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kyakgoogle search "cbp unlock phone" and filter by date till end of 201603:30
kyakthis is to understand to much shit is in this article03:30
kyakobama? trump? muslims? this has nothing to do with that. These border searches were since ages03:31
kyakbut of course, what really happened here is very simple. Trump, being Putin's puppet, needs to lay down NASA's secrets to him. NASA is way too secure even for russian hackers! Having little power over NASA directly, Trump personally ordered to search every NASA employer crossing the border. This is to dump their phones and deliver information directly to his master, Putin03:36
wpwrakkyak: i think you nailed it :) and that also explains why the phone was taken away for 30 minutes. they didn't want him to hear the folks retrieving the data speak in russian05:55
whitequarkkyak: worth nothing that smartphones postdate 9/1106:22
whitequarkwhich is when the madness deepened, anyhow06:22
DocScrutinizer05or the CBP officer was a Trump hater who did what he could to cause an incident that doesn't look good for Trump and his Trumpism09:39
DocScrutinizer05he wasn't terribly successful then, but hey he did what he could09:39
DocScrutinizer05you can hope all year long for a Reps Senator standing on the other side of your CBP desk, it might never come true09:41
DocScrutinizer05when *I* would work for CBP, this would be _exactly_ what I would have done: execute the instructions I've been given, to the last comma and period. *Particularly* on somebody who's obviously not a target for such measures but is not explicitly excluded in the instructions09:43
DocScrutinizer05and of course I'd act as professional and friendly to the "target of action" as I don't want to cause personal stress or damage to the innocent accidental victim09:46
Action: DocScrutinizer05 goes off topic and idly wonders how many scandlas per week Trump and his minions can cause, on long term average. Particularly since they are only practicing still, so might get better err worse10:31
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