#milkymist IRC log for Monday, 2011-01-17

mwallelarsc: nice gems you digging out :()14:36
larscwie, wo, was?14:37
mwallebtw was that optimized to a pure load word?14:39
larscon big endian systems be32_to_cpu is a noop14:40
larscso we get the exact opposite of what we want. a le load14:40
larscmy arch/lm32 folder is getting smaller every day :)14:46
mwallebtw, have anyone successfully created an initramfs?14:47
lekernelmwalle: btw do you have gcc patches to merge for bflt/fdpic?14:47
lekernelyeah, you can simply use an ext2 image14:47
mwallean ext2 image is a initrd not an initramfs :)14:47
lekerneldid you have to modify things in gcc?14:48
mwallelekernel: two things, bugfix config.gcc and remove fdpic support (for now!)14:48
mwallemh and patch binutils to not generate fdpic binaries14:49
mwalleif everything works, i'll post my patches and the elf2flt port14:49
mwalleand the uclibc port14:50
lekerneli'll try to become a lm32 maintainer (unless you or larsc wants to do it). seems to be the only way to get the lm32 stuff to move14:50
mwallefeel free ;)14:50
lekernelthere isn't even an entry in the MAINTAINERS file for lm32... pft14:51
kristianpaulare you maintaining own gcc vesion? can you put pathches in just one place so i can re-compile the gnu toolchain locally to be update with yours?14:52
mwallekristianpaul: there is nothing working yet :)14:52
kristianpaulah ok :-)14:52
kristianpaulrtems repo should be okay then14:53
mwallethe patches affect only linux btw14:53
kristianpaulbut linux stabillity gets better then?14:54
kristianpaulwhat about libc?14:54
kristianpaul"RTEMS toolchain RPMs do not have the divider and sign extended multilib for the libc"14:55
larsclekernel: if you become the new maintainer i expect you to fix all my problems :p15:18
lekernelI probably won't, but at least you could get your patches merged in 24 hours, which is already a lot given the current situation15:19
kristianpaulso... where is your repo? :-)15:30
mwalleflat loading works, relocation too, but the first syscall of the user binary jumps to nowhere at the end18:01
larscat the end of the syscall?18:05
mwallewhen it returns to userspace18:06
mwalleit seems that i messed up the syscall handler18:06
mwallemh no, the ret in tty_ioctl jumps to nowhere18:10
larscnowhere = random address outside of the kernel image?18:25
mwallemhh i think qemu's syscall is broken18:28
larscthe lm32 scall emulation?18:29
mwalledoch nicht ;)18:31
mwallethere are two syscalls one from inside the kernel (kernel_execv) which is working, followed by a syscall from the userspace18:34
mwallethe latter swaps the stack18:35
mwallefrom user stack to kernel stack18:36
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