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wpwrakwhitequark: i have some more stupid questions about solvespace: the long-term goal would be to design a part that looks like this: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/anelok-top.stl23:34
wpwrakthis shows the bits and pieces that go into the design: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/anelok/tmp/case-20160531.png23:35
wpwrakso i have not only the case shell but also the components that define what sorts of cut-outs i need. for visualization, i want all of this to be part of the model (i guess that would be all under assembly), but for production (for now 3d printing), i'd just want that respective case element23:37
whitequarkwpwrak: what do you view STL files with?23:37
whitequarkI never had much luck with anything on linux23:37
wpwrakmeshlab works pretty well23:37
wpwrakjust don't try to use anything else but visualization :) supposedly, it can work all sorts of crazy magic on meshes, but i never got anything significantly more useful than a crash from it there23:38
wpwrakfreecad should also be able to display STLs, and to play with them. lemme check ...23:39
wpwrakyup, it loads STL fine. alas, measurements are seriously limited on STLs. you just have that fuzzy "measure distance" tool that takes two clicks and turns them into points and the distance between them, without making it very clear where exactly in 3d space it guesstimates those points really are23:42
wpwrakif constructing in freecad, you also get edges and surfaces as items that can be selected for measurements, which is a lot more confidence-inspiring23:43
wpwrakanyway, back to solvespace: parts like the LCD define the geometry of the cutouts they need. so the sketch defining the cutout should be based on (the) sketch(es) defining the LCD. can this be done ? i.e., can i "import" a point from another sketch ?23:46
wpwraki guess i could go entirely 3d and just connect points and edges, but that seems a bit risky, and also easily confusing23:46
whitequarkwpwrak: you can do this several ways, actually!23:47
whitequarkI think what makes the most sense is to import the LCD sketch without the solid model (there's a checkbox)...23:47
whitequarkthen when doing the final assembly / fit check, import the LCD sketch again23:47
wpwrakthat sounds pretty good already. what would be the other ways ?23:50
whitequarkerm, I think they would be more or less the same thing but more contrived23:56
whitequarkon reflection23:56
wpwrakheh, okay :)23:56
whitequarkbtw if you disable the group with the LCD sketch after constraining against it, it will become invisible, including on import23:57
wpwrakokay, that sounds useful, too23:59
wpwrakah, fun question: could solvespace draw a conical spring, like this ? http://stainless-steel-fittings.brass-copper-fittings.com/images/stainless_steel_springs30.jpg23:59
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