#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2017-05-05

pcercueiare there still people with Nanonotes?13:46
wpwraki use mine often13:49
wpwrakthey're perfect as interfaces for in-circuit programming :)13:50
pcercueido you know where I can get one?13:51
wpwrakhmm. maybe ida systems ? info@idasystems.net may work13:54
wpwrakthey seem to be doing web design now, but they used to sell hardware. maybe they have some left.13:54
wpwrakelse, you could try asking on the list13:55
wpwrakthat is, once wolfspraul fixes it :)13:55
wpwrakthe mail server get stuck with "451 Temporary local problem - please try later (in reply to end of DATA command)" every once in a while :-(13:56
pcercueimaybe larsc has a spare one in a drawer13:56
wpwraksounds like a good enough excuse for going through his drawers when he's out for lunch :)13:59
pcercueiI want to step up to maintain the jz4740 kernel code, that's a valid reason :)14:02
wpwraklarsc: you see that ? don't lock your drawers !14:05
paul_boddiepcercuei: IDA Systems did sell a NanoNote to someone a while back, but maybe that isn't even the same company using that domain now.14:17
larscpcercuei: depends on what your people decide to do this weekend. I might have to sell the NN for scrapmetal to make it through the winter14:31
paul_boddieActually, what other viable options are there for jz-series stuff these days?14:34
pcercueidingoo A320, GCW Zero, MIPS CI2014:35
pcercueilarsc, your health before my leisure ;)14:36
paul_boddieOf those, only one of them seems to be "current", and I'd argue that it doesn't get much support these days.14:36
pcercueiyou mean the GCW Zero? ;)14:36
paul_boddieNo, I follow the comments on the Kickstarter and know that GCW Zero is unobtainium.14:37
pcercueiyou can buy it in online stores, but generally they don't have much stock14:37
pcercueiI can maintain the jz47xx code with my Dingoo A320, the problem is that I can't maintain the Nanonote specific bits14:38
pcercueiand those are preventing me from updating the whole thing14:38
paul_boddieMaybe post to the qi-hardware list about it?14:39
pcercueione wolfspraul fixes it ;)14:40
paul_boddieIt'd be interesting to know who still has one and is using it. Werner could even do a statistical breakdown of the response. ;-)14:40
paul_boddieAlso, do any of the linux-mips people have one?14:43
pcercueiI think Ralf has one14:58
paul_boddieI think I said that I could test a newer kernel on my NanoNote.15:12
pcercueishould I bother you everytime I have a kernel to test then?15:18
paul_boddieProbably not. :-) But I probably don't use my NanoNote as much as I should do, either.15:22
paul_boddieI was going to try and get Fiasco.OC working on it, just for amusement, but I just glaze over looking at the documentation.15:25
paul_boddieBuilding payloads and debugging them by seeing if they do anything or not isn't so much fun.15:25
paul_boddie(I didn't do the UART mod because my soldering isn't that good.)15:26
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