#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2017-03-12

Action: drhardcrack waving hello?10:12
drhardcrackerichvk__:  evenin'10:39
erichvk__I lurk mostly. The others do most of the talking occasionally.10:48
drhardcrackThat's sad11:24
erichvk__what are you up to?11:27
drhardcrackLearn new stuff11:35
drhardcrackWas into Reversing 11:36
drhardcrackhad a nack for Electronics so wondering where to begin11:36
erichvk__maybe learn, if you haven;t already, your way around FOSS schematic and PCB layout tools11:37
erichvk__if you can design a PCB, and get it made, you will significantly unshackle you creative urges11:42
drhardcrackI heard about Fault Injection and Side Channel Analysis11:42
drhardcrackWas wondering where to begin11:43
drhardcrackSo an Arduino seems a good choice?11:43
erichvk__if you really want a quick start, maybe get a bus pirate11:43
drhardcrackNo, I don't want to be quick. I'd like to take time and understand stuff.11:44
erichvk__quick as in not making your own gear11:45
erichvk__bus pirate will be less painful I expect than an arduino11:45
erichvk__for JTAG and similar mischief, IIUC11:45
drhardcrackSo, you in this since long?11:46
erichvk__I like mucking around with radio amateur related stuff, and pcb layout stuff11:46
drhardcrackOh. Cool dude. Thanks for helping. :)11:47
erichvk__I hang around in qi-hardware because I have an interest in fped, their PCB footprint tool11:47
erichvk__you might find some interesting people in #hackvana11:47
erichvk__which is mostly about hardware stuff11:47
erichvk__and pcb's11:48
drhardcrackYeah,I'll definitely check it out.11:48
erichvk__for example, anyone can bodge an RFID cloning attiny85 and a coil together, but a real hardware hacker would get a PCB made11:49
drhardcrackHell yeah!11:50
wpwrakarduino is to real electronics like lego is to having a 5-axis cnc mill. sure, you do amazing things with lego, but there's a little bit more to the universe than just that :)11:53
drhardcrackSure. But isn't #hackvana more of company?11:54
drhardcrackI was expecting some group where people discuss about their hacks and stuff11:54
erichvk__that's what they do, inbetween ordering circuit boards11:55
erichvk__my latest11:55
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