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--- Fri Jan 20 201700:00
planasbhow to disable chip in working pcb using reset ? is it possible?19:35
planasbreset pin19:35
planasbDocScrutinizer05: any ideas?19:35
DocScrutinizer05please share detail19:36
planasbI have Amiga 1200 with 68HC05C keyboard micro.. want use arduino to generate kbd_data and kbd_clk signals (I don't own keyboard). I want to disable 68HC05C chip19:38
planasb68HC05C keyboard micro has kbd_data and kbd_clk outputs19:39
planasbi see made product and cost 30 ¬ but it's too much for me19:40
planasbI tried to hook arduino to Commodore CIA which has same kbd_data, kbd_clck.. but try to generate something Amiga1200 resets19:42
planasbI will try to hook to keyboard micro which has kbd_data kbd_clk.. but I think i need to disable this chips19:43
planasbDocScrutinizer05: ?19:46
planasbsearch for KB_DATA19:50
DocScrutinizer05hmm yeah. You prolly get away with connecting 7-PIN SIL "KB TEST" pin 4 to pin720:10
DocScrutinizer05unsure about KB_RESET signal which seems to be OUTput of 680520:11
planasbDocScrutinizer05: i will try20:12
--- Sat Jan 21 201700:00

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