#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-01-15

wolfspraullekernel: hmm, bot is here18:27
wolfspraulnow we need to get the logs to the milkymist.org server18:28
lekernelhow can the bot do that?18:28
lekernellarsc: done18:32
lekernelmwalle: should we keep mcs at all?18:33
lekernelflickernoise doesn't use it18:33
lekernelurjtag neither18:33
lekernelonly the xilinx tools do18:33
lekernelinstead of having tons of formats for the flash images, we can simply use raw binary everywhere18:34
lekernelthen convert them to mcs in the rare cases when you need the xilinx bloatware18:34
mwallelekernel: i dont care, the only advantage is that the addresses are saved with the file18:35
lekernelthat's not always an advantage, for example it complicates a bit making the backup flickernoise image18:35
mwalleok so drop it :)18:36
lekernelwe'd also need to unify the bitstream format too18:36
lekernelflickernoise uses raw bit-swapped when flashing18:37
lekernelurjtag uses *.bit (with xilinx header) when loading18:37
lekerneland raw non-bit-swapped when flashing18:37
lekernelthat's a bit of a mess18:37
mwallewhy does flickernoise use bit-swapped binaries?18:39
lekernelbecause that's how it's laid out in the flash in the end18:39
lekernelbtw it's a bit surprising that urjtag didn't need bit swapping at all18:39
mwallebit swap or LE<->BE?18:40
lekernelflickernoise writes all flash images in "natural" order18:40
lekerneli.e. big endian, and no bit swapping18:41
lekernelbit swap18:41
lekernelI thought urjtag did that too, because that's what is needed for the BIOS image as well18:41
mwallewhat do you mean by bit swapping?18:42
lekernelsometimes, the xilinx tools (bitgen, promgen, ...) bit-swap stuff without telling you, adding to the confusion...18:42
lekernelreplacing msb with lsb and vice versa18:42
lekernelso 16-bit in our case18:43
lekernel(flash bus width)18:43
mwalleurjtag does that only for the bit file18:43
mwallethe fjmem could swap it ;)18:44
lekernelbtw 16-bit is also the width of the words for the fpga configuration engine, so you can expect 16-bit bit-swaps even when not dealing with a particular flash bus width18:45
mwalleso maybe the nor flash should be the other way around?18:45
lekernel(it should be fun to write a wireshark dissector for said fpga configuration engine btw)18:45
mwallei think i had that issue with umon too18:45
wolfspraullekernel: there are a few more details with css and search script18:46
wolfspraullet me think about it18:46
mwallelekernel: if you swap the nor flash core data bus lines, you wont need to swap, do you?18:46
lekerneli'll need to swap the bios and other images, no?18:47
lekerneland flash commands...18:47
mwallemh indeed18:47
lekernelimo the nor flash core has the correct order. the only problem is the fpga reads its bitstream lsb first18:48
lekerneland xilinx tried to fix that by swapping bits in various tools, creating a massive confusion18:49
lekernelit makes perfect sense to load a bit reversed bitstream into the flash18:50
lekernelbecause that's addressing exactly the problem that the fpga reverses the bits again when reading it18:50
lekernelwe can use bit-reversed bitstream images everywhere, and when loading into the fpga directly, take the 16-bit commands and load them lsb first18:53
mwalle/home/mw/local/lm32-linux/lib/gcc/lm32-uclinux/4.5.2/../../../../lm32-uclinux/bin/ld: unrecognized option '--eh-frame-hdr'19:12
mwalle[mw@thanatos b-l-2-gcc]$ lm32-uclinux-ld --help|grep eh-frame19:27
mwalle  --eh-frame-hdr              Create .eh_frame_hdr section19:27
mwalle[mw@thanatos b-l-2-gcc]$ lm32-uclinux-ld --eh-frame-hdr19:27
mwallelm32-uclinux-ld: unrecognized option '--eh-frame-hdr'19:27
mwallelm32-uclinux-ld: use the --help option for usage information19:27
mwalle[mw@thanatos b-l-2-gcc]$19:27
mwallewtf ..19:27
mwallenice and the autotools check for that option by grepping the help19:27
mwallelol, every bfd can add options to ld.. but not every emulation can use that options (in my case fdpic adds the --eh-frame-hdr option) but im using elf as bfd19:38
mwallevery clever to use --help to get the supported options19:38
kristianpaulso slow..21:45
kristianpaulwee i bricked the m1 :p21:56
--- Sun Jan 16 201100:00

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