmaybe you should drop an old one into an airmail letter to Taipei...05:05
lekerneli'd ideally need the 2 JTAG pods for a workshop on feb 4th...05:06
lekerneli'll try to get you another old board05:06
adamw_wolfspraul, can we send more new pods to lekernel ? meanwhile lekernel send me an old pod?05:07
lekerneli'll be moving all around until feb 4, so it's going to be complicated. i'll try to get you aeris's old pod05:08
larscmwalle: i send out most of the patches i have in my tree. the scheduling could maybe help with the problem you were seeing yesterday16:50
mwallelarsc: thx17:03
mwallelarsc: i think i found the problem17:03
mwallewhat was the problem with the serial uart?17:03
mwalleyou had17:04
mwallethe problem where the output suddenly wasnt working anymore17:06
larscthat was because of the messed up lm32 irq handling17:08
lekernelI got invited to this: http://renpar.irisa.fr/satellite_eng.htm ... mwalle / larsc: do you want to go (I don't think I will)?17:29
aerisI can mail the cable only this weekend ='(17:30
Action: aeris wait a car17:31
mwalle/home/mw/repo/milkymist-linux/arch/lm32/kernel/time.c:96:16: Fehler: »IRQ_SYSTMR« undeclared (first use in this function)17:49
mwalle/home/mw/repo/milkymist-linux/arch/lm32/kernel/time.c:96:16: Anmerkung: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in17:49
mwalle/home/mw/repo/milkymist-linux/arch/lm32/kernel/time.c:99:2: Fehler: Implizite Deklaration der Funktion »lm32_irq_unmask«17:49
mwallelarsc: did you forget to add the this file to the patch?17:49
larscit replaced in another patch17:50
mwallelekernel: no thanks, its the weekend before my birthday17:50
larscmwalle: "lm32: milkymist: Add clocksource and clockevents support"17:52
mwallelarsc: ok, btw the first line within a git commit should not exceed 50 chars17:57
mwalleyey! :)18:19
mwalleexecuted code without theobromas 'fdpic' hack18:20
mwallecompiled with own toolchain and uclibc18:20
lekernellarsc: great work with the patches! :)20:18
larscbut threre is still lots to do. my estimation is that we'll get it merged upstream around august20:55
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