#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2017-01-24

--- Tue Jan 24 201700:00
wpwrakhmm ... thinking of a designer-time-efficient way to handle clearances between parts in 3D designs. instead of adding outlines at some small distance around things, which is tedious work and leads to cluttered designs, why not design the parts such that they touch each other, generate individual meshes, then ...19:05
wpwrakforeach P in PARTS: P' = P; foreach Q in PARTS: if P != Q: P' = P' - offset(Q, d)19:07
wpwrakwhere offset() is an offset function for the mesh, something like this: http://homepage.tudelft.nl/h05k3/pubs/TASEOffsetting.pdf19:07
wpwrakand d is the offset distance. though that could be d function that depends on P and Q, on direction, etc.19:08
--- Wed Jan 25 201700:00

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