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arossdotmethe people on #zipit have mad lots of progress with bringing the zipit openwrt os upto mainline. they now use the wrt auto  build system02:12
arossdotmeidk maybe theres things that can be leant from them for mainlining the bens os, with tweaks to openwrt to keep it libre only. which i guess is down to the kernel used and the kernel modules used?02:13
kyakarossdotme: what are you talking about? nanonote image has always used openwrt build infrastrucre08:28
kyakit's been three years or something without releases, because noone cares, but at that time most of things were upstream openwrt08:29
kyakexpect several dozens of packages08:29
kyakwhich were supposed to only work with nanonote (and again, these were openwrt packages)08:30
arossdotmekyak, oh my bad, sry didnt know. thought it was all out of date and needed major work to get it to the point of being auto rebuilt. silly me, a lot of the little app packages that zipit project use are there in the openwrt system cus nano note people put them there :)10:59
baabapaul_boddie : I multistrapped, so now i need to link /run/initctl in /etc/preinit ?17:47
baabathanks by the way !17:47
baabait doesn't work :'(20:20
paul_boddiebaaba: Don't think you need to do anything with /run/initctl, but I didn't test that.20:23
paul_boddieAs for OpenWrt, I guess the Ben's distro was forked from the state of OpenWrt at the time, but it and the mainline may have diverged a lot since then.20:24
baabahi paul_boddie, I read your messages in the log but I don't get what you exactly did20:29
baabai multistrapped debian with the package you said20:29
baabai ran ln -s /sbin/init /etc/preinit20:30
baababut it still won't boot :(20:30
baabai also copied the uImage to /boot20:31
paul_boddieIs it interesting for you to look at the scripts I wrote for this...?20:31
baabaoh thanks20:31
paul_boddiehttp://hgweb.boddie.org.uk/qi-emdebian is the repository I'm using.20:32
paul_boddieBut the wiki page is the documentation. :-)20:32
paul_boddieEven if you just look at what the scripts do, it may help you.20:33
paul_boddieThere's some dancing around required when the Ben boots because you need to configure the packages, which multistrap/debootstrap can't do for a foreign architecture.20:33
paul_boddieSo I get it to run a shell with busybox that performs all the necessary work. You can't start other shells because they aren't configured and will fail.20:34
paul_boddieHere's what gets run by the kernel: http://hgweb.boddie.org.uk/qi-emdebian/file/d2f68bc185dc/preinit20:35
paul_boddieAnd here's the magic recipe: http://hgweb.boddie.org.uk/qi-emdebian/file/d2f68bc185dc/preinit-config20:35
paul_boddieIf I hadn't got sysvinit to work, I guess I could have done something with a dpkg command to switch init systems, which is usually the Debian way.20:36
baabai'm trying emdebian, thanks20:42
paul_boddieWell, Emdebian is Debian these days. I should update that wiki page to make that even clearer.20:47
baabayes well I didn't try the scripts but I hope it will work now21:04
baabawell It doesn't seem to& I don't know what I did wrong21:06
baabaoooh :( I think I will give up :o21:32
paul_boddieDo you get anything on the display? U-Boot output? Boot logo?23:17
paul_boddieI was going to ask, given the age of the device, whether you're booting while powered over USB.23:22
baabayes it is connected in usb to my computer23:29
baabaand nothing on the display, only some weird artifacts at the bottom23:30
baabaI'm going to sleep :p I will read the log if you know what could be the issue 23:31
baababye !23:31
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