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baabaHi again paul_boddie I saw that you updated the wiki page, I followed the exact steps but I still have the same issue : nothing displays and it doesn't seem to boot :(19:22
DocScrutinizer05I hope you all deactivated TR-069 in your routers19:35
paul_boddiebaaba: Just to remind myself, does the unit boot OpenWrt?19:49
baabawell i haven't tried from an sd card but it was preinstalled and I updated it through usb19:58
paul_boddieI'm trying to remember if I ever updated the bootloader.20:53
paul_boddieIf I did, it was to the 2012-10-25 version: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/NanoNote/Ben/2012-10-24/20:55
paul_boddieBut I don't know if that would be the problem here. Trying to find release notes...20:55
paul_boddieContains the interesting "Fix boot from memcard".20:57
baabaI only ran the update ben nanonote shell script21:36
baabadid it not update the bootloader ?21:36
baabaok well I updated the bootloader and I still have the same issue21:49
paul_boddieIt's difficult to troubleshoot this.21:53
paul_boddieIf normal booting works then the bootloader is probably OK. It's just the booting from memory card that might not have been working.21:54
baabais there any way to know what bootloader you're running ?21:55
baaba[POWER] + [M] boot from SD card. load the kernel form sd card partitions 1 with kernel name uImage. boot the ROOTFS at SD card second partition and this partition must be ext2, after this commit, 2010-05-30 16:15:38. boot from sd card will load kernel from first ext2 partition with /boot/uImage. 21:56
baabadoes it mean there must be 2 partitons21:56
baabagot it from here http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Bootloader22:00
paul_boddieMy root partition is the first and swap is the second. But you don't need swap inherently.22:00
paul_boddieNo, I think that patch changes the bootloader to use the first partition on the card.22:02
paul_boddieIn the NAND, there is a small bootloader partition first, then the root partition.22:02
paul_boddieBut in the MMC, there is no bootloader partition, so the root partition can be first.22:02
paul_boddieI just tried to take a picture of the startup messages, but I didn't see any version number.22:02
paul_boddieMaybe usbboot can read the bootloader, though. Or you could use dd on the NanoNote itself to get the bootloader and take a look at it.22:06
baabawell i kno22:19
baabafail : i know that I use the latest bootloader since I just put it on my nanonote using usbboot22:19
baabaso maybe an older one would work ?22:20
baabaI will try tomorrow, I am going to sleep soon22:20
paul_boddieI think the latest bootloader is OK. The software images vary in quality, and maybe not the latest image is the best there.22:24
baabaokay well i havve the latest software image and bootloader 22:26
baabai'm going to bed, bye and thank you again !22:26
paul_boddieSorry not to have been so helpful this evening! :-)22:28
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