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sb0https://www.crowdsupply.com/onchip/open-v is getting a very familiar treatment...03:30
wpwrakspreading the word certainly can't hurt03:52
sb0yes, single-digit % funding, hackaday cheapskates complaining it doesn't have feature X and Y, comparing it with cheap mass-produced stuff, etc.03:59
kyakDocScrutinizer05: did i disable TR-069 by installing openwrt onto my router? :)06:32
baabaHello ! I tried with an older bootloader, still not working but there are error messages now15:51
baabaThe first one being Bad ext2 partition or disk - mmc 0:1**15:51
baabaI'm wondering something, what partition table do I need to use ?15:56
DocScrutinizer05kyak: I guess yes :-D16:07
mthbaaba: I'm guessing a traditional PC boot sector (MBR) with primary partion 1 being vfat and primary partion 2 being Linux formatted as ext216:17
mthalthough it sounds like it can also just be a single Linux/ext2 partition if you're using a boot loader that includes the linked commit16:18
mththis is extrapolating from how boot loaders work on other systems; I don't have a NanoNote myself16:19
paul_boddiebaaba: Sorry to see that you're still having difficulties!16:30
paul_boddieFor the record, doing "fdisk -l /dev/sdb" tells me...16:32
paul_boddie"/dev/sdb1 10 2097899 1048945 83 Linux"16:32
baabaallright thanks I am trying again after having formatted the sd card16:33
paul_boddieI can never remember the magic around formatting and partition tables.16:34
paul_boddieInteresting that the start is "10", though. I guess the partition table is from 0 to 10.16:34
baabait seems to work16:38
baabaFinally !16:38
baabaI formatted with no partition table16:38
baabaBut without changing the bootloader for an older one i wouldn't have known the issue was the partitions16:39
baabaI am so happy !16:40
baabaso thank you !16:42
paul_boddieGlad that it worked! Not sure I understand how it works now, though. ;-)16:44
paul_boddieDo you get similar output from fdisk?16:44
baabawell now yes, I don't know about before16:55
baabaexcept that I have a second partition for swap16:55
paul_boddieMaybe I should add an example of fdisk to the page.16:58
baabathere is one, maybe just specify that there must be no partition table 17:04
paul_boddieActually, how did you reformat the card?17:07
baabawell I'm not a pro with fdisk so I just did it from gnome-disks17:08
baabaNow a small problem is that I don't have apt-get, ping and internet on my nanonote17:14
mthyou can do networking over USB (cdcether)17:18
baabathanks mth !17:18
paul_boddieOK. I'm not a pro with fdisk, either.17:20
baabalol i don't even have ifconfig17:21
paul_boddieThe default kernel should support Ethernet over USB: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB17:22
paul_boddieBut for the tools, you will need various packages in Debian.17:22
paul_boddieWhen configuring multistrap, you should specify those packages. For example...17:23
baabayeah I added some packages to multistrap but not these ones :(17:23
paul_boddieI guess net-tools and ifupdown and so on. You can ignore stuff like python-pygame. ;-)17:24
baabado you have ifconfig working ?17:25
baabaOr maybe there is a way to grab packages and dependencies from my main pc and put them on my sdcard then do some dpkg -i ?17:25
paul_boddieYes, ifconfig works. (Just testing to make sure!)17:27
paul_boddieYou could copy packages and install manually, too.17:27
paul_boddieI'm not sure if it is possible to multistrap a rootfs again with more packages and not make it upset.17:28
baabaI think I will do a fresh install with a ton of packages, is there any cli game you recommend ? 17:28
paul_boddieNot really, sorry!17:29
baababy the way do all guis require x11 to be installed ? if I want a graphical game will I need a x server ?17:29
paul_boddieJust looking now, and it hasn't activated Ethernet over USB, but that did work in Wheezy.17:29
paul_boddieSo maybe I need to find the right magic for Jessie. ifconfig is there, though.17:30
paul_boddieI think my brother got the framebuffer version of Qt working on the NanoNote at one point.17:32
baabaoh okay 17:32
paul_boddieMaybe I should check my kernel, although it should be the right one (and not one I compiled with different modules).17:36
baabamaybe sdl games will work without xorg17:39
mthbaaba: lots of games work on the framebuffer17:40
mthcheck games for the Dingoo A32017:41
baabathanks mth ! I'll do that17:41
mthyou could even try to use the OpenDingux rootfs via chroot, then you don't even have to build the games17:41
paul_boddieYes, SDL stuff works on the framebuffer pretty well. That's why I was messing around with python-pygame.17:42
baabado you think love2d would work too ?17:42
mthdoes that require GL ES?17:43
paul_boddieOK, so it was the kernel that didn't have the "Ethernet Gadget" driver. That shouldn't be a problem for you: I just copied the wrong file from my system.17:43
baabaoh okay17:43
baabawell now that everything works I am going to pick some games and programs and multistrap again17:44
paul_boddieGood luck!17:44
mthbaaba: A320 software is here: http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingux-releases/17:53
baabathanks mth and paul_boddie 18:09
paul_boddieNo problem! Nice to see people getting into the NanoNote even now.18:14
paul_boddieI thought I was a late adopter back in 2012. ;-)18:14
paul_boddieNow if only there were a new edition. :-)18:14
baabayes that would be cool !18:21
baabaThere is the pyra that looks a bit like the nanonote due to its size mainly18:22
baababy the way idasystems website is still not working, maybe they stopped their activity :o18:23
baabamaybe I am the last buyer of a ben nanonote18:23
wpwrakpaul_boddie: (new edition) find a pot of gold, and we'll make it happen :)18:31
baabaI'm trying to add the modules for sound to work as explained here http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Debian#Setup_sound but i get a modules.builtin no such file or directory, same for some modules.order19:17
baabais it just a warning ?19:18
baabaok it won't work&19:24
paul_boddieNot sure if I tried sound. Not a big sound user, really. I can ask my brother, though.20:24
paul_boddiewpwrak: The funny thing now is that you could replace the jz4720 with something like the M150 and have four times the RAM embedded on-chip.20:26
wpwrakoh, nice20:27
wpwrakand no embedded NAND. excellent, just what i've been preaching for years :)20:27
paul_boddieI think all these things have hardware floating point support as well. The jz4775 does, at least.20:29
wpwrakyup, the M150 has that20:29
wpwrakthere's a reasonably detailed data sheet: ftp://ftp.ingenic.com/SOC/M150/M150_DS.PDF20:30
paul_boddieNo need to rebuild libvorbis or whatever.20:30
wpwrak(ftp, so retro)20:30
paul_boddieYes, I think I already grabbed the datasheet. There were also programming manuals for some SoCs on the FTP site.20:30
paul_boddieAt some point I'll get the enthusiasm to do more low-level MIPS stuff on the Ben.20:31
wpwrak(programming manual) indeed, even for the M150. nice that ingenic have reverted to the openness of the early nanonote days20:35
paul_boddieI kept getting timeouts when looking for manuals, so I only found a couple of them.20:36
wpwraklooks decent enough ftp://ftp.ingenic.com/SOC/M150/M150_PM.PDF20:37
wpwrakso we have the MCU, the memory, a boot architecture. lcd should be findable, too. now, who gets the money ? :)20:38
paul_boddieI think I found the M150, jz4775 and jz4780. The latter may have been made available because of the MIPS Creator CI20 and the need for documentation.20:39
pcercueineed some more?20:39
pcercueivery cheap. :D20:39
paul_boddieBut yes, nice that they're putting them on their FTP site.20:39
pcercueidoing a nanonote 2?20:40
paul_boddieIdle chat, really. :-)20:41
paul_boddieJust noting that you could drop the external RAM and have a lot more on the chip itself now.20:42
paul_boddieA lot more by Ben standards, at least. :-)20:42
baabaok I think the problem comes from alsa not being installed21:25
paul_boddieMost likely.21:30
baababut apt-get seems to be missing&21:30
baabado you know how I could download and install all dependencies only using dpkg and an other pc ?21:31
mthuse packages.debian.org and look up the dependencies manually?21:35
baabayeah :/ seems a bit long if there are many depedencies :o21:36
baababut I shall try21:36
mthmaybe you can make an ftp mirror and add that to your sources.list?21:36
mthbut then you probably need a huge SD card21:36
mth110 GB for mipsel according to https://www.debian.org/mirror/size21:37
mthnot impossible, but probably more than the card you're using21:37
baabayes :p i have a 32GB card21:38
baabai found this http://www.tuxradar.com/answers/51721:39
paul_boddieYou could perhaps multistrap separately and then compare the package archives.21:50
baabaoh yes good idea21:50
paul_boddieNot sure where the package archives live, though. :-)21:51
paul_boddieI know the package scripts usually go into /var/lib/dpkg/info.21:52
paul_boddieNot sure if the actual .deb files are kept around.21:52
baababy the way, what packages includes the apt-get command ?21:56
baabaoh apt21:56
baabafound it21:56
paul_boddieYes. On a Debian system "dpkg -S /usr/bin/apt-get" says "apt".21:57
baababye i'm going to bed !22:56
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