#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2017-07-09

--- Sun Jul 9 201700:00
k3d_hello everyone 12:49
k3d_I have a question. how I decode layer Data in one package IEEE 802.15.412:51
k3d_any hint :)12:53
eintopfk3d_: if you want user space toy without any filtering13:38
eintopfcreate monitor interface and use AF_PACKET socket types13:38
eintopfif you want to create own FCS in user space -> we don't have such possibility yet13:38
eintopfI have idea's but we need to be "backwards compatible"13:38
DocScrutinizer05err, no idea but ethereal is magic14:55
DocScrutinizer05k3d_: eintopf: ^^^15:03
eintopfyea, wireshark will use AF_PACKET as well for display raw data payload17:20
eintopfdepends on you want to decode it OR if you search for a program that it decode it for you and display it in fancy stuff17:21
Action: eintopf loves AF_PACKET17:22
eintopfit allows to run user space stacks17:22
eintopfthen with some virtual stuff I can test against $IOT_OS running as executable elf binary17:22
eintopfas process with AF_PACKET driver17:23
--- Mon Jul 10 201700:00

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