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strawberyargonsad to see this wont be funding unless lots of people make up and make pledges in the next 4 days03:11
whitequarkwpwrak: what do you want to get in TextWidget::set_cursor_hand ?09:47
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: what you say is correct, I just meant having such a debugging facility be flaky is annoying.09:48
wpwrakwhitequark: i was thinking of something like   if (get()->dpy_tw) gdkwin->set_cursor(Gdk::Cursor::create(get().dpy_tw, type); else gdkwin->set_cursor(Gdk::Cursor::create(type));10:14
wpwrakwhere dpy_tw is NULL if we don't use an alternative display, and points to the alternative display if we do10:14
wpwrakbut ... get() isn't available, so i can't get at the TWGtk and thus can't get at dpy_tw :(10:15
wpwrakmeanwhile, in "main", TW.get() works just fine10:15
wpwrakmaybe there'd be also a way to just the "my display", whatever the context (i.e., alt or same as GW), but i wouldn't know how to obtain that sort of information10:18
whitequarkwpwrak: you don't need get() here ever10:22
whitequarkor explicitly saving the display anyway10:22
whitequarkyou can call get_screen() or get_display() in any widget or window10:23
wpwrakhmm. let's see what happens ...10:24
whitequarkalso, you have never generally needed get().10:25
whitequarkjust use TW->dpy_tw if you have a field called dpy_tw10:25
whitequarkagain an XY problem...10:25
wpwraknaw. trying something more familiar before venturing into more treacherous territory10:26
wpwrakstrange. TW->dpy_tw does indeed compile. but why ? dpy_tw is in TWGtk, not TW10:28
whitequarkstd::unique_ptr<TextWindowGtk> TW;10:29
whitequarkand uh10:29
whitequarkthus if you call TW-> it delegates to TextWindowGtk10:30
wpwrakah, * == get()10:31
whitequarkto be precise, &*TW is the same as calling get() as long as TW!=nullptr10:31
wpwrakwhat shall be the env variable ? DISPLAY_TW ? ALT_DISPLAY_TW ? ... ?10:33
whitequarkI prefer DISPLAY_TEXTWIN10:33
whitequarkor rather DISPLAY_TEXTWND10:34
wpwraknote: based on 7dbbd75969b5f7c26e97ffe3e8f9da67fb3cfca4, not your master, due to the gtkmm version dependency10:47
whitequarkwpwrak: really reluctant to merge with this "known issue"11:01
wpwrakwell, at least it only occurs if you actually ask for the feature :)11:02
wpwrakbtw, it also works with the the text window on a VNC server. so testing shouldn't need any overly fancy setup12:07
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