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strawberyargonhow much to discharge lifepo too? 2v, 2.25v, 2.5v ? done some searching need to do more... but not looking easy. heres my batt, it has datasheet link: http://www.allbatteries.co.uk/lithium-iron-phosphate-battery-un38-3-12v-7-5ah-t1-aml9131.html01:44
strawberyargon(discharge per cell)01:44
strawberyargonhow is cycle life affected?01:46
strawberyargonthanks muchly. off to http://totalism.org/ on monday :) first time, first plane trip :) :|01:48
strawberyargonthe data sheet for that 12v batt, it only goes down to 2.5v per cell in most of the graphs. in one it goes down to 9v (2.25v per cell) and the cutt off is 8v - 2v per cell01:49
strawberyargoni dont think i want to dischage it to the cut off, and it looks like the capicity drops off quickly? im not sure01:51
strawberyargonmade a low voltage disconnect circuit using ne555 thx to internet for instructions :)01:53
strawberyargontheres ready made modules from china too01:53
rjeffrieswpwrak do I detect a pulse for activity re: your anelok password security device?19:33
wpwrakrjeffries: indeed, indeed :)19:37
rjeffriesI assumed it was no longer being developed... 19:37
rjeffriesoh my, that's good news19:37
wpwrakrjeffries: got me a 3D printer, now making a nicer and especially more maintainable case19:37
rjeffriesdid you pursue idea of it using two MCUs (It's been a while...)19:38
wpwrakand i'm also (finally) getting the components for the next iteration. let's hope they clear customs unscathed.19:38
wpwrakyes, i'm keeping the dual MCU for now19:39
rjeffriesI like that concept. assume your 3D printer has adequate ventilation. we need you to stay alive. LOL19:40
wpwrakthere are also MCUs in this class that have some degree of memory protection where one could perhaps just run communication stacks with limited access. but that's an optimization :)19:40
wpwrak3D printer is in my guest room, some 8 m from my office, behind a door :)19:41
wpwraki had it for a bit in my office, but the smells do get a little annoying with time19:42
rjeffriestwo MIT grads were found dead. cause: carbon monoxide supposedly from 3D printer. wow19:42
wpwrakthat's about as bad as that guy who played video games non-stop for days, until he died19:42
rjeffriessmart people sometimes do dumb things. 19:43
rjeffriesre anelok: any thoughts re using NFC as a way to make a fute version work with e,g, Android phone?19:44
wpwrakyou have BT for wireless communication. NFC isn't all that useful. maybe for pairing, but meh.19:45
whitequarkwpwrak: actually, disagree19:45
whitequarkyubikey does that for their token19:46
wpwrakwhat i'd be much more intrested in is a fingerprint sensor or such, as added factor to complement the PIN. but that still seems to be tricky.19:46
whitequarkI assume it works with U2F, which removes the hassle with pairing as well as brings some physical proximity into the mix19:46
wpwrakwhitequark: NFC often needs very close proximity. not so nice for a device that you operate (i.e., going through menus and such). i guess you could use your phone as a "table" and put anelok on top, but that's kina messy.19:48
whitequarkno no19:49
whitequarkfirst set up a transfer, then press the phone against the device19:49
wpwrakhaving said that, i haven't done a detailed evaluation of NFC. if it should be able to replace BT, that could be interesting. but that would be for later.19:49
whitequarkthis has the advantage that it makes unauthorized access by a rogue app or something harder19:49
wpwrakfor that, the idea is that you acknowledge the operation. i.e., phone/PC sends a query with account information. anelok searches if it finds something that matches. if yes, asks user if it should send the auth information.19:51
wpwrakso that you don't have to go manually through your entire database all the time19:51
wpwrak2FA is a nicer fit: since you only have to prove possession of the token, you can be a bit more lax with acknowledging. but yes, proximity becomes a concern then.19:53
rjeffriesis your use of BT one where there's a trusted app on the phone that decrypts messages anelok sends? 21:00
rjeffriesabout fingerprint sensors (which have become very good) I am one of the people who have fingerprints that can not be recognized. not just by my Nexus 5X phone, but the system the local police department uses.21:02
rjeffriesthere's some small percentage of folks who have fingerprints that are not disticnt. too bad I did not become a crimianl, would have been a real value add21:03
wpwrakthe idea is that you can have HID (keyboard), and then build better things on top of it.21:16
wpwrake.g., you could have an encrypted channel between anelok and, say, the web browser. then browser would decrypt the password and then send it on to the remote site.21:17
wpwrakor, if the remote site supports it, and the browser plays along, anelok could even have an encrypted channel directly to the remmote site. so even if your PC is full of nasty critters, they only see gibberish21:18
wpwrak(untraceable fingerprints) i guess one of your ancestors was a time-travelling criminal ;-))21:19
paul_boddiewpwrak: Did you see that Harald Welte has made the ATUSB available again?21:35
wpwrakpaul_boddie: of course. i updated the files for that :)21:42
wpwrakso that other plan towards world domination is coming along nicely, too ;-)21:42
paul_boddieI noticed and then updated the qi-hw wiki. That's why I wondered.21:45
paul_boddieIt's interesting that the whole MIPS Creator CI40 IoT thing features a WPAN board, but the details are a bit mysterious.21:46
paul_boddieAnd it did make me wonder whether that flavour of networking was still a thing. But when I was looking at this, I hadn't seen Harald's blog.21:46
wpwrak(wii) aah, thanks ! quite forgot about that one21:47
wpwrakthe resident expert on the future of wpan would be eintopf :)21:48
paul_boddieI was looking at wireless/radio stuff for experimentation, and it looked like 802.15.4 had been pushed aside by other stuff.21:50
wpwrakbt is certainly getting stronger21:50
wpwrakand there are others, less mainstream, too21:50
paul_boddieYou see Bluetooth Low Energy (or whatever it is called) used/hyped a lot these days.21:51
paul_boddieThen there's that LoRaWAN stuff as well.21:51
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