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kyakDocScrutinizer51 must be happy :)05:07
wpwrak"There have been no significant bug reports since RC2 was announced only three weeks ago" that's not the way i would have put this ;-)12:21
wpwrakbut it's a great step forward nevertheless12:22
wpwrakpity that they seem to copy the step release concept. would be nicer if they used rolling releases.12:28
whitequarkthat is really not a pity, using a rolling release on a server is insane12:52
whitequarkall my boxes have autoupdate by default to plug CVEs while I sleep12:53
kyaki'm running arch on my server since 2012, and i'm happy with rolling releases. Not a single time did i have to reinstall the system to upgrade it12:54
kyakand i'm using lts kernel12:54
kyakand NO, upgrade procedures don't work without complete reinstallation12:55
kyakthat's my experience12:55
whitequarknot a single time I had to *fix* a system after a routine update on debian, and that's more important12:56
whitequarkonce per two years I can spend a single day in a pre-planned fashion, go and run all my ansible scripts on a new machine and sync all data12:57
whitequarkbut putting out fires because some idiot didn't update a package definition right is not what I want to do after waking up on aweekend12:58
kyakthere is "testing" before it rolls on13:00
wpwrakyes, it all depends on the quality of the testing13:00
wpwrakand with a rolling release you have a good chance that also testing in the field will happen before problems can affect you13:01
wpwrakit's true that failures will be a less predictable, but on the other had, you get things in a more timely manner13:01
whitequarka few people genuinely need the latest greatest features13:09
whitequarkthe rest should just realize that whatever toy they want from the last year should probably not be used in production anyway13:09
wpwrakthe problem isn't needing the latest features of everything, but there's always a small number of things where you really want to have the latest13:10
wpwrakand what's a mere inconvenience for people like us is an nearly insurmountable barrier for less advanced users13:12
whitequarkI disagree that there 'always' is13:17
wpwrakwell, that's my experience so far. often there are non-official dailies that can bridge those gaps, but every once in a whole you run into something you just have to build on your own if you need the latest13:19
wpwrakand if you're unlucky, it's something like cura, with pretty heavy dependencies13:19
mthfor me it depends a lot on what the role for the machine is: on a development PC I want recent packages, on a server I want mature ones13:26
wpwrakah yes, if that's the part of "always" whitequark meant, i'd agree. i was referring to the overall personal experience. of course, my server is typically just fine with old base releases.13:49
whitequarkyes I'm talking about servers specifically13:51
whitequarkdevelopment PCs would be nearly unusable on debian stable, even testing alone is a stretch sometimes13:51
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