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kristianpaulwpwrak: 01:22
wpwrakkristianpaul: ah, sounds nice. just a bit too short notice, though :(06:21
sb0120 AUD for the successor of ESP8266? you're gonna get a crapload of hackaday cheapskates complaining. ESP8266 modules can be found for about a dollar in china.11:04
sb0not that I would pay more for IoT-themed stuff, but the reaction is the same for more interesting devices11:08
wpwraknaw, esp32 modules currently sell around USD 15. and some are listed < USD 10 (from high-margin companies), but currently out of stock12:07
wpwrakapparently esp are still fixing some silicon bugs, and thus haven't produced a lot12:08
wpwrakthe esp32 (or similar) should be quite interesting when they open it a bit more. which they say is something they're looking into for future products.12:10
erichvk_what is the best way to contribute code to fped?12:35
erichvk_the git repo on qi-hardware?12:35
wpwrakyes. what are you planning to do ?12:36
erichvk_I have added gEDA pcb export12:37
wpwrakaah, right. yes, that's very interesting.12:38
erichvk_there was one issue.12:39
erichvk_geda does not use modules in the sense of a .mod with a library of multiple modules12:39
erichvk_does fped ever export more than one module in practice?12:39
wpwrakyou could export them one by one12:42
erichvk_yeah, it's not a show stopper.12:42
wpwrake.g., by getting the list with -l, then picking the one to export with -1 name12:42
wpwrakor maybe add some name-%s type of generation. but that may already be too fancy :)12:43
erichvk_for now, it will dump them serially into one file, and they would be easy enough to pull apart/extract individually subsequently.12:44
erichvk_the files changes are in coord.h, file.c, file.h gui,c12:45
erichvk_and new files are geda.h, geda.c12:45
erichvk_I am happy to contribute them under the same GPL licencing of fped; just need to tidy up the code a little.12:50
wpwrakperfect. and yes, it's important not to mix licenses12:56
erichvk_I wasn't sure how to get the files submitted, i.e. git access, vs email, etc...12:57
wpwrakemail should be easiest, werner@almesberger.net  else, if you have an account on http://projects.qi-hardware.com/, i can add you there13:02
erichvk_I'll start with email; and am sorting out a login as erichvk13:06
kristianpaulwpwrak: yeah :(14:12
erichvk_wpwrak, email sent with files15:09
DocScrutinizer05micromanipulator nifty17:06
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