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diarythingcan a say 10,20 or 5A switch cope with 80A load passing though it? which is only switched with the load off? I need a compact tiny switch to reset bms for lipo battery by disconecting battery cus my lipo charger does not like having the main battery wire being disconnected. it refuses to charge the battery but the bms needs to be charged to reset! arr05:28
diarything cus my battery is screwed into a nice box so its a pain to take it out and manually disconnect to reset05:31
whitequarkdiarything: yes, continuous and peak current are different ratings.14:11
whitequarkcontinuous current is generally limited by power dissipation of the package. peak current is limited by silicon properties (Ip, Rds(on), are the values to look for)14:11
diarythingwhitequark, sounds like you mean a mosfet, i was thinking of a mechanical switch15:52
diarythinghmm unless tiny switch, triggers a sold sate relay/mosfet thingy15:53
diarythingyea i got a switch rated 5A/80A i guess 80A is the peak15:53
diarythingits only 300wh lipo so it was doing 80A it wont last long ;)15:54
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