#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2011-01-16

lekernelmwalle: again, it makes sense if you consider that GNU/Autocrap is a propaganda tool, not a build system04:10
lekernelusing --help would probably break when using non-GNU binutils which would format the help differently04:11
lekernelso it's good for RMS04:11
mwallekristianpaul: flashmem? that command from urjtag? should be around 10s for the bitstream flashing04:43
mwallelekernel: .. :)04:43
mwalleok the workaround for this is disable fdpic support completely (hopefully!)04:44
mwalle[mw@thanatos qemu-build]$ ./lm32-linux-user/qemu-lm32 ~/foo06:23
mwalleHello world!06:23
mwallewith self compiled toolchain06:23
lekernelcongratz :)06:23
lekernelso you modified the libc as well?06:24
mwallethere is now libc yet :)06:24
mwallebesides the theobromas crap06:24
mwallebut, yes :)06:24
lekernelmh, how do you relocate the "Hello world!" string then?06:25
mwallethere are no relocations06:25
mwallestatic binaries yet06:25
lekernelit's in a read-only section?06:25
mwalle     140:       78 01 00 00     mvhi r1,0x006:27
mwalle     144:       38 21 19 50     ori r1,r1,0x195006:27
mwalle     148:       f8 00 00 06     calli 160 <puts>06:27
mwalle  3 .rodata       00000044  00001950  00001950  00002950  2**206:27
mwalle                  CONTENTS, ALLOC, LOAD, READONLY, DATA06:27
lekernelputs? so there's a libc...06:28
mwalleahh, i meant theres no official libc06:28
mwalleyes im using uclibc06:28
mwallebut not theobromas one06:31
kristianpaulwhat is splash.mcs ?07:14
kristianpauluserfs.mcs = flickrnoise?07:15
lekernelforget about those outdated files07:15
lekernelthere's no more userfs.mcs07:15
lekernelsplash.mcs = boot splash screen07:15
lekernelI recommend you use msd-dec2010 for flashing your board07:16
kristianpaulso i just send the file _as_it_is_07:16
lekernelyeah, the msd archive contains raw binary images07:16
lekernelmind that the bitstream is bit reversed, as discussed yesterday on irc07:16
kristianpaulyes yes07:17
kristianpaulgood all is loged now07:17
kristianpaulpatent litigation..07:33
kristianpaulreverser eng for competitive products, lol07:33
kristianpauloops sorry07:35
kristianpaul(flash with ftdi_eeprom in linux) no will not, i dont have how to boostrap my jtag-serial board in the case something go wrong..08:58
lekernelshort pins 1-5 of eeprom, connect to usb, remove the short, reflash09:02
lekerneli do that with tweezers09:03
kristianpaullekernel: do you already reflashe on linux with no problem?09:13
kristianpaulany way i dont see what do that09:13
lekernelno, I didn't try09:13
kristianpaulme either, lets adam or soembody with more than one pod do it first :-)09:13
kristianpaulbtw how do you built soc-1.0RC2.fpg?09:14
lekerneloh, you shouldn't break it... worst case you have to plug it with the eeprom shorted09:14
kristianpauland why bios is bin and flickernoise  fbi..09:14
lekernelbitgen -g Binary + bit reversal09:15
kristianpaulergg i will not brick my pod no, that not09:15
lekernelbecause the bios has to know how many bytes to load into sdram, so it has a "fbi" header with that (and a crc)09:15
lekernelthe bios itself is executed in place and therefore does not need such a header09:16
kristianpaulok let me see if i recover my booting at least bios for now,09:16
mwallemh nios call instruction is a little bit fucked up.. call has a 26bit immediate the resulting pc is {pc[31:28], imm26, {0,0}}09:17
kristianpauli need to work later in a reduced version of rtems (not that i dint enjoy flickernoise) just i dont need all that audio/png/and other stuff for what i want from MM1 now09:17
lekernelwhat do you want from mm1 now? :)09:17
kristianpaulImplement a GPS baseband processor in your SoC09:18
kristianpaulcheck namuru project, is a posible starting point for some correlation stuff, if it works i can re-use mico32 may be add new instructions... well i dont know thats for later09:20
kristianpaullarsc: can you upload your last *.bin files to somwhere i need compare something..10:13
kristianpaulargg i still not getting boot :/10:21
lekernelyou can configure the fpga manually with "pld load"...10:23
lekernelthen if you have a bios image, it should at least do something10:23
kristianpaulhe well pld load is ok if you are sure your bios is on the flash10:24
kristianpaulalso i dont want pld load always :-|10:24
larsckristianpaul: http://metafoo.de/milkymist/{bios.bin,bitstream.bin}10:24
lekernelit'll help you with figuring out what is wrong with the flash10:24
lekernelbtw pld load expects a .bit file (i.e. with Xilinx header), it'd be nice to have .fpg file support (raw bitreversed bitstream) as well...10:25
kristianpauli myst confess i erased it first10:25
kristianpaulhmm thats true10:25
kristianpauleraseflash i mean :-)10:25
lekernelyou erased the complete flash chip?10:26
kristianpaulit seems10:26
lekernelthen you need to reflash the standby bitstream as well10:26
lekerneland perhaps rescue partitions10:26
kristianpaulstandby bitstream > thats what power up the fpga?10:27
kristianpaulah, i see then10:27
kristianpauldo you have somwhere a memory map of flash?10:27
lekernelnot graphically, but just look at flash.h10:28
kristianpaulmake: /tools/byteswap: No se encontró el programa10:33
kristianpaulok i miss that10:34
larscyou'll have to set MMDIR to your milkymist dir10:36
kristianpauloh why this take so long...10:43
kristianpauli wast that way before or is because i swiched to last ISE..10:44
lekernelkristianpaul: it's always been like that. if you dislike ise, feel free to contribute to llhdl :)10:52
kristianpaulI need a faster computer then ;-)10:53
kristianpaultime relativity is hard when you need something NOW, just that :-)10:53
kristianpaulinfrared and nanonote is other interesting aprouch for comunication, now that LED can achieve wireless data tramission too11:29
larsclekernel: is navre/softuse fully ohci compliant?11:43
lekernelno, it's not ohci compliant at all.. ohci is a major PITA and the current avr firmware only implements input device support with a special protocol11:44
lekernelI wanted to have OHCI in the beginning, but the benefit/pain ratio turned out to be way too low11:45
kristianpaullarsc: is it mandatory write again in flash  rescue*13:15
kristianpaullekernel: ^13:15
kristianpauli just worried about mac address13:15
wolfspraulthat would be my least concern :-)13:16
wolfsprauljust get it to boot first, who cares about mac address?13:16
wolfspraulyou only have 1 m1 there anyway, won't disturb anybody...13:16
kristianpaulno no i dont care about mac it self13:17
kristianpauljust missing this data will not bios to boot *may* *be*13:17
wolfspraulI highly doubt that, but let's see.13:17
wolfspraulit's just a unique id, that's all13:18
wolfspraulit will boot no matter what the unique id is13:18
lekernelkristianpaul: do you really think i'd have coded something to totally prevent booting if the mac address isn't set...?13:18
kristianpaulyeah sure,13:18
kristianpaulok ok, no more dumb questions13:18
Action: kristianpaul hides13:18
kristianpaulflashmem 0 bitstream.bin noverify13:31
kristianpaulwiki said that^13:31
kristianpaulbut flash.h points REGULAR BITSTREAM  (0x006E0000)13:32
kristianpaulwhat i missing to understand this..13:32
mwallewiki is wrong13:33
mwallemh, not exactly, the bitstream may be the standby one :)13:33
kristianpaullet try again i follow flash.h and still not automatic boot..13:48
kristianpaulnot exactly <-- what about: flashmem 0x180000 bios.bin noverify != REGULAR BIOS       (0x00860000)13:53
mwalleok the wiki is wrong/old :)13:55
kristianpaulargg but i still cannot boot automcatically :/13:56
kristianpaulhexdump -n 30 standby.fpg14:00
kristianpaul0000000 9000 0ff0 0ff0 0ff0 0ff0 0000 8680 a40014:00
kristianpaul0000010 2ece 7686 4626 b49e f64e 2eae 26a614:00
lekernellooks like a xilinx .bit header you need to strip14:00
mwalleargh, gcc reorders splitted relocations?!14:01
kristianpaulah ,yes, i forgot bitgen and jump directly to byteswap14:03
kristianpaul hexdump -n 30 build/standby.fpg14:07
kristianpaul0000000 ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff14:07
kristianpaul0000010 9955 66aa 850c e000 0004 858c 146014:07
kristianpaulthats better !14:07
kristianpaulthis step is tricky, as there is no support for it in standby makefile14:08
kristianpaulargg no boot..14:13
kristianpaullekernel: can you cofirm, the correct add for bios (no recue) is 0x860000?14:18
lekernelcheck flash.h14:19
lekernelin git14:19
kristianpauli did14:20
kristianpaulREGULAR BIOS       (0x00860000) /* 128k */14:20
kristianpaulwhat do i need for booting flickernoise from flash? i guess just dd if=flickernoise.fbi of=boot.bin bs=1 skip=814:21
kristianpaulwrite to flash14:21
kristianpaulpld load system.bit, and thats it?..14:21
lekernelyou need a working bios, and the complete fbi file (with header)14:23
lekernelwolfspraul: where is qi-bot putting the logs atm?14:34
wolfspraul/home/eggdrop/milkymist-logs, I think14:47
wolfspraulyou have a root account on that server afaik14:47
lekernelok... and how to get that uploaded to milkymist.org?14:47
wolfspraulmy admin tasks are piling up everywhere, so I will be slow on anything.14:47
lekernelhow do you do for qi-hardware?14:47
wolfspraulyeah well, many options14:47
wolfspraulit's the same server14:47
wolfspraulthere are also come cgis you may want, for searching14:48
lekernelthere's already google indexing for that14:48
lekernelkeep it simple...14:48
wolfspraulmy setup is 100% documented, see http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Server_setup14:48
wolfspraulthe milkymist logging is not documented, I just hacked it in yesterday because you asked14:48
lekernelso maybe i'll just set up a cron job that uploads the logs to milkymist.org14:48
wolfspraulsure, feel free14:49
wolfspraulyou have a root account14:49
wolfspraulI cannot do everything, admin stuff is terribly time consuming.14:49
lekernelit is...14:49
wolfspraulsomewhere on my admin todo list I had planned an upgrade for the irclog2html scripts, so it's better integrated into the qi-hardware look14:50
wolfspraulalso I need to look into some issues with utf-8 characters14:50
wolfspraulwhen I get to that, and at that point I'm still logging #milkymist, I can think about how to sync that to your machine14:50
wolfspraulif you get to it before - great! :-)14:50
lekerneli'll just upload as plain text. afaik google also works with plain text14:50
lekernelkeep that simple...14:50
wolfsprauldo whatever you like14:50
wolfspraulthe logs are there, we can always improve later14:51
wolfspraulyou could also nfs-export that directory to your server's ip14:51
lekernelI cannot mount nfs on my server...14:52
wolfspraulbut don't come back to me complaining when it doesn't work :-)14:52
lekernelI don't have root14:52
wolfspraulah I see14:52
wolfspraulcron job, scp14:52
lekernelrsync maybe14:52
wolfspraultry to do it as 'eggdrop' user please, not 'root'14:52
wolfspraulI'll get to this at some point, but cannot do it right now, totally overloaded...14:53
lekernelkristianpaul: do you like this color/font theme better? http://www.genode-labs.com/products/genode_fx_s3a15:00
wolfspraulnot sure how easy it is, but the reason it looks very geeky are the sharp edges and contrast, I think15:03
wolfspraulpeople nowadays expect this smooth/milky/transparent/3Dish look15:03
wolfspraulvery soft15:03
wolfspraulbig buttons15:03
wolfspraulthe current GUI looks like in the 80's to me15:04
lekernelrather 90's :)15:04
lekernelbut yes...15:04
lekernelI should keep the current button/label font then15:07
lekerneland not use the small one15:07
wolfspraulfor sure. everything bigger, if possible.15:10
wolfspraulone problem is the low resolution15:10
wolfspraulbut we can't change that, so that's going to limit how good it can look15:10
wolfspraulthere's just not enough pixels for smooth transitions15:11
wolfspraulmaybe then rather turn it around, and instead of (badly) mimicking the soft looks, just go for hardcore rectangular buttons :-)15:11
lekernelnot sure how good of an example this is, but the olpc is also 640x48015:13
lekernelit's particularly the "control panel" window that is noticeably ugly imo15:14
lekernelin other parts of the GUI, there aren't that many sharp edges, except in some config windows that are seldom used15:14
lekernelso, maybe replacing the control panel with a more discrete menu could already be much better15:15
lekernele.g. http://wiki.laptop.org/images/c/c3/Abiword_icon.png15:15
lekernelah, and black buttons...15:16
kristianpaullekernel: i dont like15:53
kristianpauli  agree with wolfgang comments15:55
lekernelwhat do you propose then ?15:55
kristianpaulSugar Interface is simple15:55
kristianpaulI mean the color15:56
kristianpaulcolors discuss is hard to concern, just let the user choice one :-)15:58
lekernelcolor themes is additional work15:58
kristianpauli know15:58
lekernelyou need to have a proper dialog box to choose them15:58
lekerneland then refresh all applications without bugs when colors have changed15:59
lekernelwhat a mess15:59
kristianpaulok, gray is not bad at all15:59
kristianpaulbut is my personal like about it15:59
lekernelunless there are more developers I need to focus on the right areas15:59
lekernelof course, color themes bring something, but is it worth it?16:00
kristianpaulso no color choice for now, just that :-)16:00
kristianpaulfor Vj people i guess they like it..16:00
kristianpaulbesides that i dont see other reason16:01
lekerneloptimizing on one person's guesses isn't always the best either :)16:01
kristianpaulyeap ;-)16:01
kristianpaulYou have wallpaper now, that _enought_ i think16:01
lekernelyeah, with a good wallpaper it actually looks a lot better :o)16:02
lekernelI'm hesitating between http://bryan.squall.us/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/dynebolic_1024.png and http://www.interactions.org/cms/?pid=2100&image_no=FN019716:02
lekernelthe problem is both are very bright16:03
lekernelmaybe I should just darken them16:03
kristianpaulah, he is not here, where is DJ** ?..16:04
kristianpaulis nice have a nick related with VJ around when discussing this :-)16:04
lekernelthe funny thing is no VJ/artist I know complained about the ugliness of the GUI buttons :)16:05
lekernelbut many geeks did :)16:05
kristianpauloh thats better !16:05
kristianpaulwe complain aout everything, at least i do ;-)16:06
kristianpaulAnd think because that the less notisable part of a VJ Station,16:06
lekernelmaybe good wallpaper + replace the control panel with sugar-like menus should make it16:06
kristianpaulis up to you, ask your VJ/Artstis comunity around before that, is my advice16:07
kristianpaulwallpaper seems fast task, not UI re-design...16:07
kristianpaulabout bios splash i just pass it as .raw?16:16
kristianpauland i guess is okay if it is not present in flash16:16
kristianpaulbut dint get boot at leat bios yet :/16:16
kristianpauli'm using bios-1.0RC2.bin as it is16:18
larsckristianpaul: try the files i uploaded they work16:19
kristianpaullarsc: yeah i'm just about do that16:19
kristianpaulwell in your case you dint erase the whole flash  either i guess ;-)16:19
larsci did not16:20
kristianpauli'll try the bios one16:20
kristianpaulhe, i took the rought way ;-)16:21
kristianpaullarsc: what add did you usef for writing bios?16:22
kristianpaulha !16:24
kristianpaulyour bios seems help here16:24
kristianpaul0000000 9800 0000 d000 0000 7801 0086 3821 000016:26
kristianpaul0000000 0098 0000 00d0 0000 0178 8600 2138 000016:26
kristianpaulmine is last16:26
kristianpaullarsc: how u generated that bios ?16:29
kristianpaulfrom the mcs one?16:29
kristianpaulok lets try byteswap16:31
larsckristianpaul: with the instructions from the wiki16:39
lekernelkristianpaul: bit swapping obviously won't fix your problem. don't even try16:42
lekernelthis rather looks like an endianness problem. no idea how you managed to get that, though16:42
kristianpaulno no,hmm16:42
lekerneljust use the msd image or recompile a bios16:43
lekernelno need for any processing of it16:43
kristianpaulbtw ! last bios in thos lines above is  from MSD!!16:43
kristianpaulhexdump -n 30 bios-1.0RC2.bin16:44
kristianpaul0000000 0098 0000 00d0 0000 0178 8600 2138 000016:44
kristianpaul0000010 e1d0 0000 00f8 a408 4298 0010 00e016:44
lekernelok, get yourself a better hexdump program16:44
kristianpaul hexdump -n 30 /home/paul/Descargas/bios.bin16:44
kristianpaul0000000 9800 0000 d000 0000 7801 0086 3821 000016:44
lekerneldon't know, ghex2 or okteta for example16:45
kristianpauli'll compile my bios then16:45
lekernelor tell your hexdump not to swap bytes16:45
lekernelthe BIOS starts with 98 00 00 00. anything else is wrong.16:46
kristianpaullekernel: http://metafoo.de/milkymist/bios.bin16:46
kristianpaulthats from lars16:47
kristianpauland it worked here i finally booted bios16:47
larscand it works for me too16:47
kristianpaulghex2 show same things as hexdump btw16:49
mwallekristianpaul: use hexdump -C, reads the file bytewise16:51
lekernelfrom your description, it seems urjtag writes the flash in little-endian for some reason...16:54
kristianpaulI just compiled urjtag from upstream yday, as it seems to not been in fedora16:55
kristianpaulmy locally compiled bios.bin begin with 98 00 00 0016:56
lekernelnow, the flash should also have 0x9800 at address 0 and 0x0000 at address 116:57
lekernelmodify the urjtag code to get that to work and please send a patch16:57
larsci wonder why my bios is byteswapped16:59
kristianpaulme too16:59
kristianpauljtag> endian17:00
kristianpaulEndianess for external files: little17:00
lekernelah, ok17:00
kristianpaulinitbus fjmem opcode=00001017:05
kristianpaulfrequency 600000017:05
kristianpauldetectflash 017:05
kristianpaulproblem solved :-D17:05
kristianpaulhey,  larsc is fast editing wiki  :-)17:07
kristianpaulthe noise is back ;-)17:20
kristianpaulnow document all this17:20
kristianpaulis okay if i remove ALL mcs related isntruction from the  flashing page?17:23
kristianpaulor should i create a new title there?17:24
lekernelI think you can remove the mcs instructions17:25
lekernelonly the xilinx tools are using them, and we're moving away from them17:26
kristianpaulyay !17:26
kristianpaulis DHCP working?17:31
lekernelin flickernoise yes17:32
kristianpauli'm getting  a BOOTP call failed conection timed out..17:33
kristianpauli'll re check all17:33
Action: lekernel will soon introduce LZMA-compressed flickernoise images. this promises a lot of fun ;)17:33
lekernelwhere/what is that?17:34
kristianpauli'm just reading from rtems serial terminal from the MM117:34
kristianpaulafter enable DHCP on flkrnoise17:35
lekernelthis means you don't get a dhcp reply17:35
lekernelmaybe it would have been a good idea to check with wireshark before...17:36
kristianpaulit should17:36
kristianpauli'll try static ip17:36
kristianpauldamn there is no ping???!!17:40
lekernelworks for me and on dozens of other boards...17:41
kristianpaulyeah sure..17:41
lekernelare your ethernet leds on?17:41
kristianpaulof course17:42
kristianpaulif i ping the board i got activity from the orange one17:42
lekerneltry without a switch, direct connection to pc...17:42
lekerneland use wireshark17:42
lekernelthat being said, the ethernet driver has tons of bugs that Fallenou never fixed...17:43
kristianpaulseriouslly there is NO way of ping command in rtems?17:45
mwalleimcp, or was that umon ?17:45
lekerneli don't know... rtems has the bsd stack though, so it should be fairly complete17:46
lekernelbut the shell might not17:46
kristianpauloh dear, no binutils no ping, no netcat, :-|17:46
lekernelthose are useless on a VJ station17:46
kristianpauland rtems?17:46
kristianpauli'll starting more about rtems17:47
lekerneland if you do need ping or netcat, it's shouldn't be a big deal to write them, if no one did it before17:47
kristianpaulthere is NFS support?17:53
Action: kristianpaul grins17:53
lekernelbut it's sometimes instable... if I ever participate in GSoC again i'll have a totalitarian policy about testing and bugs17:53
larschm, interressting. i have a 32bit constant. and instead of doing something like, mvhi r1, 0x1234; ori r1, r1, 0x5678 gcc puts it somewhere in the data section and does mvhi r1, hi(addr); ori r1, lo(addr); ldw r1, (r1+0)17:56
lekernelhow is that constant defined?17:57
lekernelcan you paste your code?17:57
larsc#define USER_DS ((mm_segment_t) { (0xF0000000UL - 1) })17:59
larscand mm_segment_t is typedef union { unsigned long seg; } mm_segemnt_t;18:00
kristianpaullekernel: is okay if you upload to mm.org/somethng, the files fjmem.bit splash.raw standby.fpg, of course i'll document how get it but is easy have it around for a hurry18:01
kristianpaulwait i'll pass the tarrball link then18:02
lekernelor just put them on your website18:03
lekerneland link from the wiki18:03
kristianpaulah sure18:03
lekernelmaybe even simpler18:03
kristianpauli'll do that way then18:03
lekerneli'll make proper binary releases later18:03
kristianpaulah, sure18:03
lekerneli.e. for the next board batch :)18:04
lekernelfor standby.fpg: you used bit reverse, right?18:05
kristianpaulany one can recommend a commad line tool for generating html index of a directory?18:05
lekerneland put urjtag in big endian mode?18:05
lekernelok, good18:05
lekernelnow we have that flashing part straight :)18:06
kristianpaula makefile will just take of that :-)18:06
lekernelsometimes nice to have would be the ability to load *.fpg files with "pld load"... i'll have a look at this if no one does before18:07
kristianpaulthats a good feature18:07
kristianpaullekernel: can you tell us a bit more about rescue mode workflow?18:10
lekernelit's simple, the standby bitstream loads the backup bitstream, which in turns loads the backup bios which tries to boot the backup boot image...18:11
kristianpaulhow i do enter in rescue?18:11
lekernelpress PB1 when pressing PB2 to power the board18:11
kristianpaulif i intetionally corrupt regular bios/bittstream it will jump to rescue as well?18:11
lekernelno, rescue mode is only entered manually18:12
kristianpauli see18:12
larsclekernel: if I make the constant small enought to fit into 16bit it's loaded directly.18:23
lekernelmaybe you can try to e-mail Jon Beniston about that. he wrote the original lm32 support patch18:24
lekernelyou're using a vanilla elf compiler, right? no fdpic or anything?18:24
larsci tried to reproduce it in a standalone binary and it dodn't work18:24
kristianpaulah bad luck with the LG remote control18:25
lekernelwhere does that happen?18:25
larsci'm building the kernel18:25
lekernelwhat compiler are you using?18:25
larscgcc 4.5.2 from rtmes18:26
lekernelthe problem should already present in the unlinked .o file, so by running the exact same command and narrowing down code + compiler flags you should be able to reproduce it in a standalone piece of code I think18:26
lekernelok, so no fdpic or other crazy things a priori18:26
larscah it's -Os18:28
lekernelyup. generating 4 words instead of 2 sure optimizes for size :)18:29
lekerneland not using -Os crashes GCC, right? :)18:31
larscwell, puts it into an endless loop18:32
lekernelyeah, mail Jon Beniston and cross your fingers18:34
mwallemaybe tomorrow we have bFLT support :)18:35
lekernelno need to file a bug in the gcc database, the current maintainer doesn't look at them, and the other fsf people only care about fighting microsoft18:35
mwalleat least for non shared, non PIC binaries18:35
larscmwalle: :)18:36
mwallegn8 :)18:37
kristianpaullekernel: byteswap and bitgen for the standby.fpg19:09
kristianpaul$ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/26-milkymist.rules20:47
kristianpaulATTRS{idVendor}=="20b7", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0713", MODE="0660"20:47
kristianpaulso simple, now jtag no requires root privileges :-)20:47
larscso stupid: ioread32be is defined as be32_to_cpu(le32_to_cpu(*addr))20:56
kristianpauli wish i could understand you :-)20:58
larscit reads the value then converts it to little endian and then converts the result to big endian21:02
larscwhile just reading the value gives the same result21:02
larscit's easy to fix though21:02
larscwe are the first big endian architecture to make use of the generic io accessor implementation21:03
kristianpaulgot it21:07
larschm, i wanted to get up in 4h, i guess thats not going to happen22:04
kristianpauldhcp wasmy fault, but i dint get telnet responses..22:08
kristianpaulha next time i'll use readmem dump whole flash and then erase it :p22:26
--- Mon Jan 17 201100:00

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