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wpwrakerichvk: ah, you're back :)03:30
wpwrak(surjective/injective) nicely put :) just suggesting to print a warning when the output won't match the design. might keep the delighted geda users from some undelightful surprises.03:32
wpwrakanyway, please pick the level of diagnostics you're comfortable with, fix the indentations, and then send me a new patch.03:33
wpwrakif you want to exercise making patches with git: git checkout -b new_branch (where new_branch is the name of your "topic" branch)03:33
erichvksounds perfectly reasonable. It will require restoration of some maths for the hole offset delta X and delta Y; if the delta x and delta y for the hole are not equal to zero, the pad will become a pin centred on the hole; also, I will get it to flag slots that won;t translate03:33
wpwrakgit add any_new_files; git commit .   (to commit the new files and anything else you changed), then use  git format-patch  to make a patch suitable for mail. git format-patch is a little quirky, so you may want to check the man page and/or stackexchange.03:35
erichvkok, that should be quite do-able, cheers03:35
erichvkI will put it onto my to-do list!!!03:36
wpwrakgenerating the patch from git makes sure it's properly formatted and also has all the meta-data where it should be (author, date, commit message). so i don't have to go hunting for all the bits and pieces.03:36
erichvkcool. makes sense.03:36
wpwrakgreat, thanks !03:36
erichvkI realised if gEDA users want to make an entire family of footprints, i.e. export a .mod, they can batch convert the .mod to a bunch of discrete footprints with my translate2geda utility anyway03:37
wpwrak(pad types) yeah, fped is biased towards the way kicad does things. in general, it tries to be generic, but sometimes you notice where it comes from.03:39
wpwraki'll also have some fun with the new things kicad's new module format will support. but that's for another day ;-)03:40
erichvkroundrect, trapezoid don;t map well currently either!03:40
erichvkOK, I will email the patch when done; probably in the next couple of days03:41
wpwrakyeah, kicad may support trapezoids now, too. the challenge is to do things as generically as possible in fped, without encouraging users to ask for things that can't be represented in the output ;-)03:43
strawberyargontrying to find articals on lifepo4 charging. looking for a dc input board or boxed product. can a CC, CV and stop and $volt feature board do the job? with out and snags?18:49
strawberyargon*articles 18:50
strawberyargonfor a 4s 7AH bms built in batt18:50
strawberyargonlook seller links to datasheet :D http://www.allbatteries.co.uk/lithium-iron-phosphate-battery-un38-3-12v-7-5ah-t1-aml9131.html18:51
strawberyargonand snags =any snags18:59
strawberyargonlooks like rc chargers can charge them :)20:05
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