#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2017-01-22

wpwrakhmm, does anyone know freelists.org ? are they okay ? with the qi-hw list broken, it's time to find a new home for anelok discussions05:09
wpwrakplan B would be to use google groups05:12
kyakwpwrak: have you heard anything back from wolfspraul?06:45
kyakthe mailing list seems to be dead since june 2016...06:46
wolfspraulkyak: good morning! :)09:30
kyakwolfspraul: hey, nice to see you! :)10:39
wolfspraulnice to see you!12:29
wolfspraulthe mailing list is dead? maybe it's easy to resurrect it...12:29
wolfspraulmy main focus with the entire qi-hardware site was preservation and avoiding spam/vandalism12:30
wolfspraulthere is some good work on that site12:31
erichvkwpwrak, I have sent a git diff through for the fped additions13:39
erichvklet me know if it's all OK!13:40
wpwrakwolfspraul: wheee, he's alive ! welcome back ! :)16:01
wpwrakwolfspraul: i first noticed when i tried to post something christmessy, so that was around the 24th. the SMTP was rejected with "Temporary local problem" (eventually causing my end to time out)16:03
wpwraktried again a few weeks later, but the same. i sent you a few messages on IRC, but i guess you didn't see them16:04
wolfspraultemporary local problem?16:04
wpwrakturandot.qi-hardware.com said: 451 Temporary local problem16:05
wpwrakwhatever that means :)16:05
wpwraki looked for a full disk or such, but couldn't find anything obvious16:06
wolfspraulwhich address are you sending to?16:07
wpwraksomething is coming up :)16:11
wolfspraulit looks like the spamassasing was down16:18
wolfspraulnot sure it works now16:18
wolfsprauldo you want to try?16:18
wolfspraulI restarted spamassasin16:18
wpwraklemme try ...16:21
wpwrakworks ! thanks a lot !16:25
wolfspraulit was a stuck spamassassin then16:29
wpwrakan assassion with indigestion. sounds unpleasant :)16:30
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