#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2017-11-14

jwhitmorehello qi-hardware, I've a few questions about open hardware first one is which CAD application do people generally use to design? I'm using KiCad but recently did a blog post on my adventures into open hardware. I felt there were holes in tools but I'm just starting to look into this. So is KiCad a reasonable choice?09:51
erichvk__pick a cad package you like and make sure your PCB layout editor can import its format or an intermediate format10:58
erichvk__don;t necessarily look for an all in one solution, which might do everything, poorly10:58
jwhitmoreI'm happy enough with KiCad but just wondered. I just find there are a few limitations with it. Same as anything else I guess. 11:37
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