#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2017-03-11

wpwrakbtw, what's the collective wisdom regarding git repos with crossed dependencies ? i currently have them all under the same top-level directory, with relative symlinks picking stuff from the neighbours. e.g., file foo/src/Makefile may use ../../bar/whatever21:45
wpwrakan alternative approach would be to use submodules instead. so foo/ may have a copy of "bar" as foo/bar/ or foo/src/bar/, and the Makefile would use ../bar/whatever or bar/whatever21:46
wpwraka minor twist here is that there are cases where something in repo A depends on something in repo B, but also something in B depends on something in A. so in the submodule scenario, each would have the other as submodule21:48
wpwrakbut i don't think there are cases where such an "external" dependency would go more than one step. i.e., no foo -> bar -> foo21:48
whitequarkwpwrak: have a toplevel repo21:50
whitequarkis the usual solution21:50
wpwrakbackground: the anelok repo is getting messy, with circuit design, firmware, simulator, case design, build tools, the host gui, the web site, and documentation all lumped into one repo. so i'm thinking of breaking that down into multiple repos21:50
wpwrakah yes, that sounds nice. basically mixing both approaches21:51
wpwrakhow i love gtk. changing a label to a button i notice a little issue. issues stubbornly refuses to go away. finally i give up and google: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26089342/python-gtk-3-table-buttons-should-not-expand/26092410#2609241023:10
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