#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2017-12-24

--- Sun Dec 24 201700:00
Spookedanyone bored with xmas n looking for some nerdy escape ? hehe03:29
Spookednot sure if my mobo is killing things off or not03:29
Spookedmeh, will be next years version of me to deal with I guess hehe, too many other bigger fish to fry, sorry for the oddness :)  ... has been a slow degredation, by this point I guess couldnt really care if it self destructs :P03:33
Spookedwas a nice comp :)03:33
Spookedbest winstall I have ever done03:34
Spookedhave fun hols :)03:34
--- Mon Dec 25 201700:00

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