#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2017-06-22

--- Thu Jun 22 201700:00
Ivanovikhi, ehm, is this the right place to ask about NICs?10:44
pcercueiIvanovik: no11:18
Ivanovikpcercuei, do you know a channel I can head off to?11:19
Ivanovikbefore you point me to #kernel, I'm after writing a driver for an nic, but I don't need information related to the kernel/os interfacing side of things11:19
IvanovikI'm after datasheet information .11:19
erichvk#kicad and #hackvana have some clue-ey people11:21
pingu45hey guys16:09
pingu45does anyone know  if your ddr4-3000 RAM is being displayed as DDr4-2100 , to have it set safely at 3000 mhz?16:13
pingu45Asrock Fatal1ty X99 i7 Gaming + i7 6800K16:14
--- Fri Jun 23 201700:00

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